10-30-13 – Myrtle Beach Wednesday

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Sights from Myrtle Beach, SC
(from when I was there on vacation two weeks ago!)

We always go shopping at Barefoot Landing. Not only are there great little shops, but there are birds and fish and turtles to admire.

We spent a few hours at Ripley’s Aquarium, which was very neat.

He kinda looks like a cartoon, doesn’t he?

After seeing this show, I tried to convince Fred that we should move to Myrtle Beach so I could get a job at the aquarium diving with the fishes. He wasn’t convinced (but doesn’t it look cool?)

Lobsters….mmmm…. (These are Caribbean lobsters.)

Sawfish don’t appear to be terribly energetic; I don’t think I actually saw any of them swimming, they just sat on the bottom of the tank and snoozed. They’re the cats of the aquatic world!

This was the tunnel, which is very neat. When I win the lottery, I’m going to install one of these in my bedroom. Wouldn’t the cats love THIS kind of fish tank?

Sharks hanging out on top of the tunnel.

I think this is some sort of blowfish.

Well, this is definitely a blowfish. I’m not sure if the previous one was, but it might be! Hey, how’s that for educational? “This is a fish. It might be a blowfish, might not. I wasn’t really paying attention, I just thought it was neat.”

Sea Dragon.

I made a couple of videos inside the aquarium that I thought were cool.

YouTube link.

When we were finished at the aquarium, we went over to Broadway at the Beach and browsed through the shops. Then we fed some of the fish.

How’d you like to fall into THAT water?

This would have made an excellent kitten hat.

We didn’t spend much time on the beach, because the sun refused to come out. It was never stormy, but it rained a few times, and was cloudy pretty much the entire time. Some years we get sunshine, some years we don’t!

Requisite shot of me, on the beach. I like last year’s better.

(In fact, all of last year’s pictures are better. Go admire those.)

Despite the lack of good picture-taking opportunities, I had a good (and very relaxing!) time at Myrtle Beach this year. I need a few days away every three or four months just to recharge.


Melfi needed a little timeout ’cause she was being bitey. Generally, if you see a picture of me holding a kitten like this, it’s because they need a moment to reflect upon their attitude.

Carmela would like you to think that she never needs a timeout. Don’t believe her!

Livia is overcome by the thought that she gets an ENTIRE 24 hours away from those bad, bad babies tomorrow.

Look at that little innocent face. Do NOT be fooled.

“But… your slippers are UGLY and need me to PUNISH them!” says Melfi.

I have to admit, Meadow’s not really a biter. So you can be suckered in by her sweet little face.

Oh, the whiskers in the sun. I know I’ve only mentioned 100 times how much I love that.

Meadow loves her mama.

“You still love me, though, right lady? RIGHT?” Of course. How could anyone not love you? (That’s Melfi.)

Adriana shows off her beautiful eyes. And face. She’s such a beautiful girl!

I LOVE how, under Livia’s chin, you can see Silvio drinking water out of the bowl, too.


Miz Poo in the sun. I don’t know if it’s the change in the weather (we had a cold snap for a few days, and now it’s warmed back up) or if she’s going through a second childhood or what, but Miz Poo has been SUPER vocal lately. She’s been carrying toys through the house, keening. She’s been running over to join in on conversations that Fred and I are having, and sometimes if Fred’s on the phone (for work), she runs in and tries to take part in that conversation, too. She cracks me UP.


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  1. Glad you enjoyed Myrtle Beach. We have had some crap weather the past few weeks. Those were both, indeed, puffer fishes (or blow fish). I love that aquarium, and being local, we never go enough, but it’s a great spot.

  2. Got a question: I went to a rescue in June to get a friend for my other cat because my old man (he was 17) died. I ended up getting picked by this adorable snowshoe siamese, who is adorable and brilliant. However, he has this one annoying habit that I’m trying to break, and I’m not even sure what to do (and it’s not like I’m a first time cat owner or anything). So basically, he’s a sucker. He gets into this zen like state where he kneads and then has to start sucking on me. He won’t do it to a blanket or bed, he’ll only do it to clothes that I’m wearing. And if I don’t make him stop, he’ll do it for like a half hour. I keep trying to push him away, but he won’t take the hint (sometimes I just have to get up and walk around the house to get him to lose interest). He was ~10 weeks when I got him, and he seems to not decreasing in this behavior. I’ve tried to focus his attention elsewhere, I’ve tried scruffing and moving him, I’ve tried blowing in his face and dousing his head w/ water (which he loves….weirdo). It’s almost like I can’t actually get his attention when he’s in this state. Any ideas? (Vet gave me a ‘be persistent’, which worked for teaching him names of his toys/sister, but not working for this.)

    • Just a thought, but maybe wear an old t-shirt that you can then let him have. It sounds like he is associating YOU with being the mom…and your scent is part of that. It won’t break his habit, but at least he won’t be trying to nurse ON you. 🙂

    • As a former vet tech in two all feline practices, I’ve often seen and heard of such kitty behaviors – and this sucking on fabrics, often wool, is more common in Siamese cats for some reason. The theory is that they were taken away from kitty mom too soon, but that’s not always the case. I’ve never heard of anyone curing it. If he’s doing when not getting attention, that’s one thing. But if he’s doing when you are holding, petting or involved with him that’s another.

      If you were the mom cat, and he was annoying you, you would cuff him lightly and then probably give him a wash. (Perhaps that’s why he likes the water thing…) He may or may not learn from aversion training; as we all know, cats will do what they do, but be consistent and shower him with attention when he’s NOT doing it. Best of luck.

      • I didn’t cure it.. but my Jack just stopped doing it after a while.. it was the saddest day for me because I just loved the quality time we had..

        the cat I had growing up was a nurser as well.. we could never break him of it.. I know of cats that were with their mom for the full time that were nursers as well.. so it isn’t necessarily that they were taken away too soon.

    • My adult cat (she’s 11) is STILL A SUCKER! (Yes, I know all about the ‘zen like’ state) She prefers MY earlobe… and when in that ‘state’ is VERY determined… She will settle for buttons on my shirt and I have been able to transfer her to her blanket.. but once she realizes its a blanket and NOT ME, her eyes glaze over and she begins the determined drive back to me. I’ve found that if I hold her up on my shoulder (away from my ear) and pat her hind quarters – yes, JUST LIKE A BABY, her purrs continue and her focus is no longer on my ear. I feel bad because it seems to make her so happy, but I really really REALLY do NOT like my earlobe being nursed on. (yeah, call me crazy, right?)

    • These are some good suggestions! I don’t have anything to add, but I’ll post your question in Friday’s post to see if there are any more suggestions.

      • These are great. The only reason why it annoys me is that I end up with ‘place appropriate’ huge wet spots on my shirt. He (and his bro) were strays, and they didn’t find the mom, but Carwyn came home with a too-chewed umbilical cord wound, so I’d imagine that he was taken away too soon.

        Thanks for all the suggestions! He’s just figured out climbing under the covers (it’s getting cold here), so maybe I can get him a wubby or something.

        • I get the same wet spot! LOL. If my husbanc calls and asks what I am doing, I respond with, “I’m nursing Sidney!” 🙂

  3. I am SO ready for another set of foster babies. Once our oldest cat, Fatboy, totally recovers from his total mouth extraction (due to severe stomatitis)we’re going to get another batch to recycle. And, for the record, the vampire teeth we have are NOT glow in the dark so we still use them. 🙂

  4. I don’t think I would want to sleep in that tunnel aquarium thing. But I would love to get an “official” foster room with a big fish tank in it.

    And Melfi doesn’t look very repentant. 🙂

  5. Once again you’ve done a great job advertising South Carolina and Myrtle Beach for us! I love the aquarium also, especially the tunnel areas. I’ve been to several private events there – just imagine wandering under sharks when you’ve been enjoying an open bar! 😉

  6. You really are a heck of a photographer, Robyn. Those Myrtle Beach/aquarium shots are just spectacular.

  7. See – you NEED to come to Atlanta’s aquarium!! We have one of those tunnels also!! I love love love our aquarium (or any aquarium really) and wish I could spend more time there. You could also swing by Ikea while you were in town!!

    • I DO need to come to Atlanta – it’s the birthplace of Coca Cola, isn’t it? Isn’t there a Coke museum? I could make a whole long weekend of it! (Would need to rent a U-Haul for the Ikea purchases, though!)

      • Yeah, they just rebuild the Coke Experience downtown by the olympic park. It’s right next to the GA Aquarium, which is a lot of fun too.

  8. The Pictures and videos are awesome! The little fish you said looked like a cartoon (2nd picture) actually looks like how I will feel in just a couple of weeks…. AFTER I’ve eaten my Thanksgiving feast and ‘bellied over to the couch’ for some football (snoozing actually). LOL You would surely think that Dr. Melfi would indeed examine her motives and find just why she feels biting is her only option’ lol! I love, love, LOVE the completely distinct line running down Adriana’s nose so she (at least from her nose’s perspective) is half ginger or orange tabbie, half tortie… Ima tellin ya, I’m becoming a tortie convert… Tuxies, then orange/ginger tabbies, then torties coming in a close third… Their markings are so distinct and beautiful!
    PS – Sugarbutt (it is sugarbutt, right?) in a tiny hat SLAYS me! Sorry, yes, I do lurk on both yours and Fred’s FB pages – your humor cracks me up (I get it! [uh, what does that say about me?]) I also get the references… I think – from the references – that we’re the same age or at least grew up in the same era!
    PPS: WHO brought the mice in? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? (see what I did there? it’s a song)

    • That was Stefan, actually. He looked very un-Stefan in that picture, though. When I first saw him, I thought it was Newt!

  9. Ever noticed how much Adriana looks like Purslane? I had to go back and look at pictures of her, and I think Purslane was more orangey (word?) than Adriana. But still, I’m always noticing the resemblance.

      • And as a Tortie admirer, I noticed the similarity too! I so would love to see a picture of Purslane now, to see how she has grown into her coloring! It looks like Adriana this week has Tortie eyes, as they are changing to their permanent color now (gold???) and yet there is still some baby blue color, too! Sweetness.

        My thoughts are with Livia for her spa day away from the kittens.

  10. I have a friend who does some of the narrated dives in the coral reef exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago – she loves her job (she also works in the quarantine area with new or sick fish and marine mammals) and she’s definitely got the coolest job of anyone I know. She gave me a ‘backstage’ tour once and it is really a job to be envious of.

  11. 1) Surely those fishies in the feeding pond don’t want to eat you. They’ve just heard what a great foster mamma you are and wanna give you big ole’ smooches to say thank you!! 🙂

    2)I demand, yes, DEMAND, (oh all right I am asking nicely pretty please with a cherry on top) to see vids of Miz Poo doing her conversatin’. (May the video gods be with you, because i do know all too well how that works, that when you have the camera handy they do not do “that thing”, but when it is as far away as possible then they do it with malice and glee.) I’ve seen the older vids you’ve shown of her conversatin’, just think it would be cute to see her more recent attempts to join in.

  12. You might want to get Miz Poo’s thyroid checked. Hyperthyroidism is common in older cats and causes an increase in activity. It also causes lots of other problems, so it’s best to keep it under control.

    • Actually I concure with NonnyMus, our sweet Lucky got like that, just before we lost him last spring. Supposedly it is fairly easy to control if you get it soon enough.

    • Yeah, the vet checked it last time Miz Poo went in for her checkup, and all is normal. This has been a lifelong thing for her – she goes through stages where she walks around the house with a toy, keening at the top of her lungs, and then drops it and expects praise, then does it again a little while later. I tell Fred that she’s mourning the kittens she never had. 🙂