9-8-17 Friday

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I’ve had an especially busy week – if you asked something in the comments and I didn’t answer (in the comments), please ask again, as I may have missed it!

Bath time for Phoenix.

“Mama! Come back! I need more baffs!”

“Does this kitten taste funny to you?”

Hubble wants to know, “Why’s my sister always bitin’ on me?”

Sweet Miss Aurora.

Stardust has a think. “Hmm… I could eat!”


She is such a little nut.

Hubble’s always got places to go, things to do.

Stardust the tail grabber.

Look at her face and those TOES. “I don’t know what I think about this bed, lady. It feels weird.”

Paws up, y’all!

“I was paws up y’all-ing, and these sharp things came out the end! What do I doooo?”

Aurora the lapkitten.

“I can be a lapkitten too!”


Videos! In the first, Hubble plays a game of monkey see, monkey do. (His face cracks me UP when he sneezes.)

YouTube link

In the second, Aurora gets BOOP!’d. It doesn’t stop her from chewing on my shirt, though.

YouTube link


Jake loves this platform in the kitchen; he can see all the goings-on.


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9-8-17 Friday — 14 Comments

  1. Baby Hubble reminds me so much of my sweet Mae (1999-2015) when she was a kitten!

    Stardust in the litter, lol. What is it about that stuff that makes them want to munch on it?!

  2. LOL, Phoenix… the only kitten in the history of the world that needs more baffs from mama! So adorable!

    The tail grabbin’ picture is so awesome but the one that really tugged at my heart was “I can be a lapkitten, too”… it actually made me “tsk, awwwwwww” and want to smooch that little face (which I trust is exactly what Robyn did). 😀

  3. So I’m curious. Is Mercury comfortable with you, or is she still a little shy? Do you think she’s adoptable, or is she more like Emmy?

    • Mercury is a LOVE with people!!! She hasn’t been shy with anyone she’s met. From the moment I first met her, she was ALL over me for lovin’… She was immediately with Robyn & Fred too… VERY much a people person!!! The family that adopts her better be very special – because she is one INCREDIBLE girl!! 🙂 Somebody is going to be extremely lucky!!

    • Nail polish. She and Stardust and Telstar all look a lot alike, so Robyn marks them with a dab of nail polish on the ear so she can tell who is who for weighing purposes.

      I’m noticing that they’re starting to get their own unique markings (for example, Telstar is the darkest of the three), but the little babies are very similar-looking.

  4. The 8th picture kills me dead! Bahahaha!

    I LOVE the little brown lines on Aurora’s face (in her whiskers)!