9-5-17 Tuesday

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Hubble doesn’t think those things on my slippers look like cats at ALL.

Stardust is such a little nut.

Stardust again. Oh, those blue, blue eyes.

The family.

Stardust again. What a cutie.

::thlurrrp:: goes Hubble.

Brudders. (Hubble and Telstar)

Stardust isn’t sure how she got up there or how she’ll get down.

Aurora really likes hanging out in the scratcher tunnel.

I just love the little spot on Hubble’s nose.

Phoenix sees you.

That look on Telstar’s face is cracking me up. “This is so GROSS! Why am I DOING this?!”

Aurora and Mercury’s tail.


Video! A sprawl of kittens, being adorable.

YouTube link


Don’t bother her; Maxi’s got places to go and cats to smack!


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9-5-17 Tuesday — 9 Comments

  1. I love in the family pic, the wee kitten snuggled into Mercury’s shoulder, oblivious of the the milk bar mosh pit (well, arm pit actually but that didn’t sound as picturesque).

    • I think the wee kitten is Aurora (Robyn, correct me if I’m wrong), and I love the way her face is smooshed against mama Mercury’s underarm. Also, I notice that Phoenix is out for the count, too.

  2. Hubble is just the cutest, but so is Phoenix and well frankly-all the rest of them. Is there a photo of Hubble and Phoenix together? Their colorings are so similar I would love to compare the differences.

    • First noticeable difference is that Phoenix has much more white on her – in the face as well.. Hubble has more markings on his face above/around his eyes – and he looks like he’s gonna’ have Mama’s eyeliner!! love it!

  3. In the video the kitten on the right is that Aurora? Well whoever it is that is one chunkalicious belly!

  4. That picture of Stardust on the trackball gives me a very good idea of just how tiny they are – I have the same one. Wow!

  5. Well, yes Telstar, little dude. Why are you doing that? (Phoenix in the background is all “what a moron…”)