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This is a shameless beg from a longtime lurker.

Please vote for the Greater Birmingham Humane Society!! GBHS has been in an ASPCA $100K challenge with 50 other shelters since August 1st. We have adopted over 825 animals in less than 3 months — but we are not going to win the money. Other shelters have rocked it more but there is no disappointed in our shelter. We are super excited about our progress with adoptions (825+ new homes!). Our community has been FANTASTIC! Please help us rally votes to celebrate! The ASPAC has $25K to award the shelter with the most votes for community outreach. Please visit:


This link will redirect you to the challenge page. You can vote once a day — but you can use multiple email addresses. We highly encourge that option. 🙂

Voting ends at midnight October 31st. Like all shelters, we need the money!!! It has been a great 3 months. We are exhausted but shameless in asking for votes. GBHS would really appreciate anyone that would help.

Only a few more days left and we are #5 and climbing. $25K is waiting for us at #1.

Check us out: www.gbhs.org vote for us at: www.votetosavelives.org

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Good news: Moxie was adopted over the weekend! Martin was adopted a few weeks ago (I think I told y’all that already), which means that Melodie and Dodger are left at Petsmart to wait for their forever homes. I hope they go together.

We got to see Moxie, Melodie and Dodger when we went to Petsmart to visit (and ended up bringing home) Buster and Rhyme. They’re doing well – they’ve grown so much in the few weeks they’ve been there, it’s amazing! I don’t know why I was surprised that they’ve grown since they’re still young and have some growing to do, but surprised I was.

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Because we’re suckers for punishment, not only did we bring Buster and Rhyme home over the weekend, we also started allowing Starsky and Hutch the run of the house. It went pretty well, really – even when Buster was at his yowliest and smacked at Starsky and Hutch (he never made contact, just smacked in their general direction if they got in his space), all they did was fall over submissively, which seemed to satisfy his need to be the Mancat in Charge.

We’re beginning their training early, making them help with dishwasher duty.

(Slurping bacon grease off the rack.)

Then Hutch wandered off and Starsky ran into the front room and shimmied up the scratching post like he’s part monkey.

When he got to the top, Reacher sniffed at him then smacked him on the head. Hutch hung there and thought about it for a moment, then shimmied back down and ran off in search of friendlier places.

They don’t get the run of the house all day – usually I put them back in their room for an hour or so mid-morning, and then again when I’m eating lunch (they’re pretty sure that my lunch should be their lunch, too). If I’m leaving the house for any length of time, I put them in their room, too – I don’t think the big cats would hurt them, but I certainly wouldn’t want to come home and find that one of the babies is missing an ear or something.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Reacher and Corbie, before the Busta Rhyme descended.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Miz Poo is pretty sure there are too many cats in this house and she’s willing to decide who stays and who goes. (All cats who are not Miz Poo should GO, is her highly considered opinion.)


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10-26-10 — 7 Comments

  1. Oh they are all cute! And oh the dishwasher – one place every kitten seems to love. I guess the food smells are the attraction. My question is do you do a headcount before you start it – because at our house, even though the cats are all big and you would see them in the dishwasher, Brad has to do a headcount every time he loads it (I am not that crazy – I can just look in the dishwasher to see that there are no cats there). At your house that would be a lot of counting!

  2. Oh Yay!!! Wonderful news about Moxie and Martin!! Wonderful!! Oh that’s just such great news!!! Yay!! Fingers and everything crossed for adorable Melodie and Dodger – I also hope they get adopted together – Awwwww!! But great news!!

    Awwww Starsky and Hutch. Awwwwww!!! They’re just too cute!

    Great to see Buster and Reacher being mankitties!! LOL!! Miz Poo. Oh dear!! Me and Charlie send her tons of hugs for suffering these kitties! Take care