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The Stark boys were hanging out on top of the bookcase in the front room. When I spoke to them, they looked at me grumpily, and then Brandon started looking for a way down.

He figured it out, while Hodor and Jon Snow were still trying to wake up.

Jon Snow’s grumpy, serious face is killing me.

Jon Snow lets his Alabama roots show.

“Dat not funny, lady.”

Jon Snow checks out the trash can and would like to know why I’m throwing this perfectly good trash away.

Norbie’s crazy eyes indicate that he might be a fan of feathers.

“I gots me a feather, lady.”

Reflecting upon his capture of the feather. After he captured it, he proceeded to carry it around and growl at anyone who looked his way.


Arya likes to use the box as a step to bigger and better things.

If ever I fail to post an entry, you can rest assured that it’s because I couldn’t reach the keyboard.



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Miz Poo in the sun. Which is her favorite place to be, now and always.


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9-3-13 — 11 Comments

    • Yes, that’s Baby Norbie. The wallpaper changes pretty frequently, it was Puff for a while and then Jon Snow. Now it’s Norbie’s turn!

  1. Awww Baby Norbie on the computer screen! Perhaps, like most bratty teens, Norbert is complaining that you are showing embarrassing photos of him! 😉

  2. I’ll third the aww, baby Norbie comment 🙂

    Also, your computer desk looks like my computer desk a lot of the time – full of feline goodness. Usually it happens after I sit down though – sit down at the computer and my lap sprouts felines.

  3. 🙂 in the one picture Norbie seems to be saying “I vote for me to be on your ‘puter screen Lady” and then in the next I think Arya is saying “Yeah that’s okay as long as I get the next turn”.

  4. Brandon has really perfected his deep-sleeping skills. Top marks, young man! Also, in the third photo, Hodor is looking just as bleerily cheesed off as Jon Snow: perhaps in his dreams he speaks in full paragraphs, brooking no interruption.