9-6-22 Tuesday

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Kim takes a little Pie Time while the kittens are sleeping.

Francesca in my lap, wondering what’s going on.

The milk bar is quiet today – just serving Saul right now.

And then a bunch of kittens showed up, and the milk bar suddenly closed. The milk bar proprietress can be a little temperamental if she’s annoyed.

And THEN a quick little sneak open for Mike.

Gus and Francesca in my lap.

Nacho checked out the big, deep, comfy bed and found it… “meh.”

Francesca and Mike in my lap, havin’ a tussle.

Gus invites you to admire his armpits.

Oh, that milk bar. You just never know when it’s going to be open!

The kittens fell asleep, and Kim wandered off to come get some pettin’.


I asked Archie if, like me, he’s ready for the cooler weather. And he said “Not really.”


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Francesca has an opinion.

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By request, a longer video (5 minutes long) of the kittens playing!

YouTube link
Some kittens are tussling, some kittens are harassing mama, and someone’s in my lap, as usual.

Gus in the Fruittasan, considering his next move. (And Saul, considering an ambush.)

YouTube link
We’ve got some sassy little kittens here in this foster room.

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that Mike is the best eater of this bunch. He and Francesca started eating canned food a few days ago, and now they’re ALL about it. The others are slowly coming around – I’ve seen everyone eating – but Mike and Frannie are the eatin’ champs.

Good night innernets. (Francesca, Nacho, Lalo and Gus.)


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