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Norbie gives me the half-hearted “I might could be annoyed with you” ears.

Arya (and her long, long tail) in the sun.

Coming in for some love.

Norbie, keeping an eye on the toy hanging from the closet.

Time for some ceiling fan examinin’!

Jon Snow and his whiskers.

There’s that sweet Brandon.

Jake feels it necessary to keep an eye on the kittens from time to time.

Norbie’s impressed with the length of Arya’s tail.

And now he’s examining Jon Snow’s tail. He’s tail-obsessed, I guess.

Arya has a tussle with Stefan, who doesn’t look too thrilled about this turn of events.

Pretty, pretty Brandon in the sun.

Silly snuggly boys.

Don’t you just want to squoosh ’em?

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“Hallooooo, laydeez!”


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9-5-13 — 9 Comments

  1. The House of Stark has definitely exceptional traits in the whiskers department – ooooooh, so luxurious!!! (and, I’m hoping Norbie never notices…’hey, why they all have luxurious whiskers and mine not soooo luxurious?’… hoping to keep his truth from him!) 🙂 Luxurious whiskers or not, they’re all so freaking cute… Stefan looks like the indulgent older brother (is there such a thing?) that perhaps knows his luck and good fortune at having stumbled into Crooked Acres (even though it is highly rated on the underground feline yelp pages) and must ‘endure’! There’s a little something – be it ever so small – that tells me he is actually enjoying Arya’s ‘brute force’ LOL! And, I always love seeing Mr. Tom Cullen – he’s so beautiful.. er, uh.. Handsome!

  2. Oh, I just about keeled over from a cute overdose when I saw that Brandon and Jon Snow “squoosh ’em” pic. Why yes, I DO want to squoosh them!

    I have to assume Stefan is usually cool with kittens or he wouldn’t let Arya get in a good tusslin’ as depicted earlier.