9-3-15 Thursday

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I have an update! But first, a picture of the former foster back when she was a foster…

“WHAT did I get myself into?!”

That’s right, it’s Khaleesi! Alton said:

I promised you a Khaleesi update a couple of weeks ago, but we moved between then and now, and I’m finally getting around to sending it. As I mentioned, she has stomatitis, and had some teeth extracted the week before she came to visit. It took he a couple of days for her to start feeling like herself.

Then she noticed that Lily was still here and she hissed at her. Which was followed by Khaleesi giving me the “I’d never hiss at anyone” look.

I did get one good photo of her grace curled up sleeping on top of the cat tree where Bubba usually sleeps.

Bubba was forced to hang out on the stairs.

Overall Khaleesi is doing well, and the vet was reasonably happy at her check up last week. If anyone has dealt with stomatitis and has advice, we’d welcome it.

And Lily would like you to know that while their efforts to get single payer healthcare for all Feline-Americans was not successful, she’s still a staunch supporter of the Occupy movement.

Thank you so much for the update, Alton! I was sorry to hear that Khaleesi’s dealing with stomatitis (though I don’t know much about it), but glad that she’s doing well. (Also, I probably always say this, but Bubba and Lily are SO GORGEOUS!!!)

If any of y’all have dealt with stomatitis in the past or currently, please share!


Pattypan checks out the new (new to her!) scratcher.

Phelps wonders why there’s no food in that bowl. (As an aside – I had to remove that bowl from the kitten room for now, because the little goobers kept running into it, face-first. I don’t want any cracked skulls and leaking marshmallow Fluff, so I put it away for now.)

Ambercup checks out the scratcher and strikes a pose.

Spitz thinks the scratcher is pretty cool.

Ambercup, showing Spitz just who the boss is.

Torres gets bitey with the blanket while Sugarbutt (whose picture is on my phone case) looks on judgmentally.

Zuke was snuffling around in Spitz’s belly fur, and Spitz gave me this look, like somehow it was all my fault.

Calabash will have you know that she could totally lift that weight if she wanted to.

Phelps. I hate that their eyes have to change from blue, but I find the process endlessly fascinating.

Looks like Zuke has the upper paw in this encounter. But don’t count Calabash out – she’s little but she’s feisty!

Speaking of little Calabash, I weighed all the kittens yesterday and found that we’ve got TWO kittens who are already at or over 2 pounds. One Squash Bug, one Swimmer. Zuke is 2 pounds, 2 ounces, and Phelps is exactly 2 pounds. The lightest kittens are Torres and Louganis (1 pound, 9 ounces each), and Pattypan is one ounce heavier than those two. Ambercup is just under 2 pounds, and Spitz and Calabash are each 1 pound, 12 ounces.

The Squash Bugs will be 8 weeks old tomorrow, and the Swimmers turned 6 weeks old yesterday, can you believe it?


Videos! In the first, the kittens do some skitterbugging.

YouTube link.

And in the second, we’ve got some Kitten Fight Club going on.

YouTube link.


Archie is forever staring at me like this, hoping that there’s about to be treats coming his way.


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9-3-15 Thursday — 24 Comments

  1. Seriously Robyn? Those kittens *clearly* have nothing to play with! Get them some toys already!

  2. I took one of my bugs to the vet for a respiratory infection. While there we determined he also has stomatitis. Basically he doesn’t eat dry so only wet and she gave me a lysine powder called viralys to sprinkle on his food twice a day. It’s about 20$ for a container on Amazon. It lasts a long time b/c the amount you put on is this teeny little scoop that’s included. I just sprinkle it on top and mix it in.

  3. Thanks for the update Alton. BTW- gorgeous floors in your new place. Just sayin’. Oh, and of course, gorgeous kitties. Love the occupy photo. Very funny.

  4. The one thing I can say about stomatitis is be prepared to pick up a lot of cat barf. 🙂 My Mindy had most of her teeth removed due to stomatitis and she doesn’t chew her food, she swallows it whole. If I can watch her eat and make her stop and take a breath now and then, it’s not too bad.

  5. Ha! I love seeing Khaleesi updates! It’s interesting to note that all during her stay at Crooked Acres with her dragons, she had that stunned/amazed//surprised/incredulous look on her face like “look what I did, I made these” and now that she’s rid of all her babies and is in her purrfect furever home, that look is long gone, replaced with the “yep, I live here now” face.

    I have to agree… Bubba & Lily are beautiful and I would not mind one bit seeing more of them in future updates. What a gorgeous trio!

    I would not be able to resist squeezing Archie’s head and forcing kisses upon that face. He’s such a doll 🙂

  6. Our oldest permanent resident, Fat Boy (aka, Teddy Bear, Joe Bob, Toothless Wonder) had stomatitis and has had all of his teeth removed (for a mere $800). The difference in his health and attitude are amazing! When we adopted him we were told he had allergies; however, all the regular allergy treatments didn’t work on him. When they finally diagnosed him with stomatitis, we tried all the things before finally having his teeth removed (steroid shots, oral meds, etc.). His coat was always a little dingy looking and he stank to high heaven. He was constantly drooling and sneezing and was generally snotty all the time. He was also constantly in a bad mood. Once we had his teeth removed, it’s like he’s a totally different cat. He’s a lover, he tolerates our fosters, he has gained weight, and is a great cat. I only wish we had the procedure done sooner.

  7. I’m sorry to hear that Khaleesi is having a rough spot. I know that you all are on it so I’m not worried.

    She looks wonderful, as do your other furmasters.

    It’s mean and I feel abashed, but I would’ve cracked up to see someone run into the glass bowl and then be all “what just happened?” You’re right Robyn, we don’t want marshmellow leaking out!

    • The first time it happened, I laaaaughed. The second time, I laaaaughed. The third time, I thought “This is probably how kittens break their dumb little necks. I should put that bowl away!”

  8. Tim was diagnosed with stomatitis….you can do all the meds and whatever, but the best cure is just extraction since it is a reaction to bacteria in the mouth. Tim is down to his front fangs and will most likely lose those too. He is MUCH happier to be out of pain. He does eat dry and is fine with it – though he would also be completely happy if I switched everyone to canned food all the time. 🙂

    Those kittens are obviously bored with nothing to entertain them. MOL

  9. My Luna has stomatitis. We had all her teeth removed, but it didn’t fix the problem. Hers seems to go into her throat rather than just her mouth. We have to watch her for signs that it’s flaring up and get her to the vet for a DepoMedrol shot. It seems like stress can make it flare up.

  10. The causes of stomatitis can be confined to the mouth or can be throughout the GI track. Removal of all molars, premolars, and incisors will usually solve the problem if it is confined to the mouth. You need to make sure that they get all parts of the tooth out. If any tooth part of the tooth remains, usually a root tip, they will continue to have problems. Make sure vet does dental X-rays to make sure all teeth are extracted. Most cats can keep their k-9s but some need to have them removed too.
    Usual medical treatment with antibiotics and long acting steroids, some cats will respond to this, but it usually comes back and the interval between recurance gets shorter and shorter. Plus, there are problems with this treatment-PU/PD, bladder infection, obesity, diabetes, chronic diarrhea…etc.
    The newer treatment is EFAC soft gels and or Vibagen. Again it may not work.
    I am sure your vet will make the best recommendation for your cat, but from my experience most of my patients end up having the extractions and both owner and cat are much happier.

  11. I appreciate all the advice on stomatitis. I’ll make sure that M sees this. She’s been happy with Khaleesi’s vet care in Auburn so far, which is good for both felines and humans involved.