9-6-17 Wednesday

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Meet the Sugarbaker Gang!

Edited to add: they’ve got a place to go, thanks everyone for sharing!




Mary Jo.

They are located in Western Kentucky, but can easily be transported to the Clarksville, TN area or to Southern IL.

Joni says:

These beautiful kittens are at risk and need to be adopted ASAP. The short version of their story is that their mother was hit by a car when they were 5-6 weeks old, I found them in a shed behind an empty house and have been feeding and socializing them ever since. There were originally 5 kittens but Suzanne disappeared 10 days ago. This morning, Mary Jo wasn’t there for breakfast. I hope and pray she will be there this evening but that may not be the case. Please, I’m begging you, help me find good loving homes for them. They will have to be kept inside while they get used to their new home and their new families but they are healthy and happy and curious and a joy to be around.

I’m in Western KY but could easily travel to the Clarksville TN area or to Southern IL. The kittens have not been vetted yet, they are scheduled to be boarded at the vet while I’m on vacation in a week and a half so I was going to have it done while they were there. If I could find homes before then, I would be willing to contribute what I can to help with the cost of the first visit.

Edited to add: they’ve got a place to go, thanks everyone for sharing!


I had a crazy day yesterday and didn’t get a chance to take progression pictures of all the kittens. I’ll get that done today and will post them tomorrow.

“You tryin’ to imply there’s something more important in your life than ME? How RUDE.” (Aurora)

Hubble’s all “C’mere and gimme a hug!”

“You over here insulting my babies, lady?”

Oh, those EYES. Telstar, with Hubble behind him.

“Hallo, lady.” (Hubble)

Stardust, staring at the wall.

Stardust, keeping an eye on me.

Telstar again. He’s just so STRIKING.

Stardust, smelling her foot like the goofball she is.

Fred called Phoenix “Forest” last night, and I was like “Huh?” He thinks she looks like Forest Whitaker because “She has that same worried look.” Alrighty, then.

Bath time for Phoenix.

Don’t you love her stripey leggings?


Video! Hubble, trotting over from the other side of the room (after thinking about it for a few moments.) Seriously, I cannot even stand this level of cute.

YouTube link


“LADY. Why you outside? It’s not safe out here for humans. Get inside or I’ll ticket you!”


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9-6-17 Wednesday — 14 Comments

  1. The stripey leggings are the cutest thing ever. About the Sugarbaker Gang, Mary Jo is still missing. We live in the country and there are natural predators so I feel like Anthony, Charlene and Julia are sitting ducks. I hope someone can offer them a safe home to finish growing up in.

      • I live in a small house, my 93 year old father lives with me, he’s in a wheelchair and home all day and is not a fan of cats. I don’t have a spare room I could keep them in. That would be an easy solution but it’s not doable.

  2. Kara, I loves her. She would have been mine if she had left Crooked Acres. By Ruth. Fingers crossed for the Sugarbaker gang. They are so cute and deserve a break.

  3. The Sugarbaker Gang is gorgeous! I sure hope someone can adopt them, and that Mary Jo shows up soon.

    • They are gorgeous and they are such sweet kittens who had rather be petted than fed when I get there every morning and evening. Unfortunately, Mary Jo has not come back and I don’t believe she will which worries me even more for the safety of the others.

      • It really bothers me that you won’t take them inside with you but will leave them out to be killed.

        • Jane, I can understand why you would feel that way, but are you willing to take in litters of kittens yourself? right now shelters are FULL of fall kittens and they are desperate to get them out, even temporarily into foster homes. Your reasons for not helping out, are probably very similar to Joni’s.