How are Newt & Maxi? You haven’t talked much about them lately. (or if you did I missed it)

They are just fine. Now that it’s getting cooler out, they’re willing to spend a little time inside with us. Usually Maxi comes in for a little while in the morning, though she prefers not to stay for long. At some point in the afternoon we’ll notice that they’re both sitting on the side stoop looking at us expectantly, so we (usually Fred) open the door and invite them in.

Maxi responds by sharpening her claws on the welcome mat for a few minutes, while Newt mills about indecisively. Eventually, they come inside. They hang out in the computer room with us for a little while, then find places to hang out.

Newt claimed Spot’s pyramid bed (in my bedroom) for himself for a few hours the other night, while Maxi hung out on the cat steps in the computer room…

doing her Tony Soprano imitation.

After a few hours – when it’s starting to get dark – they go to the computer room door or the front door, whichever door has a person nearby. They sit and look expectantly at whoever’s closest, until we get up and let them out. They hang around until snack time (between 6:30 and 7), eat, and then go off to hunt or whatever it is they do at night.

Friday night Maxi came back inside after snack time – we always give them the option of coming back inside – and watched TV with us until bedtime. When we got up from watching TV, she went to the door and politely asked to go out.


Best. Picture. EVER.

I love the little smile on Peyton’s face.

I love this picture: Rhian in the front, Jesikat in the back.

I love how Jesikat (the calico, laying down) is all “Yeah, could you move please? I can’t see the TV, and Maury’s on!”

Malley jumping on Peyton, who is clearly appalled.

Peyton’s got places to go!

Rhian in action.


Brudderly love.


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