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Jake of the l’Unervilles.
(with apologies to Thomas Hardy)

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Way back when we first got Martin, I said something about his sweet, squeaky little meow. Someone asked for a movie, and I did make the movie, I just never got around to getting it off the camera. ‘Til now.

Poor, lonely Martin on July 22, before he met his sisters and became lonely no longer.

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9-1-10 — 8 Comments

  1. I sure hope this doesn’t mean Jake comes to a criminal’s end!!!

    And thanks for video of Martin’s squeaky, chattering little meowing. CUTE!!!

  2. Oh my goodness little Martin!! I want him!! LOL!! What a sad little sweetie – so glad he’s now with his sisters!

    Jake is utterly gorgeous!! What a L’Unerville! šŸ™‚

    Take care

  3. Wow that certainly is a very distinctive meow! Has it gotten louder/deeper now that he’s over a month older and larger?

    I love it how so many cats meow differently from each other. Is it the way their voiceboxes (?) develop or perhaps there are regional or breed differences. I wonder if anyone has studied this.

  4. I didn’t know Jake was a Vulcan cat! Just look at photo 2, of course he is! Handsome man. As for Martin – aawww, how cute is the squeaky toy? It is good he has sisters to teach him about not being lonely. Hugs all round!