What I love about Tom Cullen: You know how some (well, MOST) cats will climb up on you, and then they’ll dither about as to whether they want to lay down on you, where they want to lay down on you, do they want to lay down on you, or NEXT to you? Well, not our Tom Cullen. He’s very self-assured and certain about everything he does. He jumps up on you, he lays down, he goes to sleep. No standing there looking around trying to decide what he wants to do. Gotta love the Tom Cullen.

I love how all you can see of Tom Cullen is his toes.

“Dude! Stop licking my toes! That TICKLES!”

“BOB! Dude! You gotta come smell this! It’s AWFUL!”

“Hee hee hee! I don’t know what I ate today, but I am ROTTEN!”

I love it when they snuggle.

Mister Boogers is smug because he stole that bed from the kittens.

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