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Fred took this picture with his phone yesterday. Even more kitties than the one I posted last week! This time the girls are represented by Miz Poo and Alice – I’m sure Kara was still outside (she has to be called inside for her snack), and Stinkerbelle was stomping back and forth atop the kitchen cabinets. That’s Corbie and Jake at the very top, Tommy near them. Sugarbutt’s sitting by the door looking underneath and wondering WHAT is taking me so long. Dennis is flopped down next to Sugarbutt, Alice is looking at Stefan (who is flopped down next to my bedroom door), and of course Miz Poo is sitting there wondering what’s going on. Awww, Grandma Poo.


The last of the Tricki pictures I took, before she went back to Petsmart.

“Yes, that’s a copy of O Magazine behind me. We’re going to read it together before nap time, and then the lady is going to tell me FOR THE FIFTIETH TIME the story about how Oprah had Wally Lamb on her show, and she kept calling his book I Know This Much to be True (instead of the correct I Know This Much is True), and every time she did it, Wally Lamb visibly died a little inside. Oh, it’s so fascinating when she tells that story. I can’t wait.”

“Is time for the nappin’ yet?”


She is just the PRETTIEST girl.

None of my former fosters were adopted over the weekend, but Vinnie was adopted (you’ll see his picture in tomorrow’s post), so yay for that!


Sweet Sheriff Mama (Kara). Isn’t she a gorgeous girl?


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9-1-14 — 17 Comments

  1. Will miss you & The Gang now that you’re using the new app for your pictures. Please go back to the “old” way.

    • Vicki, I’m not using any apps for my pictures and haven’t changed anything about how I’m sharing the pictures. I linked them up wrong, and they should be fixed now. If they’re not showing up for you, try refreshing.

  2. So, why no kittens? Are you taking a break or are there no kittens to be had? Doesn’t seem late enough in the year for kitten season to be over.

    Speaking if too many cats (no you weren’t Connie, this is just the worst transition ever) did you hear about what is happening over at Great Plains?

    • No, there are kittens – but the foster family who’s caring for Polo is going on vacation and needed someone to care for him while they were gone. Since I’m kind of between fosters at the moment, I was glad to help out. I’m expecting that once Polo’s gone back to his family in mid-September, there will be more kittens. There better be – I haven’t had itty bitties in forever.

      I’m going to go google Great Plains and see what’s going on there!

  3. Crooked Acres video request. Have you ever filmed the chickens getting a haircut? I imagine there is a lot of 87777798(that was courtesy of Norbie walking on the key board so I left it in) wrangling and indignant clucking when you trim them.

  4. Wah! The facebook preview pic was of a weeny orange kitten, and I thought you had new kittens! Oh, well, guess I’ll have to make to with Tricki. Such a hardship. (That’s sarcasm, she is gorgeous!)

    • I know – I messed up linking the pictures in today’s post, so the app had to grab a picture from the random header. That was Scorch, from Khaleesi’s litter. 🙂

  5. I wrote Wally Lamb a letter years and YEARS ago (about 11 or so I think) and he wrote me back! Total fangirl. I love love loved I know this much is True and She’s come undone. Very nice man!