10-28-09 – the Wonkas

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One day, I’m going to get them all nicely lined up and looking at at the camera. Today is not that day.

A Wonka movie! This illustrates how Gus and Mike don’t play nicely with their sisters. When they get hold of a toy they like, they are NOT sharing. The part with Gus is (I think) two weeks old, and the part with Mike was within the last week. Please note that at the beginning, Gus thinks I’m trying to touch his toy and he SPITS at me! Brats.

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10-28-09 – the Wonkas — 12 Comments

  1. LOL! Robyn, is it possible to put up a vid of the Wonkas stumbling over themselves in their rush to get to you when you enter the room?

  2. Freya: I know! Up until about a week ago, both Mike and Gus would spit for just about any reason at all. If they thought you were going to touch their toy, if they were frustrated. They’re such demanding little brats!

    Annie B: I know – doesn’t it make you want to pick them up and squeeze them??

    Calsifer: Let me see what I can do! 🙂

  3. I love your site. I just realized that I’ve been coming here every day since before the eyelid surgery but haven’t told you! I look forward to your daily updates that are so thorough that I feel like I’m right in the middle of it. :):):)

  4. That’s hilarious… I miss the fierceness and goofy leaps and bounds of small kittens! They can squeeze so much fun out of any toy, it’s amazing.

    And of course I agree that there’s nothing cuter than a spitting/hissing/growling kitten… such determined little furry minds!!!

    It seems like Veruca has a complaint, though.
    Speaking of which, I miss Hoyt :'(

  5. Oh, it was so much fun catch up, Robyn!! Feels like I’ve been away forever!! So glad Hoyt & Sam have furever homes now & keeping fingers crossed for everyone!!

    Ah, the spit… glad you caught one on camera! The Maples would occasionally do that, too. I just put it in the hiss category but, you’re right, they are enough different to merit another name!