9-5-15 Weekly Roundup (and a little extra!)

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook Roundup!

Balancing act. #Pattypan #TheSquashBugs

#Pattypan shows #Phelps just who the boss is ’round these parts. She’s little (he outweighs her by half a pound!) but she’s #fierce. #OpenMouthofOutrage #TheSquashBugs #TheSwimmers

I have a feeling that these kittens are going to be excellent #Naptime companions. #Torres #TheSwimmers #zzzzzzzz #housepanther

#Zuke has a little bit of a foot obsession. #TheSquashBugs #housepanther

“The better from whence to survey my kingdom, my dear.” #Zuke #Torres #TheSwimmers #TheSquashBugs #housepanthers

I brought this basket into the kitten room thinking I’d put toys in it. #Pattypan and #Torres had other ideas. #TheSwimmers #TheSquashBugs

“Hallo innernets, it is I. #Spitz! I bit my sister’s butt and made her cry, so the lady says I has to stay where she can keep her eyes on me.” #Whatevs #TheSwimmers

#Pattypan thinks her Hauspanther modshaker smells intriguing and if her siblings think they’re gonna get their paws on it, they can think again! #TheSquashBugs

“Hey lady, hands off the ears!” #Calabash #TheSquashBugs #OpenMouthofOutrage

#Zuke is a shoulder bug. #TheSquashBugs #housepanther

Poor #Phelps. There’s always someone’s butt in his face, and it’s usually #Spitz’s. #TheSwimmers #housepanther

That toy (a teaser that attaches to the doorknob and dangles there, ready for kittens to smack at it) gives #Louganis the #CrazyEyes. #Ambercup, #Calabash and #Pattypan think it’s pretty neat, too! #TheSwimBugs

#Louganis (left) and #Torres admire themselves. #TheSwimmers #housepanthers

#Calabash wears her heart on her butt. #TheSwimBugs

“OhmyGAWD innernets, tell that weird lady to GIVE THAT PHONE TO ME. I gots a call to make!” #Ambercup #TheSquashBugs #IHazAComplaint

Ridiculously smug. #Zuke #TheSquashBugs #housepanther #YesHisEarReallyIsThatHuge #BabyElephant

#Zuke and #Spitz emerge from the kitteh condo. #EyesOfAmazement #TheSwimBugs


A little extra!

Ambercup is a snuggly girl.


Playful Ambercup.

I’m fairly certain she was about to complain about something.

Full belly, a little extra food saved on her face for later, and Pattypan’s ready for a snuggle and a nap.

Enjoying the ear rub whilst thinking about complaining.

Sweet girl.

Zuke on the scratcher, considering his next move.

Spitz. He was sound asleep, laying like that. I worried that he’d hurt his neck, but when I tried to move him, he protested. Eventually, he moved on his own.

Phelps and his gorgeous changing eyes.

Left to right: Louganis, Spitz, Phelps. All three dead to the world. I wish I could drop off that suddenly and sleep that soundly!

I mean, with all the comfy places in the foster room to sleep, why WOULDN’T you curl up by the litter boxes? All 8 of them are in this picture, by the way. Probably the only way that’ll ever happen! (The picture is a capture from the Dropcam. Yes, I have a camera pointed at the litter boxes. If someone develops a litter box issue, this is the only way to figure out who!)


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9-5-15 Weekly Roundup (and a little extra!) — 12 Comments

    • Oh good lord – you are NOT crazy, and I’d like to think neither am I. I knew all 8 of them were present, I’m not sure why my fingers chose to type “7”! (I fixed it. 🙂 )

  1. Pattypan reminds me of Roseanne with those big eyes and an always slightly judgey look about the outfit your wearing and your dweeby boyfriend.

    Man, I feel asleep on my recliner and I had a kink in my neck all day. Spitz is 3 feet off the ground, and half out of the cat tree but by the time he wakes up he’ll be cartwheeling to the food bowls!

  2. Great idea with the Dropcam!!!
    The mirror picture – The set of back legs on the left kill me dead.
    “Left to right: Louganis, Spitz, Phelps. All three dead to the world” – Spitz’s belly = the best!

  3. Elephant ears.. lol.

    My webcams are often pointed at litter boxes..

    I am seriously envying you the kittens in the lap.. *sigh* mine hate me.. no matter how much RR I give them.