9-1-22 Thursday

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“She’s back there, isn’t she?”

I impulse purchased this big fluffy bed last week, and can’t convince the kittens to use it. Mike’s only in it in this picture because I put him in there. Maybe when they get a little bigger and climbing in and out isn’t quite as much a chore…

Lalo’s comin’ through!

They continue to love the tunnel scratcher.

Nacho in the sun, showing off his multi-colored toebeans.

Saul’s discovered the triple-level trackball toy. He’s not sure what it’s all about, but he’s definitely intrigued.

Lap full o’ house panthers. Left to right: Francesca, Gus, and smilin’ Mike.

Oh, that Nacho. He just needs a few thousand kisses, I reckon.

So does Saul. Okay, fine, they ALL do!


Newt’s all “Can’t an old guy hang out and enjoy the breeze without you racing out here to take my picture?” NOPE.


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Who’s 5 weeks old today? These guys! (Well, except for Mike, who will be 5 weeks old on Sunday.) They’re starting to climb, they’re using the litter box, they’re sniffing around mama’s food… and Francesca has actually tried some of the food. I expect they’ll all start being interested in the next week or so. Our babies are growing up!

Look at that sweet, happy boy! That’s Jack-Jack, formerly our foster Jamie. He’s usually bouncing around a mile a minute, but here are some times when he was recharging. He looks so content!⁠

(Thanks Michael!)

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When Mama says there’s no milk bar, there’s no milk bar. (The kittens aren’t eating solid food yet, but they’re clearly getting enough milk bar time, since they’re all gaining well.)

A mama and her Lalo. ❤️

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A little bit of Francesca, a little bit of Saul climbing, and some Mike (and then Francesca) at the milk bar. Something for everyone!

Saul does love that bottle. I am still offering all the kittens the bottle a few times a day. They love it, but it’s really more a treat at this point than anything.

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I swear I could just BOOP Francesca all day long.

Good night innernets. (Gus)


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