9-7-17 Thursday

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Just as an FYI, this is a puffy bed:

It is big, it is comfy, and it miiight make you just a little bit loony.

I tell you that so I can tell you this: the Winnie’s Wish Insta-auction has several puffy beds in really cool colors and you better GET ON OVER THERE before someone else gets ’em! They are awesome beds, they are incredibly well-made, and you only have ’til September 10th. Go on over and bid!


Progression pics of the kittens – 5 hours old and then 1, 2, 3, and 4 weeks old. I didn’t think they’d changed from last week to this week, but their ears really popped up!

If you want to see any of those sets, click on it to see the larger version at Flickr.

And here they are when they aren’t dangling from my hand.

Aurora. She looks very severe!

Hubble, with Phoenix in the background.

Phoenix in the sun.

Stardust, clearly thinking “Lady, you is weird.”


“Hallo, innernets.”

The family.

Mama’s got better things to do.

Outtake. Telstar’s saying “How YOU doin’?”

Remember how Mercury’s Missions started out life in the big crate, how they were born there and lived there until Mercury was all “You may stick that crate where the sun don’t shine, Madame” and moved them to the other corner? And how they stayed in that corner until they were all like “NO MA’AM” and then they spread out all over the room?

Well, I haven’t mentioned it, but I didn’t put the barrier up across the closet doorway because I’m lazy, and the kittens have ventured in there from time to time. I went in there one afternoon and Mercury was flopped down on the mat next to the litter box with all the kittens nursing. But for the most part they’ve spent their time in the room itself, usually on the quilt/carpet.

Yesterday morning I walked into the room and didn’t see a kitten anywhere, though Mercury greeted me at the door. I walked into the closet, and didn’t see them anywhere.

“Mercury,” I said. “Where are the kittens?” Then I heard a peep from the corner of the closet, where I had put a carrier. All of the kittens had, apparently, spent the entire night in that crate. When they heard my voice, they came out and toddled over to me.

So I moved the crate into the room itself, and guess where they ADORE sleeping?



Video! They’re not skittering sideways yet – but it won’t be long!

YouTube link


That Joe Bob is one good-lookin’ fella, isn’t he?


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9-7-17 Thursday — 19 Comments

  1. Yep, they are officially now little kitty-cats. Fun to look at the growth progression, amazingly FAST!

  2. That Joe Bob is a VERY good lookin’ fella.

    I tend to forget how small and clumsy they still are, until I see them bopping around in a video.

  3. Oh my gosh, those ears! Where did they come from? Just POP and there they are!
    Thank you for mentioning the auction again!

    Hello Jobie Joe the Tuxedo! You need a smooch, yo!

    Edit: How did I miss saying hi to my boy, Jake! Love me some loon! Smoocha!

  4. Such cuties! Do you think that you’ll be able to tell Aurora and Stardust apart once the polish comes off?

  5. Several of the kittens appear to be growing little lynx tufts on their ears, but Mercury has none. So I guess papa cat(s) contributed???