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Would you look at the ATTITUDE on Jon Snow. Pardon ME, you little bast- um, BRAT. (Newt is none too thrilled with the attitude either.)

That’s the look of a kitten who just woke up from a nap and is all grumpy about it.

“Hodor,” he said sleepily.

Do you see those pointy training mats on either side of Jon Snow? I put those there to keep the kittens and cats from jumping up there (it’s the cabinet where the TV sits), because I don’t want them putting their noses or dirty paws (or god forbid their pointy claws) on the TV screen.

“Nothin’ stop Jon Snow. I go where I WANTS.”

I think that since kittens are so light, the pointy ends don’t hurt their paws, so it doesn’t really deter them. The big cats don’t get up there at all, anymore (and actually, Norbie avoids that area, too), but we have to occasionally chase a kitten down. I got them from Amazon, of course, because that’s where I get 99% of the stuff I buy.

Arya and Hodor, having sleepytimes on the couch.

Norbie gets high off sunshine.

Arya has some sleepytimes on her own.

Jon Snow is just SUCH a pretty boy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Howdy-ho, Stefan. Please go ahead and make yourself at home.

I mean, not that you needed my permission to do that, you’re always welcome here.

My couch is your couch, after all.

Seeing you so stressed has ME pretty stressed out, so if you could just try to relax that’d be great. THANKS.


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9-2-13 — 23 Comments

  1. If I was local to Robyn I would be round her house daily for a dose of kitty cuteness and cuddles!

      • Why omit sweet, handsome boys Brandon and Hodor? On the permanent resident front, how handsome is Stefan looking now that he’s settled in with the best family ever?

        • Because, while I do have a soft spot for all cats, I have a special soft spot for tuxie boys and calico/tortie…

          😀 I would have all of them to be honest – They are all so cute!

  2. Awwww lovely Stefan! Don’t think I’ve met you before! You look gorgeous!

    LOL!!! Jon Snow is fierce! Take care

  3. Oh Robyn, I just noticed how over in the sidebar Hodor’s picture is surrounded by text saying hodorhodorhodor…. You crack me up!

  4. I think Norbie might have been the model for that jazz logo. He was young and needed the money!

  5. Well Stephan’s certainly made himself at home with you. Hard to believe he hasn’t been with you for years. Also, such pretty kittens! It’s hard to believe how fast they’ve grown.

  6. I’m trying to remember, but wasn’t the last time Robyn used the phrase “such a pretty boy” so frequently in reference to permanent resident Corbie? 😉 (JK!!!)

  7. Stefan is just about the happiest looking cat I’ve ever seen. Actually, orange cats always seem to be happy!

    Say, I have a question that I know is frequently asked, so my apologies ahead of time (ever think about doing a FAQ on cat care, Robyn, with input on best practices from readers? 🙂 ). A colleague (“K”) has three cats. For a while she had a fourth, whom she had taken in when another colleague became very ill. Both the other colleague and the cat have since passed away, but one of her permanent residents has, ever since the fourth cat’s arrival, been peeing in various places where it shouldn’t. She’s had him/her (not sure) checked out by a vet, who found some evidence of crystals in the urine, but it’s not a serious issue and is being treated with diet. The problem seems to be behavioral. She asked me what I would suggest doing, and I mentioned a few things:

    1) Getting a third litterbox (K has two for the three cats).
    2) Adding Cat Attract to the litterboxes.
    3) Using Nature’s Miracle to get rid of the pee smell.
    4) Using a Feliway plug-in (I figure it can’t hurt).
    5) Re-training the cat to use the litterbox through isolation.

    My question(s): Has anyone successfully done #5? What steps worked for you? Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

    • I haven’t retrained a cat who was peeing outside the litter box, but I have retrained a kitten who was pooping outside the litter box, and it worked really well for me. I mentioned it in a post at some point in the past, and recently I went and put that section of the post on a page by itself. Did I link to anywhere? Well, I haven’t gotten that far yet (eventually I’m going to have a list of links to pages under the heading “More than you wanted to know about…”, but obviously haven’t done that yet). But anyway, this is the page, and that’s how I did the retraining with the outside-the-litter-box-pooper. I think that’s probably the way to do it with peeing, too.

      Also, I’d like to suggest that K talk to her vet about Prozac (for the cat, that is). I’ll write it about it at length at some point in the future, but long story short, we solved a YEARS-long spraying issue with two cats by putting them on Prozac earlier this year. The vet said that some cats need to stay on Prozac for the long-term, but other cats can stay on the Prozac for a couple of months, be weaned off, and never have the issue again. As it turns out, it looks like one of our cats will need to stay on Prozac, but the other will be able to go without. Fingers crossed!

  8. Brandon has such a kissable little nose. And Stefan just looks like a big ball of stress. I love that he’s so relaxed.

    I wanted to ask if you’d tried out the Precious Cat litter yet. I decided to try a bag of the Precious Cat Ultra because of the cloud of dust that comes with every bag of Fresh Step. It’s definitely less dusty, it clumps really well, and the cats seem to like it OK. However, the odor control is TERRIBLE. I scoop the boxes at least once a day, so they aren’t sitting around full for very long. I was curious if you had noticed that as well (maybe I just have really stinky cats), or if the activated charcoal you had mentioned had helped at all with odor.

    For now, it’s looking like I’m going to stick with Arm & Hammer. It’s less dusty than Fresh Step (though not as good as the PC). It’s more expensive and odor control isn’t as good, but both are still better than Precious Cat (for me at least). Let us know if the charcoal helps…I may try that out with the A&H.

    • I haven’t tried the Precious Cat yet, mostly because when I stocked up on Cat Attract, I STOCKED UP in a big way on it. I’m still not even close to being out of it yet, but I will do my very best to mention whether I have any issues when I do give it a try. I plan to keep on with the activated charcoal (I have a hard time not calling it “Carbonated Charcoal” for some reason!), because so far it’s working well for us.

      I lament having to stop using Fresh Step, though – it was so inexpensive and worked so well for so long for us, but my lungs finally begged me to give it a rest! Grrr, Fresh Step!