9-5-16 Monday

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In case y’all missed it, this happened on Saturday:

That leaves Cypress at Petsmart in a cage by himself for the moment. Hemlock, Juniper, and Privet will be going to Petsmart at some point this week – probably later this week. So start clutching your pearls and getting ready to say goodbye – I know we’re all going to miss them!


Oh, this girl. Isn’t she a stunner?

There he goes again, laughing at his own joke. Silly boy.

Privet considers the condo on the wall her “safe spot.” She’ll run there and hide when she hears an unfamiliar noise, and she likes to just hang out in there, too. It’s too bad it’s attached to the wall; I’d send it with her if I could!

Hemlock in the sun, lookin’ happy (and kinda like he’s looking for trouble.)



If that’s not a fabulous tail, I don’t know what is!

“GIMME that camera, lady!”

Hemlock has a think.


“Unca Stefan, you needs to learn to respect the bubble.”


Video! Juniper and Hemlock halfheartedly fighting. It would have been meaner, but the sun made ’em dopey.

YouTube link


Joe Bob and the Eyes of Lurve.


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9-5-16 Monday — 10 Comments

  1. OMG, that 2011 entry with Bobby Brady – that third picture is the SPITTING IMAGE of Hemlock! (With the opposite eye lined, I might add!)

  2. hehehe, love the “respect the bubble” shots… that’s just Uncle Stefan deciding if he wants to go back to his ol’ neck-chompin’ ways… kudos to Hemmie for reminding him it’s a no-no!

    Jobey-joe is so sweet, I just wanna march right over there and smooch that boy!

  3. Hemlocks becoming rather the chunky monkey, isn’t he! How wonderful!

    I hope that Spruce’s family realizes how lucky they are.

  4. I must be.crazy because I thought I saw a Challenger House posting on FB last week that Hemlock of the Tree Kittens had passed away for unknown reasons. WTH? Now I can’t find the post. In any case I am so glad he has not. He, for sure, is my favorite of this litter.