10-30-15 Friday

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Thank you everyone for voting for Frog Alice in the Blue Buffalo costume contest! A re-read of the rules tells me that that was just the beginning of the contest. Now judges are going to go through the pictures and choose finalists, and then the voting takes place today and tomorrow. I always write these posts the night before, so I don’t have a link to share with you at the moment, but perhaps if you go here, something will be there? (I will check when I get up in the morning, and will post the correct link for voting!)

Edited to add: Alice didn’t make the finals. Thank you to everyone who voted, Alice still thinks you’re the bee’s knees! Or… the frog’s legs?


Last night:

Yay! Now it’s time for the Swimmers to get themselves adopted. Fingers crossed that it’s soon!


I have a question about Crooked Acres. I am curious how long it would take to walk around the perimeter of your four acres. Living in Los Angeles, it’s hard for me to comprehend just exactly how big that is. Please inform me!!!

Fred did some math and figured that a walk around the entire property (our entire property is 4 1/2 acres – it started out as 5 acres, but the previous owners carved out half an acre to put a small house on for her parents, so that half acres belongs to the neighbors now) is about 1/4 mile. If I went out right now and walked the periphery of the property, it’d take me less than 10 minutes, and only that long because there’s a lot of shrubbery in the way in some spots and I am not a fast walker.

So, it’s not a huge piece of land, but it’s certainly bigger than you’d find in the suburbs (especially in LA).


If Alice doesn’t win, there may be some barricade-storming in the offing! And which flavors do the Perms favor? Dry or canned?

Alice better win, is all I have to say!

We feed them Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck Recipe Grain-Free mixed with Merrick Before Grain, the dry version, mixed together.

I never could find a Blue Buffalo canned version that they like, unfortunately, so in the morning they get Fancy Feast pate – usually turkey and giblets or tender chicken feast, and occasionally tender chicken and liver. Every single time I find a canned food they seem to really like, they like it until I buy a bunch of it, and then they act like I’m punishing them. They’ll always eat Fancy Feast pate, so I guess that’s what we’ll stick with. (Oh, who am I kidding? You know I’m going to keep trying other foods. YOU KNOW HOW I AM.)


Awwww…Pattypan! And YOU gave her the purple teddy!!! 🙂 That made my day!

I bought a big bag of those teddies a few months ago when they were on sale, with the intention of sending them home with kittens along with a bag of toys. I like the kittens to have something familiar, that reminds them of their first home, to maybe make the transition a little easier. All the Squash Bugs got teddies – the Swimmers all got mini Beanie Baby cats in their bags!


Stefan is looking quite “plush” these days. He appears to have lost that long, lean, lanky look he had when he first invited himself into your home.

He’s put on his winter weight! And yes, he’s not a skinny teenager anymore, that’s for sure.


What the heck is on the couch with the cats? They look like pillows or giant marshmallows.

Throw pillows, under a washable mattress pad. They love it!


Before we move on to the last of the Swimmers pics, IIIIIIIII have an update!

I know you remember Calabash, but here are a couple of my favorite pics to remind you of just how ADORABLE she is.

The little skeptic.

Cierra said:

I just wanted to give a little update on little Calabash. I actually renamed her Calliope’ (Cali for short). She is a absolute joy! 🙂 Full of energy, and she is very intelligent.

I have two small dogs, and the introduction was not exactly welcoming. It was rough for about a week, but the hissing and barking has finally stopped. They are still adjusting, and are getting along pretty well now.

I attached some pictures in the email to let you guys see some of the adventures she has had. We took a trip to Atlanta with her, and she had a blast in the hotel! She and I have grown pretty close. She’s been attached to me since she got home. When I get off work and I am not paying attention to her right away, she has her ways of getting my attention. (In fact right now she’s attempting to ruin this email :-))

Don’t you love seeing that sweet girl again? The picture where she’s sleeping on the bed with the dog kills me dead. LOVE IT. Thank you so much for the update, Cierra!

PS: In that last picture, Cali is partly laying on the green stuffed teddy bear I sent home with her!


The Swimmers

Wahhhh, they’re da BAYbees!

Paws up, y’all!


And that is the last of the Swimmers’ pics! Fingers crossed for adoptions very soon.


Dennis is laying on one of Alice’s favorite spots, and seems to be rather pleased that he got there before she could.


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  1. Yay Ambercup. So happy for her. Thanks for the Calabash/Cali update. She looks like she has settled in just fine. Sleeping on Mom’s bed with the dogs. Sounds right to me. Cierra’s home looks lovely. And clean. That sure does not happen around here…

  2. We have also settled on Fancy Feast pate. Ours eat chicken, chicken and liver, beef, beef and liver, savory salmon, and salmon and shrimp. We recently tried the larger Friskies cans and found a live bug in it, so… nope. One of our cats was sick with very runny poo for some weeks and it turns out that it was the dry food we were giving to them along with the Fancy Feast. Once we took it away, he was fine practically overnight. Everyone is happy now.

    • I’m sorry, I don’t want to start a fight, but I can’t let this go without comment.

      There is no way a bug, or any living thing, can survive pressure canning. A dead bug yes, but not a live one.

    • I agree! I am very disappointed, Blue Buffalo! Seriously, what is the point of giving people the option to “Like” a picture if it doesn’t mean anything in the end?

  3. Alice didn’t make it?!!? I call the contest RIGGED. She was the top cat, every time I looked. Dear Blue Buffalo, your contest backfired — I’ll keep on feeding Halo to my guys! 🙂

  4. Robyn! Monkey is home! 7 weeks and one hour to the day he got out he walked in my front door!
    He is frightfully thin (9lbs)skin and bones. We have been to the vet and he is severely dehydrated and his gums are pale which has the vet concerned for his organs. His cbc panel showed he wasn’t as bad as he looks, but he needs to rehydrate before they can do more extensive tests. He got lots of fluids pumped into him and he is home to eat, drink, and rest
    We go back Monday for tests.

    Basil was just as shocked as I was. Baby Fitz was completely stumped as to what this cat was doing in his house. After a brief hissing/growling spat, we put Fitz back in his “daycare” room which is tricked out with every cat toy you can imagine. While not fond of it, it keeps everybody safe and lets Monkey settle back in.

    I bought a Feliway diffuser and hope it will help during this transition.

    Miracles do happen!

  5. That dog looks outraged. “What is that CAT doing on MY bed?”

    Your picture of the kittens fanned out on the cat tower is incredible.