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Paulie Walnuts shows off his belly. Don’t you just want to snorgle it?

Hello, gorgeous.


Adriana is just drop-dead gorgeous.

Tony is all eyes.

Paulie Walnuts, hanging out on the cat tree. And then along came Mama…

I laughed so hard when I saw this picture. (I hope no one is offended by the picture, but come on – you know this happens constantly, right?)

“I get NO RESPECT from these little monsters. None at ALL!”

Adriana cannot believe the rudeness of her brother (yeah, right. Like she hasn’t done it 100 times her own self.)

Meadow’s waiting for her space ship to take off.

I love whiskers shining in the sun.

Meadow, keeping an eye on YOU.

I love that you can see Meadow in the mirrors, watching Tony play.

Livia went in for the belly huff, and Adriana responded with a bite.

Two videos today. First, Carmela has decided upon her favorite toy.

YouTube link.

And secondly, just video of most of them, playing.

YouTube link.


Sheriff Mama keeps an eye on Stefan.

“He looks SHIFTY.”


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10-26-13 — 18 Comments

  1. Holy Cats, Adriana IS gorgeous!!

    Two questions. I’ve tried to get a good look at the back of Meadow and her unusual markings. Is there an “X?” Could you try to get a picture? I know that’s not easy!

    Easier question: Watching Adriana play with that toy, her paws looked huge and I wondered if you’ve ever had any kittens/cats with “thumbs?” I think they are called polydactyls?

    Thanks, Robyn!! (And as I was watching those kittens bounce around like crazy wild things, I thought, that Robyn is a saint. As I did yesterday when I was vacuuming.up.endless.pet.hair. And I’ll think it later today when I clean my ONE litter box!!)

    • I’ll try to get a good, clear shot of her back before next Friday. It’s hard – she doesn’t sit still for long – but I’ll do my best!

      I have never had any polydactyls, can you believe that??

  2. That second video reminded me of a day care: toys rattling, “kids” running around, “caregiver” wandering into the back room for a break from the noise.

    • Ha – there’s one place in the entire foster room and closet where Livia can get away from the kittens now, and it’s on top of the small bureau in the closet. Sometimes I look in there, and she’s laying there napping. The day they figure out how to get up there, she is going to be one sad mama!

  3. My two furgirls do the ‘butt-sniffing’ thing constantly, but it’s even funnier when they’re both doing it at the same time … They make a kitty circle! Cute!

  4. Whoo-boy, in that second video Mama is watching those kittehs wildly running around and the expression on her face says, “What have I done!? Birthed a bunch of monsters, argh!”

    As always, good way to enjoy by early morning coffee reading about lil kitties.

  5. Thanks for posting about Tigger needing a home. He is a beautiful boy. He lives in coastal Delaware so I could get him to any readers in Maryland or Pennsylvania too. Thanks again for your help!

    • I can’t see him 🙁 I don’t have Facebook, having deleted mine some months ago! 🙁 And I live in the right area too 🙁

      • Warriorinside, here’s a picture of him. If you think you might be interested (or know someone who might be) or have any questions, let me know and I’ll pass your email address along to Mary Ellyn.

        • Thank you. I’m not sure if he’ll fit or not, I can accommodate another cat. But it has to be the right cat.

  6. There is a kitten marathon on animal planet today. So cute it’s called. It could be your house Robin!