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In case you ever wondered what it looks like up Joe Pickle’s nose.

He’s looking very RatBat here, no? (But look how gloriously soft and glossy his fur has become!)

A slightly more flattering angle.

Petey, mid-complaint. That’s right, Polly’s after his tail again. Poor Petey.

“Why she gotta mess with my tail? Whyyyy?”

Fred accidentally left the closet door open one day, and the Pickles climbed up into the hamper and fell asleep. So we leave the closet door open all the time (of COURSE), and now there’s always at least one kitten in the hamper.

Polly’s too comfy to come to me for pettin’.

Polly and Joe.

Polly and Joe in the hamper, Percy jumping down, and Petey over there on a pile of stuff. (Yes, that is a pillow in a plastic bag in front of him, and a roll of bubble wrap behind the hamper. Yes, I’ve removed them to a place where they can’t reach them. They were up on a shelf; apparently the Pickles are better at reaching the shelves than I realized.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Purslane’s got somethin’ to say.

And now it’s bath time.

Trying to catch flies, little girl?

Bath time for Dandelion, too.

They love wrestling with that scratcher more than just about anything else.

She haz a complaint (her complaint being that I keep waving that feather teaser over her head.)

Thistle, in the midst of falling over backward after swiping at the teaser (and missing.)

I’ve been meaning to tell y’all this for the past few days. I heard from Winnie, who reported that the Weeds’ mother is doing well – she was in pretty rough shape herself when they picked her up with her girls. She hadn’t been named, so Winnie suggested the name “Ivy”, to go along with the weed theme. So that’s her name, Ivy, isn’t that a great name?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today’s (last) Crooked Acres Cover Boy was supposed to be Jake, but I am a terrible slacker, and have no pictures of just Jake and his loony little monkey face to show you, so you’ll have to settle for this series of pictures I got over the weekend of Jake and Alice, being fed pieces of ham by Fred. We rarely have sandwich meat around the house – I don’t really eat it – but it was a long weekend for Fred (he took Thursday and Friday off to make it even longer), so I bought some for him. He loves a good ham sandwich. Jake and Alice lost their minds when they sensed that there was ham in the house.

Yes, Fred is using tongs to feed them their pieces of ham. He doesn’t want to lose a finger.

Alice’s face is killing me dead here. “DADDY WE IS HERE AND WE IS STARVING GIVE US THE HAM!”

PS: I know, it’s ironic that we raise our own pigs yet rarely have ham in the house. We don’t cure our ham roasts, just eat them as pork roasts. I’m not crazy about cured ham, and Fred mostly doesn’t care either way, so there you go. 🙂


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9-5-12 — 53 Comments

  1. Oh my! The ham photos have made me laugh and laugh and laugh!

    I’m also happy that The Terrible Pickle is looking better as are the Weeds. It’s great to see the Weeds’ little faces looking fuller and much less pinched. It’s also great news that their mama is doing better, too.

    And the hamper photos are great, too!

    Thanks for a bright start to a thunderstorming day up here in New England.

  2. The ham photos! I love it when cats lose all dignity for food. Mine will wake straight up from a nap and run, staggering and half-awake, into the kitchen if I open a can of tuna.

  3. I shall have to remember tongs for feeding the natives. My husband is big on making them wait and saying very firmly “Don’t. Bite. Me.” Yeah, it doesn’t generally work that well.

    The photo of your hamper also reminds me that I need to wear pants in the foster room again, and socks, and maybe gloves. Good gracious are they ever scratchy and bitey.

    Petey’s little teeth… swoon!

  4. Oh my god, the ham feeding pictures are killing me – KILLING me. Such happy kitties!!

    Also, Dandelion is the cutest fluffiest thing I’ve ever seen. She looks like she stuck her paw in an electrical socket.

  5. Alice, Looney Jake and the tongs! Good idea except I keep my utensils in a crock by the stove, where I thought they were fine until I spied Jinx chewing on my plastic slotted spoon the other day. I’m going to chalk that one up to having just made nachos and using that spoon for the meat – maybe I hadn’t washed it as thoroughly as I thought and that’s why it was being chewed. So using the tongs for feeding might only encourage continued chewing on my utensils!

    Kittens in a basket….sung to the tune of “Message in a Bottle” HA! Get that one out of your head now! 😉

  6. Love the kittens in a basket-can I get them to go please? Also, is Jake a Russian Blue? He reminds me of my gorgeous girl cat I had while growing up.

  7. LOVE the pics of Alice and Jake – the tongs idea is awesome!!!

    Those kittens just kill me….. And our Ivy sends the weeds momma a kiss for having such a great name. 🙂

  8. Haaaa, thanks, I needed that. Bad morning here in Quebec. Won my elections but lost faith in humankind. I really need to snuggle a kitten.

    Kittens make everything better.

  9. Good news for the mama. Question for Friday: Do you know what marking/coloring the Weed’s mama cat is? Just curious!

  10. Oh.. My.. Goodness.. SERIOUSLY Robyn?? I spent I can’t tell you how long last night trying to get photos of kitten teeth and here you go flaunting all them teethies, each shot better then the last! YOU STINK!! (only in so much as you totally rock and made me wish I was as awesome as you)

    so can I ‘borrow’ one of those for a project I’m trying to start??

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the tong idea. I usually do the ‘wait’ bit too, but after the first bit it is darn near impossible for them to weight and I usually get chomped on.

    Btw, Robyn, when was the last time you checked your PO??

    • I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent trying to get a picture of kitten teeth! And of course, you can borrow anything you’d like. 🙂

      Regarding the PO box, it’s probably been a couple of weeks. I believe I’ll mosey up there later today or tomorrow to check it!!!

  11. This is a comment on the tongs……when I first rescued my kittens from Petsmart, the woman told me to give them only ScienceDiet. Which I did, till one night that I roasted a chicken. I was cutting it up into pieces. Well, fortunately I had jeans on because Penelope (the girl cat) crawled up my back. I mean all the way up, fast! So much for only dry food from then on in. They love their roasted chicken!!!!!

  12. That first pic of Joe Pickle – the nose was an afterthought. I was admiring those belly stripes ^^ I’d love to see more of those.

  13. In the photo where Purslane’s got something to say, it looks as though Dandelion might be singing backup.

  14. The tongs are GENIUS. I will be using that in strategy in the future.

    And I’m glad to see someone else’s foster wreak havoc in places they shouldn’t be!! My fosters are ALWAYS getting into something-can’t get mad, it’s my own fault for not kitten proofing better!!

    • Aren’t the tongs a nice touch? Fred has used them to give the pigs their cookies in the past (not those exact tongs, there’s a set of tongs that stay out by the pig yard) and it worked so well that after Alice nipped him the second time, he decided to give it a try with the cats. 🙂

  15. Lol you do realise that to people outside US pants are underclothes! I now have a picture I dont want in my head!

  16. Purslane – miniPooh. She looks just a miniture version of Ms. Pooh. Too cute! What is it with lunchmeat and cats? My cats lose their minds over chipped ham. They will cut a beyotch to get at your chipped ham sandwich.

  17. Dear departed Lynx, the first cat I ever lived with, LOVED ham so much. He could even say the word ham in a sort of whiny voice. He was such a good boy.

  18. That’s it. I’m falling in love with Petey and his pensive little face.

    LOVE those pic’s of Jake and Alice. She has really grown up, hasn’t she? She’s not the skinny little ingenue we first met. And Jake? I adore that looney guy.

  19. If I could add Purslane and Dandelion to my family I would be the happiest cat momma around. Since I can’t, I know that other famil(ies) will be thrilled to have them. They are both my favorites!

    • Of course, my hubby would say that anything with 4 paws and fur and a rough tongue and sharp claws would be my favorite … and he’s right!

  20. When I eat pizza, my cat Rootie (my Tortie) will practically get in a fist fight with me for pepperoni. I also have to share Whoppers, Big Macs and chicken (they love ‘Canes) with my cats. 😀

    LOVE the Jake and Alice pictures today!!!

  21. It might be impossible, but I would love to see a pic of Stinkerbelle and Alice together since they’re both calico! You could also throw in some Miz Poo tortie goodness. Tortie is close enough to calico, right?

    • That entry would start “So, I was determined to get a picture of Alice and Stinkerbelle together!” and would end “And then a hatred-induced nuclear-like explosion destroyed the entire South!” 🙂 I’m not even sure if Alice knows Stinkerbelle exists. I’m sure Stinkerbelle knows Alice exists (Stinkerbelle sees all from her perch atop the kitchen cabinets), but if they’ve never come face to face, I wouldn’t be completely surprised.

        • And it never even occurred to me that some of your permanent resident might not know each other.

          • I’m sure that they probably know of each other’s existence – I can’t, for the life of me, remember whether Alice goes up on top of the kitchen cabinets – but it’s probably more like “Oh, there’s that cat I see from time to time” than actually having any kind of relationship. 🙂

  22. Can we have video of the Weeds voicing their complaints? And, by, “we” I, of course, mean “me,” for I have a weakness for whiny kitten footage, especially when they whine right into the lens.

  23. Looks like our kitchen when there is any sort of poultry to be had. We roasted a chicken two nights ago and our cats stared hungrily at us during roasting, carving, eating, and the putting-in-the-fridge of that darn chicken. Yes, of course they got to eat some.

  24. Is it just me or in the first of her pictures, does Purslane look like the app of the talking cat you use sometimes so we can hear your special cat songs? Named Tom the Kitten??

    In any event, she and the other weeds are dolls!

  25. (Third comment today, but I just can’t resist.) I adore Polly, Petey and Percy! They are so soothing. They are my favorites. I couldn’t tell them apart if they didn’t have collars, but it doesn’t matter.

  26. Yes, Alice! We can tell you are starving! And the late lamented Simon LOVED chicken sandwiches. In his younger days, he was so strong that when he wrapped his front leg around your arm, he could almost pull the sandwich away from your mouth to his own!

    And the Pickles look so pretty against that backdrop of jeans!

  27. Purslane has the most kissable cheeks!

    And I loooooooove Alice. I know I’ve said it before but she is just so awesomely awesome it’s awesome. 😀