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Lately, something kind of weird has been going on. We’ll be in the back yard, me and 348 cats, and Kara will walk up to Reacher, and they’ll briefly touch noses.

And then Reacher will draw back and hiss a little bit.

Then Kara will stare at Reacher for a moment, then turn and walk away.

This is weird because, up until now, if one of the cats or kittens hissed at Kara, she’d hiss back, maybe growl, and then smack then upside the head, whereupon they would turn around and run away. But she never hisses or growls at Reacher, just looks at him and then walks away.

So my question: is she getting mellow in her old age (she’s 3 1/2, after all!), or does she have a crush on Reacher? And if she has a crush, does the age difference (he’s almost 9 months old!) make her a cougar, or not?

He IS awfully pretty.

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Yesterday, we trimmed Starsky and Hutch’s claws. That makes it a lot easier to deal with them, especially when I’m deboning chicken in the kitchen and they’re pretty sure they want some, so try to climb up my leg when I’m wearing shorts.

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Sugarbutt’s the baby, sometimes. (That’s Fred holding Sugarbutt, by the way, not me!)


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10-27-10 — 12 Comments

  1. She must have a crush on him,since she seems to single him out.That’s so freaking adorable!

  2. Reacher is a little pimp! Hehe.

    And I think there is a chicken deboning lesson to be learned here: When doing in it a house full of cats and crazy kittens, wear long pants. šŸ˜‰

  3. Oh we think that a crush on Reacher is the most logical conclusion. And yes, that makes Kara a cougar.

    And Starsky and Hutch are just too cute!

    And Sugarbutt is cute as the baby – my cats won’t let me hold them like that most of the time, but they are fine if Brad does it. Weird.

  4. Doesn’t Reacher look like one of Kara’s babies? I’m forgetting the name. Either that or she has a crush.

  5. Kitties with Crushes? How is that possbile? My darling little (15 lbs) marmie boy is starting a new & nasty habit. He hisses at & then charges every kitty in sight! Including his sister that he never beat up before. Any suggestions on how to stop sweet boy from turning into a bully?

    long time lurker & daily reader. I LOVE your blog & want every little furball that passes by.

  6. Awwww it’s love, love!!! Kara, a cougar?!?! Awwww she’s just a pretty kitty checking out the new and equally pretty mankitty on the block!

    Awwww super cute Starsky and Hutch!!! šŸ™‚

    Sugarbutt is adorable! Take care

  7. Only 348 kitties? I thought you said your house was “bursting” at the seams with kitties. Seems not.
    That is not Fred! They’re your hairy arms lady, own up!
    As if Fred would wear a purple t-shirt…
    I must go and hold my boys in the “baby” pose at once…why are they running like mad things away from me???

  8. Katie K: Have there been any changes in your cat’s daily life lately? He may be bad-tempered because he’s stressed about something.
    My cat Pearl always gets crabby in the summer, I think because she has thick medium-long fur and gets too hot, so this year I’m getting her a nice little spring haircut, and will be observing her temper with interest.