9-1-16 Throw Back Thursday: Terry

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Throw Back Thursday: Terry.

Way back in 2009, we had a group of fosters known as the True Blood Six. This is what they looked like almost exactly 7(!) years ago:

The True Bloods consisted of Sam, Hoyt, Bill, Lafayette, Sookie (the only girl), and over there on the far left of the picture is Terry. The entire litter had a condition known as Eyelid Agenesis, wherein their eyelids didn’t form correctly. Up close, you could see that there were chunks of their eyelids that just weren’t there. Luckily, the vet Challenger’s House uses was willing to do surgery on them at a reduced price, reconstructed eyelids for them using skin from their lips, and they all came through surgery just fine.

(That’s where a lot of you guys came from, when I posted asking for help raising the funds and IBKC among many other blogs picked up the call for help. I’m still blown away, all these years later!)

So, back in 2009, this is what sweet little bunny Terry looked like:

I cannot even with this picture. Kill me dead, why don’tcha?

Smilin’ Terry (that’s Sam yawning in the background).

Terry (after surgery, when most of the fur around his eyelid had grown in), snuggling with Jake. Jake and Elwood were about the same age as the True Bloods, and so they all had a lot of fun together.

Terry was adopted out in 2009, and all was well… until November of 2014, when he was returned. I don’t remember the reason for the return, might have been a divorce or a move or… whatever.

He was in the cat room at Challenger’s House for a while, and I went to see him and snapped these pictures.

He’s a talker.

As you may or may not remember, reader Christine fell in love with Terry and just could not get him out of her head (who could blame her?) She just so happened to have a friend visiting Huntsville at just the right time, who was willing to bring him home with her. So in mid-December, Terry went home to Christine and her husband and their two boxers.

And now we have pictures of that sweet boy in his forever home, looking just as happy as he could possibly look.

(I swear to y’all, I would recognize that face anywhere!)

Bird watching.

Clogged sink.

Smiling up close.

Don’t you just want to poke that belly?

Isn’t he just the sweetest?

I sent Christine a link to my favorite Terry video and told her that I watch it, at minimum, once a week.

YouTube link.

Christine said: Aw, mouthy baby Terry! I can tell you he hasn’t changed a bit – I need to try to get video of him now for you. He still talks A LOT and LOUDLY when you talk to him or pet him. And he still rolls over so you can rub his belly when you pet him. He’s the only cat I’ve ever been around that loves a belly rub so much – for once, it’s not a trap! He never grabs your hands and bunny kicks, he just enjoys it. They broke the mold when they made Terry! 🙂

They certainly did! Thanks, Christine, for the pictures and letting me share them. Give that boy a kiss from all of us!


Here are the many sides of Hemlock.

On his left side, he’s got stripes.

On his right side, he’s got spots. (It only took me about a month to notice that.)

On his left side, he’s kind of got the outline of a white cat, if you squint and look really hard.

Here’s a shot of him from above.

And another shot of him from above – the way he’s laying flat on his stomach cracks me UP.

I put Privet up on the shelf to try to get a good picture of her fabulous tail, and she was all “WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME, LADY?!”

She’s got some pretty fabulous ear floof, too.

Juniper has got the most fabulous fur. It’s so soft and silky, it feels like velvet. Lucky for me, she likes to be petted!

A rare shot of all three.


Videos! In case you thought Juniper is the only playful one in the foster room, here’s proof that it isn’t so. First, Hemlock plays a little and then does some whining ’cause he’s da BAYBEE.

YouTube link

And Privet playing – ’til Juniper takes her toy away. So I stepped in to assist.

YouTube link


One of Maxi’s favorite spots to hang out – under the side stoop. If she’s not there, she’s hanging out on the front porch. She’s a girl who likes her routine!


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  1. Christine, thank you so much for giving Terry such a wonderful home. He is such a chub of lub! The True Bloods were dear to me! Terry looks soooo happy! Thank you again!

    Robyn, I think Hemlock gave you a complaint about sticking that camera in his face. LOL. You were so sweet to step in and give Privet her toy back. She looked thrilled as she booked off with it! 🙂

    Maxi sure looks like a kitty you would want to scoop up, carry around and give kisses to. Now, not saying that she would let me….I would just want to. Such a pretty girl.

    • I LOL’d at “chub of lub” and will definitely be using that phrase myself now, I’m sure!

      That call for help with the True Bloods is what brought me here, like so many others. And I am so glad! Visiting here is the best part of my day, EVERY day.

      • The True Blood era is when I became a Love and Hisses fan. I, too, am a part owner of eye-lips. I, also, remember the hand written thank you card that Robyn sent in response to my donation. I had a lot of respect for that in this day and age. She had me at “hello”. 🙂

  2. So very happy for Terry — that boy is in a fantastic happy home. Love Privet’s floofy hair. (Wish you could keep Privet–>ducks and runs) LOL

  3. Terry has such a HARD life with Chrisine, how does he manage? Apparently smugly. Love happy endings!

    Thank you so much Christine and Robyn!

  4. I came in during the TrueBlood era too!
    All these stories of successful introductions make me hopeful, I’d love to know what Robyn and anyone else can say about this.
    I have a 17 year old cat and two 9 year old cats, both female. My daughter really badly wanted a kitten, to ultimately take with her when she goes to college in 3 years so that she wouldn’t separate the two sisters who will be 12 by then, so we got a little four month old male at the beginning of the week. In order to quarantine him, we put him in her bedroom, rather than in my office where he would bond with me instead of her.
    The problem with this is that one of the 9 year olds has been “her cat” for years and has spent a lot of time in her room, so we perforce got off on a BAD foot and there is serious growling outside the door. The kitten’s vet appointment is tomorrow and then we can start opening up. I put in a feliway diffuser (helps? who knows?) and ordered some Bach Rescue Remedy. Our idea is to put a big crate in her room and put the kitten in the crate and then let the others in to look around, and then go from there, maybe let him be in the crate overnight and let Lily be in there as she normally would. Any other thoughts appreciated. We hope to have all the litter boxes in the basement, and feed them all together in the kitchen, but I recognize that might not be possible. –Caroline

    • Can you completely switch the kitten to a spare bathroom or office? Her kitty needs to keep his status. If he starts feeling insecure, you could have marking issues etc. His role and status needs to remain the same, if at all possible.

    • I agree with GD as well – move the new guy to another room and introduce him from that room. I would say that as long as you make your daughter the one in charge of feeding, visiting, and snuggling the new guy, they’ll bond just fine.

  5. Aww Terry. I loved that group and their eyelips.
    When I played the Hemlock video our cat was meowing in the other room and it was timed such that he meowed and Hemlock turned his head as if responding. I am still laughing.

  6. The True Bloods are my favourite litter of all time, and Terry was my favourite kitty from that litter. I have such a soft spot for kitties with injuries or disabilities. If I lived anywhere near Alabama, I probably would have adopted Terry and Hoyt on the spot. I’m so glad he’s got a loving home now, he looks fat and sassy!

  7. I too am from the True Blood era, lol…and I’ve never looked back! Didn’t the eye-lips make a “plink” sound when they popped off, haha!

  8. I too started with the Truebloods, following a link on IBKC. I adored them all…and love seeing that Terry is so happy living with Christine (did y’all see that the 2015 entry this date is a Terry update too?)

    Robyn, thanks for the all-around survey of Hemlock’s markings. I had thought I had seen a dark cat profile in an earlier picture. Not there now, but indeed I can see the white cat if I squint.

  9. Hey all. I’m not sure if I even need advice on this, but here it goes! I have a two year old black tabby who is indoor/outdoor. Lately he spends quite a bit of time indoor. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s not even close to being chubby, but I’d like to get him to play more. Any suggestions on that? He likes toys that are on wands, but he looses interest after a few minutes.
    Also, I need advice on my other cat. He’s a senior, almost 11 years old, and mainly outdoors (unless it’s cold out). I’m really worried about him because I can not get him to eat! He’ll drink milk and water, but he doesn’t like dry food at all and only sniffs the wet food. I’m getting worried because the poor thing is skin and bones! He seems healthy enough, and I do think he gets food from our neighbor periodically. I’m just wondering if I should be as worried as I am, and if there’s anyone who can tell me how to get him to eat.
    Thank you!

    • I’m curious why you’d like your two year old to play more – is he showing that he has an excess of energy by picking on your other cat or racing around the house at all hours? If not, then I wouldn’t worry too much about his play time, he just may not be a high-energy cat (or he may be getting all his energy out during his outside times). Or are you worried about a recent personality change? If that’s the issue, then I’d suggest getting him to the vet for a once-over.

      Regarding your senior kitty, I would very strongly recommend a trip to the vet as soon as possible. It could be any number of things (including issues with his teeth), and as a senior, you don’t want to let his lack of eating to go on too long. If the vet is unable to find anything wrong with him, then you could add Liqui-Tinic, Gerber chicken baby food, and/or vitamin paste for senior kitties to his diet. But 100%, you need to get him to the vet, and the sooner the better.

      • I’m just being selfish and want him to play with me. He was more interested in playing when I lived at my previous house, but I think that was because he was stuck inside most of the time (I had just adopted him, and I have had problems with kitties running away if I let them out too much too soon).

        My senior kitty is actually my mom’s. But we have thought there was something wrong with his teeth before, as if he does eat the dry food he only chews on one side. I’ll definitely start scraping money together for a vet visit.

        • Well, keep in mind that at 2 years old, he’s leaving his kitten stage – so instead of playing like a wild thing, he’ll be sleeping more since he’s hit adulthood.

          He – like all cats – should be a little more active at dawn and dusk, so if you want to get him to play, those are the ideal times to give it a go. 🙂