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When I mentioned in yesterday’s entry that one of the cats in that picture was going home last night, did you guess that it might be this guy? (I know that Random Felines did!)

That is our dear, sweet Orlando, of course (I’m sure the ears gave it away!) He went home last night, and not ONLY did he go home last night, he went home with a Challenger’s House volunteer, Teresa. She met him at Petsmart and fell pretty quickly in love with his sweet self. Yay, Orlando!!!


Speaking of adoptions, Vinnie – who I mentioned in yesterday’s post was adopted on Friday – is apparently doing really well in his new home. There’s an update (with picture!) over at the Challenger’s House Facebook page and it is ADORABLE.


Say hello to the current resident of the foster room! This is Polo, who is also known as Hurley Garcia. Isn’t he GORGEOUS?

“Hey lady. I know I’ve only been in this room for like 10 minutes, but I can sniff this interesting-smelling toy right here? Yes?”

“It smells verrrry interesting. Very.”


“This is… kinda AWESOME.”

Check out the fangs!

“Um. Yep. I think it’s maybe not so bad here!”

It didn’t take Polo long at all to examine the entire room, go into the closet and use the litter box, and then settle down on the cat tree for a nice, long afternoon nap. Every time one of us went into the room, he came right over to be petted. We’ll give him a day or so to get acclimated to his surroundings, and then try letting him out into the rest of the upstairs.

By the way, Polo is available for adoption. He’s diabetic and on insulin injections and special food. He’s a super sweet, friendly boy, and you can read more about him over here. (Well, and you’ll be reading more about him right here on Love & Hisses for a couple of weeks, too!)


It’s a bowl full o’ Loon!

(That’s a Petstages Snuggle Scratch and Rest scratcher. It’s rarely empty – if Jake isn’t in it, then Stefan or Tommy is keeping it warm. When Elwood was sick, he spent almost all his time sleeping in one of those. I guess what I’m saying is that the Crooked Acres cats give it two metaphorical thumbs up.)


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9-3-14 — 33 Comments

  1. Yay for Orlando and his giant ears! I hope we get to see some updates from him. I can’t stop staring at the cute face of the loony one, he is adorable.

  2. Awww, sweet Polo. Is he under control?

    I have a diabetic cat myself as I think I’ve said before. It’s not that bad once the cat is under control — when they’re not, I won’t lie, it’s a nightmare. I’ve gotten myself with his needles a couple of times when he’s squirmed on me, and I do prick myself and read my own blood sugar when my glucometer’s acting up — neither is that bad. The hardest part is getting him to stand still long enough to get the blood! If I do get myself with his needle, I just either get a glass of OJ out of the fridge when I’m done or pick up a candy bar on the way to work (I run hypoglycemic). Also change the needle 🙂

    • By under control, do you mean his blood levels? Because I think so – we were given instructions on how much insulin to give him, and weren’t told to test him… and he appears to be doing well! 🙂

  3. Teresa and Orlando have both lucked out — hooray! A welcome from afar to Polo, who clearly has it going on, and a salute to the Loonster. Hope Trickie is doing well.

  4. Yay Yay Yay for Orlando and his ears!! And hello Polo – you are a handsome boy and I look forward to getting to know you!

    Can I just say how happy I am that we get fairly frequent Norbert updates? I’ve been going back and looking at his sweet pictures from this time last year (and I love it when he pops up on the banner – he’s up there right now!) and it warms my heart that we know how he is doing and still get to see his stripey nose! 🙂

    • Norbie started doing this adorable froggy leg laying position recently-I’m trying to get a good photo to send along. I’ve said to Robyn before-there are so many fosters that I would like to see updates on (Arya’s mom, I’m looking at you! Selena-time for a Hook update 😉 that I try to model good owner behavior!

  5. Yay for Orlando. We had an adoption last Friday of an older cat, Nigel, who was brought to the shelter a couple of months ago because his family was having a baby. He was in his little cage for a couple of months and seemed really sad and confused. And then, POW, his furrever family came along. I was so happy for Nigel. I hope this family is forever.
    Um, I am sure it is all camera angle but Jake appears to be ready for winter. Heh.

    • Oh yay for Nigel, too!! I just don’t understand being surrendered for that reason… 🙁

      • As far as I’m concerned that would be my first baby but hey, at least they recognize that they’re not the forever family for this kitty.

        I think there’s still that urban legend about toxoplasmosis from cats or that they’ll suffocate or scratch the baby.

        So glad that the right people came along

        • So sad. I had a baby a couple of years ago and had one of our two cats tested for toxoplasmosis prior to my pregnancy just to check whether I’d have to be super-careful. He was negative. We didn’t test the other cat after another good-natured vet asked us how we planned on preparing her for dinner when we asked if she should be tested: Did we plan to eat her raw? He said it in such a disarming, funny way (and he clearly knew his morbid humor-loving audience) and then said no. It was unlikely that she, as an indoor-only cat, was infected. He then suggested I could either let my husband deal with the litter box (yay!) or wear gloves and wash my hands well after scooping. The point is, it’s not easy to get toxoplasmosis from an indoor, or any other cat. Unless you plan on eating them raw. Or licking your hands clean after dealing with dirty litter.

          (I apologize if I’ve offended anyone! Just so y’all know, I’d never eat a cat, raw or otherwise. I can barely choke down “normal” meat…)

  6. There sure is a lot of “LOON” going on in that picture !!! I think it needs to be a poster size picture or at least a mug or something !!!!

    Sweet Orlando !!! You did it !!!

    Looking forward to getting to know Polo. An awesome kitty !!!

  7. The 2009 entry is titled “That’s Hoyt the big mouth” LOL! That’s my boy! He’s still a loud one and talks to me all the time. He even talks in his sleep at times! I can’t believe I’ve had him almost five years now. I love his goofy sweet self beyond belief and I’m so glad he’s mine. He is healthy & happy. Thanks Robyn!

    • I can’t believe it’s been 5 years! I still occasionally think about the people who gave him up telling us stories about how he’d sit in the pantry and stare at the wall and meow. He’s been an adorable monkey from the very beginning!

  8. Yay for Orlando! I wonder if he’ll have siblings named Tony and Dawn…hee hee. ‘kay shutting up now, couldn’t resist.

    Oh, I love Polo!!!! My 16 year Old Man Atticus has diabetes; how old is the handsome Polo?

    • I had to go look, and found that Polo is 6. Which is actually a little surprising to me, I was thinking he was more like 3.

      Also, when I asked Teresa if they were going to rename Orlando, she said that they were going to keep his name, because that’s been his name and he’s practically grown up, but also because it reminds them of Tony Orlando. 🙂

  9. This may be a silly question, but do neutered male cats still spray in the house? Hubby is convinced they do, so I told him I’d check with the experts ;-). Thanks for the help.

    • I have observed that males will continue to spray inside once fixed if they had a habit of spraying before they were fixed. Or if they feel they need to be top cat because of another male cat who is is dominant. I never had any problems with my males (8 of them over the years) spraying inside. I will say they were indoor only cats, which could have made a difference. Of course each cat is different.

      By the way, there are no silly cat questions !!!!!!

      • My cat Harley was fixed but still would try to spray my kitchen cabinets.

        However she was a girl. Go figure.

    • Louise is right, there’s no such thing as a silly cat question!

      Neutered cats can and will spray – but I’ve seen cats who were spraying stop after neutering. It’s more often to send a message, an insecure cat will spray a bed or other spot to send the message “this is mine.”

      Female cats can spray, too! Maxi did it, way back when we first bought this house. She doesn’t do it anymore though, thank god. 🙂

  10. Robyn, can you tell us more about Polo’s insulin injections? Like, how you have to hold him and where the injection goes, etc.

  11. Some neutered male cats continue to spray, but often will stop. They likely will not start if they are neutered before they start spraying. The big difference is even if they do spray occasionally, there is not the awlful odor that comes from un-neutered males.