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If you were here early yesterday, the pictures might not have worked for you. I managed to forget to double-check my post before I set it to publish, so didn’t realize that I’d mis-linked the pictures! Sorry for the confusion, especially to those of you who saw the preview picture on the Love & Hisses Facebook page and thought it meant we had new kittens. The preview picture was from a header featuring Scorch from Khaleesi’s litter.

Connie asked why no new kittens, and it’s not because there aren’t kittens available, it’s because Polo needed a place to stay for a couple of weeks. His foster parents are going on vacation, so he’ll come here with us while they’re gone. He’ll be here ’til mid-September, and then once he’s gone maybe (hopefully) we’ll get some babies. It all depends on what the need is at that time, of course.


Also (and I meant to mention this in yesterday’s post, but forgot), I posted a video on Saturday of our participation in the Mice Bucket Challenge. If you haven’t seen it, you need to – it couldn’t have gone any more perfectly.


I filled in for the Friday morning cage cleaner at Petsmart last week. Here are the pictures I took.

That silly Hattie is just a blur. I must have taken 20 pictures of her, and with her racing around and kicking that spring toy around, most of them came out all blurred, like this.

A brief moment of stillness, and then she was off again.

No, his name is NOT “dustpan” (although that kind of would be a funny name for a kitten, wouldn’t it?), he’s just hanging out where the dustpan is stored. That’s Frasier.

That’s Vinnie Verano, looking amused by something. He’s the one who was adopted Friday night.

Monday and Java (the little tortie, who’s kind of hard to see), checking out the carrier. Flopped down in front of the carrier is Frasier.

Blaster. He is just so kissable!

Java really liked hanging out on top of that carrier.

Marshall, who needs a squeeze.

How many cats do you see?
(Answer: There are four. Monday’s the black and white tuxie in the middle, Orlando’s in the cage. There’s an orange tail on the left belonging to Vinnie Verano, and the end of Julep’s orange tail on the right, just above Monday’s uplifted paw.)
One of the cats in this picture is going home tonight!

Climbin’ Frasier.

Sweet little Java.

Jigger (left) faces down Monday.

Julep. She’s a sweet little goofball.

Monday, watching the kittens race around.

Sweet Blaster.


Looking at this picture, I’m sure you can almost hear how loudly Joe Bob was purring. He sure is a lovebug.

Love that Jobey-Joe.


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9-2-14 — 27 Comments

  1. Nevermind pictures not working, did you realise your website was down? I checked in as always when i got in to work (around 9am UK time) on Monday and the website wasn’t appearing at all. I checked again something like 20 minutes later and still no joy, then around lunchtime i checked and everything was fine. I’m not too sure on the times i’ve quoted, but the site was definitely unhappy for a bit there. 🙂

    • Noooo, I had no idea! It was Labor Day here yesterday, it sounds like my web host decided to take part of the day off!!!

      • Oh no, yes maybe! Ah well, hopefully it was only for a short while and i just had the bad luck to check it at that time. 🙂

  2. Monday has amazing eyes! Are they really that green or is it a trick of the light (well essentially all colour is, I guess). And Julep has such a quirky little face. Basically they are all adorable, is what I am saying!

  3. The “dustpan” caption made me laugh out loud, which actually happens quite often when I read L&H (and sometimes its the comments that make me LOL too; the other day it was the reader who wrote “I’m a dork” that made me guffaw). I know I’ve mentioned this in the past, but the thing that makes your blog stand out among the many blogging cat foster moms out there is your captions and how funny they are. All your pictures are cute or amazing, but when they are paired with your captions, they are truly entertaining. It’s the combination that keeps me coming back day after day and the reason I am not nearly as faithful with any other cat blog out there!

    You know, you could do picture books. You could do dozens of them and I’d bet there’d be a market…. Seriously!!

    • Fervently seconded — beginning with Caspian’s tale of the terrifying interloper — I think it was called “What Happened.”

    • I agree! “Love and Hisses” and “The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee” are the only two cat blogs I make sure to check every day!

    • I laughed out loud at “dustpan” too. I also love the funny captions! Sometimes I go back and read that “WASSAAAAAAP” post and crack myself up.

  4. I love seeing the Petsmart kitties !!!

    Frasier has an amazing coat !!! Wow the color pattern is unique. The picture of him climbing really shows his amazing-ness !!!

  5. I’ve known cats named Earplug and Shortstop, so I suppose “Dustpan” is a perfectly reasonable name for a cat! (Actually, we have a foster named Widget right now too…)

    Joe makes me smile. He looks so much like our Buddy, right down to the stretched-out toes…

  6. Joby Joe, the tuxie-do, sure is quite the lovebug, yo. XD

    I’ve never heard of a kitten named Dustpan, but I did know one named Dust Bunny! Itty bitty grey foster kitty with super long fur, hence the name. She looked gigantic due to all the fluff, but pick her up and it became clear just how much–or rather, little–of a tiny purring thing she was. She’s long since been adopted. 🙂

      • Dust Bunny had a sister, Gatinha (Portuguese for girlkitten). I never met Gatinha, but the name was marvelous.

        On a related note, the foster for those kittens once heard me say how adorable I thought the name Dust Bunny was and started wondering aloud if it would be as adorable in Portuguese. Then of course he translated it! He went… “Eh, nope, doesn’t work quite so well.” XD

  7. We think Java likes that carrier so much because she knows it belongs to a forever home… and she’s ready to go! She’s beautiful, as is Dustpa… er, Frasier. And Julep! A rare ginger girl! Someone’s going to get something special when they pick her!

  8. I can’t stop giggling at Dustpan–I think that would be an awesomely cute name for a kitten. The next time I adopt a cat, I’m definitely going to borrow that name!