9-4-15 Friday

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Archie got scratches on his nose? Who’s he been messing with?

I think those are old scratches that have mostly healed – he was pretty scratched up when he first showed up here. He and Stefan do not like each other at all (except when they do), but I have never actually seen them make contact; usually they do nothing but arch their backs at each other and make ungodly growling noises.


Was that Zuke who did the floop-and-roll at the beginning of the “Fight Club” video?

YouTube link.

It is! He’s such a little nut.


I saw this article today about a cat street view web site in Japan. The actual web site would be far cooler if I could read Japanese…

That is so neat!


Did you see George and Red’s instagram today? Big Brother Bill likes to keep his kittens clean!

Isn’t that about the sweetest thing ever?

(If you’re not following George and Red on Instagram, you totally should be!)


You made it to Buzzfeed again. See #20.

Woohoo! I’m pretty sure that clip of Rickles is going to show up every so often for the rest of my life.


If you haven’t already seen this, this is a bad dumping story with a happy ending:

YouTube link.

Supposedly they found a family with two little girls that same day who lost it over their catch. So they went home with them.

That is so awesome. Those poor babies! The guys who rescued the kittens have a Facebook page here, too.


2009 has a great baby loon face.

That boy cracks. Me. UP.


“Lady, get your hand away, I’m tryin’ to sleep!”

There’s a little chain hanging from the top of that scratching post (it’s meant to hold a dangly toy, but the kittens always take it down in about 10 seconds, and at this point I don’t even know where the toy has gone) and it drives Calabash crayzeeeeeeee.

Torres, I think. That little piece of faux fur was on a ball hanging from the little kitty tree/condo, and some kittens – I think Lucy’s Fools – took down the ball and skinned it. I don’t know where the inside of the ball has gone, but they think that little piece of “fur” is the Best. Toy. EVER.

(Kittens are destructive and inventive, is what I’m saying.)

Pattypan loves that toy.

Zuke on the windowsill. They’ve been climbing up the scratching post and checking out the windowsill pretty frequently lately. I think we need to get something in there so they can do some real climbing!

What a difference a week makes – this is from one week ago. They no longer feel the need to actually sit on the plate (that’s Spitz in the picture), and we’re almost getting to the point where I don’t need to line the floor with washable pads before I put their snack plates down. ALMOST, I say.

Ear rubs make Pattypan go all dull-eyed.

Louganis. Isn’t he one gorgeous boy?

Spitz looks like he means business.

“What? Am playing with my Beanie Baby!”

Play time for Pattypan and Spitz.

Torres would like a kiss, if y’don’t mind.

You give Calabash a skeptical.

Ambercup, too!


Video! Calabash was in my lap sleeping, and Spitz and Torres had to get in on the action. The way Torres gets SO excited at the beginning that she hugs Calabash’s head cracks me UP.

YouTube link.


When we lost Tommy, we were worried about Stinkerbelle, but didn’t even think to worry about Jake. As it turns out, Stinkerbelle is handling Tommy’s absence okay, but Jake has been looking for comfort from the other cats. Some of them want nothing to do with him – he can be kind of overwhelming when he wants love from them – but Dennis has been really good.

Sweet boys.


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9-4-15 Friday — 20 Comments

  1. Aw, they are sweet boys…

    Calabash must be one hell of a heavy sleeper to be able to sleep through all the pawing and hugging and being stepped on she gets in that video!

  2. Aww.

    Seriously…the baby loon is probably one of the best photos ever!

    Edited to add: baby vampire loon!

  3. Awwww…Jake and Dennis {{wipes tear}} !!!!

    May I come visit and get a fill of Pattypan, please? W-a-n-t….

  4. I read that those two little ornj kittens were adopted by the older woman who owns the marina where the guys fish. Maybe she has grandchildren, though. Either way, they are living the good life now!

  5. So much goodness in this post…

    -The ears on Louganis…wow!
    -Can I kiss Torres? Please?
    -I will never get tired of the Rickles vid, NEVER!
    -Spitz’ pink toe beans. Dead, dead, dead of the cute. Argh.
    -And pretty much everything else.

  6. It’s a darn good thing Dennis suckered you into keeping him, huh? He is such a sweetie 🙂

  7. I have to say my heart skipped a beat when I opened your page and Archie’s picture was there. I thought you lost another one. Then I read and that it was just about the scratches and I took a deep breath. LOL Phew, I don’t know if I could take another one so soon.

    And Dennis is just such a sweet boy, so glad he’s there for Jake.

    Nope, never gonna get tired of that Rickles video.

  8. Please give Jake some love from me. My Angus is about his size and thinks that love is obtained by forcing his bulk on top of the love-ee, and/or giving them concussions with his football-helmet of a head. It doesn’t go over well, although over time Elsie-cat has become a lot more tolerant of getting flumped on by The Flumpinator. (So named because he flings himself onto his side with enough force to push air out of his lungs with a “flump” sound. He’s my own personal loon-tuner, that boy.)

  9. Dennis!!! Such a sweetie you are. Bless you for stepping up and comforting the wonderful loonmaster. 🙂

  10. glad Jake is getting some love from Dennis…..

    that video is hilarious….Calabash appears to be asleep and then cracks an eye and is all “dang, they are still here”

  11. Awwwww, Denny-bun! What a good boy you are! It’s a good thing Robyn and Fred finally figured out how much they need you!

  12. Awww Jake and Dennis! Jake and Tommy were together a lot…I’m glad Dennis is such a sweetie that he is stepping up to cuddle with Jake. We said all along Dennis was Tommy’s junior ambassador-in-training, and he’s doing Tommy proud!