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Just learned that today is National Cat Day! Who knew… right?

Anyway, guess what, this is for real: TODAY – UBER IS DELIVERING KITTENS ON DEMAND IN 7 CITIES!

They charge $30 for 15 minutes of kitten cuddles. Didn’t I tell you that this is a winning business proposition? Crate up these kittens, drive them around for a couple of hours every day, and you’ll bring smiles and joy to a lot of people plus pocket some cash in the process!

Ha – I totally thought of you when I read that they were doing this!


Catelyn’s whiskers are forming her initial in the “she’s the floofiest” pic.

I didn’t notice that at all. How adorable is that!


This is very tangential, but is Tomato still unadopted? If she is, she really should come for a visit, she’s been unofficially yours for awhile.

Tomato has been adopted at some point in the past few months (I don’t remember when, exactly). Out of curiosity, what makes her unofficially mine? She’s never been here.


Also, I just remembered the video you posted a while back that featured a very persistent Jake trying to follow Stinkerbelle around until she released her mighty hellcat scream of fury. Have there been any other “hellcat scream” instances since then? I think if I heard that at 2am I’d pretty much have a heart attack on the spot!

YouTube link.

Oh, it happens every so often – maybe once a month or so? It’s been a while, though, so I’m sure that means we’re due. It’s funny, when it happens now, I tend to just wake up, listen in case it keeps going (sometimes Jake needs to be told to leave her alone), and then go right back to sleep.


Love the kitty in the box who’s like “Dude, it’s the middle of the night.. shut up and let me sleep!” Who is that, by the way??

YouTube link.

That’s Tommy. He’s such a good boy, hearing Jake go on and on and ON doesn’t bother him at all.


I have two that sing with toy mice. One sounds just like Jake – I think that is why I got no feline reactions to the video – they all just thought, Oh that’s Bonnie. When she starts, Toby goes and gets his mouse, which he keeps under the dresser, and joins in. He has a lower voice so when they are both singing away together I say they are practicing their soprano/tenor duet. Madama Butterfly, Act I, anyone?

This cracks me UP.


I was wondering if we could get feedback from the L&H community about this question: how often do you give your cats catnip? and Is there any harm or even drawback to giving it to them as often as, say, every other day? (For instance, do cats build up “immunity” or “resistance” to catnip so that it takes more of it for them to get the same “high”?)

I, personally, give the cats catnip only when I happen to think of it, so it doesn’t happen all that often (which is ironic, because I grow a LOT of it) – maybe a couple of times a month, if that? They do have access to catnip-stuffed toys all the time, though they don’t really go nuts over them very often. Some of the cats like catnip more than others (Miz Poo will always come running to rub her face on catnip, and so will Kara. Sugarbutt will eat a leaf or two of fresh, or rub his face on the dried kind.).

I’ll be interested to hear what others have to say – please chime in, y’all! Is there harm to giving cats catnip on a regular basis?


The kitten pictures are adorable but I LOVE the painting of Miz Poo!

That’s this picture:

Which Fred took a long time ago, in our previous house. I’m not sure exactly when he took it, but I’m thinking 2002 or 2003 or so. I like it so much that I had it printed on canvas (I’m a sucker for those Groupon deals). It was bigger than I expected, but it’s so gorgeous that I wanted to hang it where I’d see it all the time.

Since I had to look through my Miz Poo folder to find that picture, here are a few more of her, just because.

In the back yard, in the middle of summer. Such a pretty girl!

Snackin’ time, with kittens. Those kittens? Sugarbutt and Tommy, which means that picture must be from late 2005 or early 2006.

This will always be my favorite picture of her, I think.


so what is going on with Catelyn’s ear? is she tipped..

She is tipped – she was initially going to be TNR’d (Trapped, Neutered, Returned), until someone noticed how tiny and friendly she was, which is when she came here!


Looking for feedback. One of my cats has out of the blue started licking. I’m not talking about just licking me, which rules out the salt craving, I mean just about anything e.g. mirrors,furniture, front of dishwasher etc…

I’ve had cats all my life, have never seen this behavior. Has anyone else experienced this? I worry about her ingesting cleaning residue.

I said: How old is she, and how long have you had her, dee?

The thing that immediately came to mind is that Connie‘s cat Fleurp licks cement when she’s anemic. I wonder if it could be something like that. In any case, since it’s a sudden behavior and she hasn’t done it in the past, I think you probably ought to get her to the vet.

Dee said: She is 3 and had her since she was 12 weeks. She was just at the vet for not eating her treats 3 days in a row and “just not being herself”(I’m a bit of a paranoid pet parent). They did a blood work up on her and took X-Rays. Her blood was fine. The X-rays only showed her bowels were full so I was told to add pumpkin to her can food. She started acting herself within 36 hours. Didn’t think to mention the licking to the vet, was upset about the other issues.

I said: I think that I’d advise waiting to see if she stops – maybe it’s a temporary thing and will pass, but I would think that it’s probably not an urgent rush-her-to-the-vet type of behavior. If you can go to using natural cleaners – vinegar – for the time being, that would be best.
I’m going to post your question in Friday’s post, in case someone out there has dealt with this before and has some advice, too.

And Dee said: Thank you for the input. It seems that part of the time now she’s doing it for attention. She knows now she’ll get a reaction out of me,if she licks me- I’ll pet her because it feels icky. If I catch her licking a different surface I call her over to stop her. How I wish we could get into their little brains to better understand what goes on in there.

If you guys have any other thoughts on the topic, please feel free to chime in!


So, Matthew asked in the comments earlier this week whether I was going to do anything special for Halloween. It was my intention to get some cute costume-type pictures of the kittens.

I put this chicken hat on PW, who was all “?”, and Von helped out by giving him a pep talk.
“You can do it!” she said. “BE the chicken!”

“What’s a chicken?” said PW.

“Bugawk!” he tried. “Bugawk?”

“I am not feeling this, lady,” he said. “Please take this thing off me before I lose my floofy mind.”

So I tried putting a witch hat on Von, and she tilted her head so the hat would fall off before I could get a single picture.

Hmph. Those kittens, always ruining my plans.

Speaking of those kittens, I took PW, Ralph, Trader Joe, Winn Dixie, and Von for their spaying and neutering yesterday. After I dropped them off and had breakfast with Susan and Richard, I ran into Huntsville to do a bunch of errands. Around noon, I looked at my phone to see that Fred had sent me a couple of emails. In the first one, sent about an hour after I left, he reported that Catelyn wouldn’t stop howling at the door to his office. He finally shut her in the kitten room and she was fine for a couple of hours, but then she decided she was DONE with being alone, so she put her mouth to the bottom of the kitten room and howled and HOWLED, and that girl has some lungs on her. So he let her out and let her into his office, where she stomped around sniffing things and trying to chew on wires.

I got home about half an hour later and let her out into the downstairs where she walked around and explored, then curled up and took a nap. Most of the adult cats hissed if she got too close to them, but she wasn’t terribly concerned by that.

After I picked the other kittens up and brought them home, she did some hissing at them, but eventually settled down. The spays and neuters went just fine, and today the Grocers will all get their last vaccinations, and will be ready to go when there’s space for them at Petsmart (except for Von and Winn Dixie, of course, who will be going home mid-November). As always, we have no idea when space will open up for them, but I’m guessing it won’t be right away. So for now we get to just enjoy their antics!


“Hallo, I’m Alice and I’ll be your frog for the evening.”

“I wanted to be a FROG, not a stupid LION.”

Suggie cow.

For a laid-back cat, Stefan certainly looks like he wants to cut me.

Suggie with a witch’s hat.

::dramatic organ music::

“HUMANS! Come to the dark side! Come to the dark side NOW!”

Smug Dennis Devil is smug.


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  1. Happy Halloween, everyone! Happy Anniversary Robyn & Fred! I sure do love this bunch of kittens!!! I shudder when I think of them going off to PetsMart! Robyn, you’re my dealer… now that you supply on the weekends and I am, of couse, HOOKED… you’ll need to wonder around with a camera at all times sending pics of the permanent residents! No, seriously, I love your blog and thank you for all you do! #addictedtoL&H #thefloofisgonnagetya

    • Thanks, JeweledSkye, it’s our 16th anniversary today. 🙂

      Somehow, I think that when these guys go off to Petsmart, there will be more to take their place, sooner or later. 🙂

  2. Robyn, are you doing calendars this year? (Apologies if you’ve talked about this already, or there’s a big honkin’ banner about it. I’m not the most observant bunny…)

    • I am doing calendars this year! I somehow got really behind this year, and despite the fact that Betty reminded me like two months ago, I still haven’t had a chance to get them up and running. It’s my goal to get the pictures chosen and uploaded to CafePress by Monday morning!

  3. Hahahaha, I just replayed the Jake video, and my cat was incredibly confused. Serves him right, for stomping on me in the middle of the night.

  4. Happy Halloween!!! I love the costumes! And if you added a buckle to Suggie’s hat he could also be a pilgrim for you on Thanksgiving!

  5. Frog-Alice has made my day! Thanks for playing along, Alice-Mo! Devil Dennis is also very adorable!

    PW’s belly is making me swoon!

    Happy anniversary to you both, by the way! 🙂

  6. The Dennis series is wonderful. Especially the middle one. Thank you for all the wonderful kitty pics. I love my two kitties, but I LOVE looking at all the babies.

  7. OMFG, Alice Frog had me lol, in my cubical alone. There is also something magical about Suggie Cow. I have 8 million of those types of cat hats since PetSmart started carrying them and my cats are not fans.

  8. Tomato has been adopted at some point in the past few months (I don’t remember when, exactly). Out of curiosity, what makes her unofficially mine? She’s never been here

    You always made such a point about her at Petsmart. How sweet she was and how affectionate she seemed to be with you. I’m glad that someone else realized that and took her home!

    I love Dennis’ middle pic too, evil looks so natural on him!

    I’m shocked that Catelyn’s a little drama queen, just shocked!

  9. I love the costume pictures…but I think I would sleep with one eye open if I were you!

    Poor Catelyn…she needed snuggles! WHAT IS WRONG WITH FRED???? Poor little baby!

  10. I just about DIED when I saw Alice Frog!! I didn’t think she’d EVER cooperate for something like that. She’s always surprising me, that girl.

  11. Happy Halloween !!!!
    Fantastic pictures of the kitties in costume !!! The Dennis pictures are the BEST !!!!! The middle one needs to be on your calendar for October (if you are making one !)

    Thank you for always guaranteeing I have a smile on my face !!!

  12. On the catnip: I have one cat on medication who gets catnip every day. That’s the routine- he takes his medicine and then he gets his catnip. He’s a smart enough boy that now, when I get his meds, he runs to a specific spot to patiently await his goop (it’s transdermal), and then his treat. If I forget to give him his ‘nip, he’ll follow me around and paw at me until I remember (and apologize). Otherwise, I only give out catnip every few weeks, as several of the residents are poorly behaved when buzzed.

      • Here’s the rest of the story- when I started Jessie on his medication, I would try luring him into my lap and grabbing him. That worked for a few days, though it took longer each time. Then I resorted to chasing him, which made us both miserable. He ended up running to a spot in the living room and cowering, crying, when he’d given up. Then, after about three days of that, when I’d announce it was medicine time, he’d run directly to that spot and cower, then await his treat after. We’ve been doing this for more than a year now, and now he just goes straight to his medicine spot, meows only a tiny bit in protest, and will bug me if I neglect to give him a treat after. He’s a sweet boy.

    • My two get catnip right after one of them gets his/her claws clipped — so about once a week. It is definitely time, however, for more catnip mice in their lives.

      I’ve been missing young Mr. Devilishly Handsome Dennis, so thanks for the updated images. The boy seems to have come into his own as an evil genius, hasn’t he?

      Happy anniversary!

  13. Wow, is Tomato a beauty! We didn’t remember her as a L&H boarder either but wow! The Chicken hat KILLED us! And Alice Frog, no, Stefan, no, Dennis! Clearly, we need more costumes like yours! Loved this post!

  14. Oh Lord, that middle picture of Dennis is priceless!!! I’d follow that cutie to the dark side!

  15. That Stefan picture cracked me up! I’d be worried for a few weeks until he forgets about the humiliation and moves on to something else.
    As far as the catnip, I’ve never given Oreo any real catnip to eat or anything, but she has too catnip stuffed toys that lie around the house available all the time. She plays with them sporadically. They don’t seem to make her that different than usual. She also has paper bags that are infused with nip and she prefers to sit on them. She will sit on ANY paper.

  16. ha, love long-suffering Stefan!

    I also love the idea of a giant Miz Poo, roaming through the countryside, pigs and ducks scattering…

  17. Aw, Miz Poo! I think my favorite picture of her is that one from the Stanley Boogerton Press Conference post where she’s looking surprised that was repeated a few times. Cracks me up.

  18. Thank you about the ear tip. it was hard to tell with all the floof is she was tipped or not..

    Oh my goodness.. PW trying to be a chicken.. i nearly hurt myself trying not to laugh too loud.. (I’m in a quiet room) and Stefan.. that boy sure does know how to give stink eye..

    catnip. There is no reason not to give it every day.. oh wait.. yes there is, the cat might become desensitized to it.. and not care about it any more… that is it. There is no ‘chemical stimulation’ as you will, it isn’t marijuana like, it is more like a good fresh baking loaf of bread or chocolate chip cookies after you have had a REALLY rough day..

    Licking. Yes, Fleurp licks when she is anemic.. she also then learned it got her attention when she did it, so she would start doing it after she got better (I know, I took her into the vet for a recheck) so I do my best not to freak out and give her undo attention when she is doing it. Interestingly enough all of my cats started licking plastic and other items when I first put them on a raw diet that had only animal based ingredients and a few supplements. I fixed that by putting some parsley or green beans in the mix and the licking stopped. When Jack got home from the Evet the last time he started licking plastic and I took him out side to let him sit on the ground (earthing) and eat some grass. He immediately started feeling better and his healing time seemed to improve pretty dramatically. So.. since this is a new thing – yes, vet. do some basic blood work, get a once over… if the kitty is older do comprehensive blood work, rule out weird things.. and then maybe get them some kitty grass?? 🙂

  19. do a collage of the halloween kitties for oct! I actually love Lion Alice scrowl.. I think she may do well being a Lion for everyday, no? :p