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Okay, take a deep breath. Take my hand. We’ll get through this together, I promise.

Bolitar and Rhyme are off to the adoption center later today. Room has come available, and it’s time for the first two to go. I know, I know. I don’t want them to go, either. But it’s time. Don’t think of this as a sad time – think of it as a happy time! They’re going off to find their forever homes!

(Don’t think I won’t be crying like a great big baby when I leave them there.)

Bolitar and Corbett get in some snuggling.

Something does not agree with Reacher, it appears.

Oh, they just drive me NUTS when they do this. Just stroooooll out there like they’re supposed to be out there! Roll around on the concrete, chew some grass, and give me the looks like “What?”

Rhyme spies a chicken through the fence.

I don’t even remember what was going on here, but Rhyme, up in the air, makes me laugh and laugh.


Marty loves chewing on a good straw.

Miss Melodie, relaxing.

Note, please, that Martin does not seem to be too impressed by Melodie’s foot defense action, here.


Sheriff Mama takes a moment to relax.


2009: This is how the kittens feel about Mondays.
2008: No entry.
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2006: No entry.
2005: He just sat there and gave me this look like “I will never yawn for you again, so save it, woman.”, then started falling asleep while sitting up.



8-31-10 — 11 Comments

  1. Bolitar and Rhyme, I hope you get adopted together!!! And when it is time, I hope Melodie and Martin gets paired up, too!

    We love all you little kitties and wish you all the best life has to offer!

  2. Oh no. 🙁 Oh no! Oh gorgeous Bolitar and beautiful Rhyme. Oh I know they were only there with your temporarily but still, oh I love the Bookworms and they’re gonna be gone soon. Oh no.

    I shall pray to the great big Kitty God in the sky for them both to be adopted together in a happy and loving forever home. I hope so. Big snoogles to them. I’m feeling all sad now.

    Hugs to the MMMs and Dodger! Sheriff Mama is looking wonderful!

    Take care

  3. Best of luck to Bolitar and Reacher! I hope they get adopted together into the best home ever and that Jake and Elwood aren’t too sad about it all.

    Stay strong, Robyn! At least the little kittens won’t have Bolitarzilla to terrorize them.

  4. Just wanted to add that you should give yourself and Fred tons of credit for giving the Bookworms such a good start in life. I mean, they were living under some shrubs with a very sick mother. What kind of life does that set them up for?

    Exactly. Instead, you made them happy, healthy internet stars! Good job!!

  5. Oh sweet boys you will be missed! They are so handsome and have great personalities-I hope they will be snapped up soon!

  6. Please please, will whoever adopts these boys (all four) please please keep in touch with you???!!!! I want to see them grow up. (Actually I’d like them all, myself, but Bolitar has my heart.) Get the boys to learn your email address, won’t you? These boys are so like my tabby and white boy (know as “the Solly-monster”)especially Bolita/Godzilla – Sol would do exactly the same.

  7. Not Bolitar! I’m devastated. I hope all the Bookworms get families that love them the way they deserve.

  8. Oh good by boys! We will miss you but we know you will find wonderful forever homes very soon! This is possibly a stupid question but how did you choose who would be departing first? I know that they will be hard to let go because they have been there so long – but now you will have more room for some babies who need the help, and they will have forever homes! And yes, I am convincing myself as much as you! You did a great job with them!

    And oh everyone else loos so cute too – Martin of course just being a total Barney as usual (seriously they could be related – it kinda freaks me out!)

  9. Amy, we’ve had a problem with Bolitar picking on the babies upstairs, and also with him getting not only out into the back yard, but OUT of the back yard, so I felt he should go first. And Rhyme is his best buddy, so I thought they’d be comforted by each other. It’s only been a few hours, but BOY do I miss those boys!

  10. It’s interesting that Bolitar was the biggest trouble-maker since he was the most timid when you first got the Bookworms. I guess ya never know!