9-6-16 Tuesday

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There are a TON of updates on former fosters (and Challenger’s House cats who weren’t fosters) on the Challenger’s House Facebook page in honor of LAY-PURR Day. It was wonderful to see so many updates (and thank you to Teresa who worked so hard to get them posted yesterday!)

Go check them out here. And if you’re not following the Challenger’s House Facebook page, you oughta be!


Juniper and Hemlock have a discussion about who that feather teaser belongs to.

The winner!

Privet, up close.

“Hallo, innernets.”


So much ATTITUDE. She’s fabulous and she knows it.

I don’t think Hemlock is going to fit in that basket for much longer!

Uncle Stefan, head-butting Privet, who didn’t really seem to mind.

Privet and Hemlock giving Stefan the once-over.

Pretty poser Privet.

Last week, we opened the screen door at the bottom of the stairs, since Hemlock was showing some interest in exploring, FINALLY. We’d open the screen door for a few hours at night, he’d come down and run around, and then around 8 I’d put them all in their room and shut the door for the night. After a few days, Juniper started coming down, too. Yesterday morning Fred opened the screen door when he saw Hemlock hovering around the bottom steps, and Hemlock and Juniper spent part of the morning running around downstairs, snoozed upstairs for the afternoon, and then came back down around dinner time.

Privet has not been down the stairs at all, and is not interested in doing so, thank you very much. I worry about that girl, because she is so quick to run and hide in her safe space – but she’s also so quick to come over to me for petting when I sit down in the foster room. I hope a wonderful, patient person or family falls in love with her gorgeous, sweet self and are willing to let her take her time in coming around.

Edited to add: Of course, as soon as I wrote that, guess who started coming downstairs? Privet came down several times, played in the doorway to my room, even ventured as far as the dining room. And when I went upstairs to put them “to bed” for the night, she was very obviously much more confident already – she was hanging out in her box on the wall, but she immediately came out and demanded that I give her her little pile of treats. This makes me feel so much better!

By the way, Stefan is VERY much enjoying the new open-door policy, and spends pretty much the entire day in the kitten room, moving around from sleeping spot to sleeping spot.


Jake, keepin’ the loons tuned. That loony face just kills me dead. Don’t you just want to squeeze that boy?


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9-6-16 Tuesday — 18 Comments

    • He’s doing just fine. The kittens scare him a little bit (he’s not a brave boy), but as long as they leave him alone, he leaves them alone, and all is good. 🙂

  1. I saw all the updated foster cats yesterday via Facebook — and thought how wonderful for you to see former fosters being in loving homes and thriving. THAT is the reward for giving of your time and effort. What happy, beloved cats they’ve become! So great to see them in their homes now.

  2. You do know that Jake sneaks out at night, and travels all over the world, teaching the art of the loon to deserving young cats, right? I’m sure he’s visited our Lessa.

  3. Good ol’ Uncle Stefan, teaching the kittens about the ways of the world — or at least about how to sleep all day! 😉

    Love that loony boy Jake, too!

  4. A www, that head butt is adorable. I so ❤️ Jake.

    So many updates, just LOVE seeing so many smug and happy former fosters. Flook update, sweet Gilly, Norbie, so so many.

  5. Robyn, is that just a really unflattering angle on the Loon Boy or has he already fluffed up for winter?

  6. My heart is drawn to Privet. So pretty – I bet she blossoms in a forever home with patience and unconditional love.

    Thank you for you kind words on my blog about Buddy’s recent passing.