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I am healing quite well from surgery, thank you. I’ve spent the last week in the recliner, in the living room, surrounded by varying numbers of cats. I’m getting tired of this whole healing thing, and I’m hoping that after I see the surgeon on Friday, I’ll get the okay to sleep in a more reclined (ie, laying in bed) position.

They finished the pond, and we have 38 bazillion tons of dirt in the middle of the back forty, and perhaps I will get a picture to show y’all one day soon.

For the record, I don’t know why they dug the pond in a rectangular shape. I think that it might have been easier for them to do it that way. And no, it didn’t cost us more than a roundish pond would have – I’ve seen plenty of rectangular ponds around here, so perhaps it’s a regional thing. Also, that pond might be the size of a pool, but the fact that I live in Alabama and that there are snakes that like to swim in water in these parts have made it a fact that I am not swimming in that pond EVER, although Fred has said that as soon as there’s enough water in the pond to swim in, he’ll do it once, before the snakes and other scary water creatures show up.

Okay, I’m posting some pictures and a video and hauling my butt back to the recliner. I’ll be back Monday for real!

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Every now and then, Joe Bob slips out of the collar that keeps him in the back yard, and he comes to find me. I don’t know how on earth he slips out of that collar, sometimes it’s still clasped when I find it, sometimes it’s like he sprouted temporary opposable thumbs and opened the clasp on his own. He never goes far, and he always comes when we call, so I don’t worry too much about him. I do scold him when he does it, though. He just gives me the slow-blink love eyes, and really – how can I be mad at him?

2011-10-26 (1)
“Hi, Mom! I’m here to visit!”

2011-10-26 (2)
Have you ever seen such a happy boy?

2011-10-26 (3)
Happy Joe.

2011-10-26 (4)
Smilin’ Joe.

2011-10-26 (5)
Jobey Joe.

2011-10-26 (6)
Rough life, ain’t it, Joe?

2011-10-26 (7)

2011-10-26 (8)
Pretty, pretty Joe. I know I always say it, but it bears repeating: sweetest boy on EARTH.

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2011-10-26 (18)
Miss Molly has earned the nickname “The hussy” because once you start petting her, she rolls around on her back and purrs and purrs forever.

2011-10-26 (17)
Snoozin’ Charlie Peppers.

2011-10-26 (14)
Harlan and Everett knocked this (empty) egg carton to the floor and acted like it was the best toy ever.

2011-10-26 (13)
Tasty, apparently (and when I took it away from them they were sooo mad at me).

2011-10-26 (9)
Annoyed Charlie.

2011-10-26 (11)
“What the…?”

2011-10-26 (12)
“It’s a giant sparkle ball! Someone left me a giant sparkle ball! This is the most awesome thing ever!”

2011-10-26 (15)
“What’s this?”
“Oh, just a giant sparkle ball. ::shrug:: You touch it, I kill you.”

Lucy Peppers was in a cat bed on my desk, chasing her tail. Of course, the instant I turned on the camera to get proof, she stopped completely and was like “Who, me? Nothin’!”

YouTube link

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2011-10-26 (19)
I wouldn’t want you to forget the beauty that is Corbie. Consider this your reminder!


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10-26-11 — 11 Comments

  1. Considering how scared and sickly Charlie and Patty were when you first got them, it does my heart good to see them healthy, happy and secure enough to give you sass!! I just love those two…

    Hope you are horizontal soon!!

  2. I think Joe Bob always looks like he is getting ready to make kisses. I lurve him. Thanks for the Joe Bob day!

  3. I’ve said it before,and I’ll say it again: Joe Bob is the most excellent name for a cat.I love grey and white cats, so I have a soft spot for pictures of the Big JB.

  4. Thanks for the update, and glad you’re feeling better-here’s hoping you get the okay on Friday, too!
    I think my fav pic today is the annoyed look! But they’re all great…hard to do anything but enjoy.

  5. Patty, are you sure that’s a giant sparkle ball? Maybe it’s just a regular one and you’re like, thinmble sized or somethin’? Just askin’… Joe Bob does look happy! He sure loves his mummy. And master Corbie, what a lovely photo you take. Why that could be in a calendar somewhere. Annoyed charlie is cute and that Lucy can’t even be bothered meowing – gosh you must work them hard, Robyn. Feel better soon. πŸ™‚

  6. Miss Molly sounds like my Larissa. She does the same thing – rolls on her back when you pet her & purrs forever. She even lets me scratch her belly a bit too! She’s my little love bug!

  7. OMG, you have calendars!!! What great Christmas present ideas! And by that, I mean, what great ideas for Christmas presents that people can buy for ME!

  8. Miss Lucy!! What a gorgeous little hello!! Awwww you’re lovely!

    Robyn, I completely missed the post about you having surgery – so I do hope you are ok and are getting better. Good luck with the surgeon’s appt.

    Hello to all you wonderful kitties and fosters – adorable as ever! Take care

  9. I love Mr. Jobey Joe. What a sweet boy. I can feel the purring in those pictures. I love to feel their motors when they sit on you. πŸ™‚