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Throwback Thursday: Terry.

Back in 2009, we had a litter of six kittens who were named after characters from the series (book and TV) True Blood – Hoyt, Bill, Terry, Sam, Sookie and Lafayette. I called them the True Blood 6. They had a condition known as eyelid agenesis wherein their upper eyelids didn’t form correctly. They all had it to some extent, some of them worse than others. They underwent surgery to fix the condition – the vet took pieces from the side of their lips and fixed their eyelids. (We called them their “eyelips.”)

On the back of the chair, left to right: Terry and Bill. On the bottom row, left to right: Hoyt, Sookie, Lafayette and (on the floor) Sam.

This is what Terry looked like back then. His eyes were in pretty rough shape. He also had a hernia (which was fixed when he was neutered.)

One of my favorite pictures of all time. (To be fair, I have a lot of favorite pictures.)


Another interesting thing about Terry was his paw. At first glance, I thought he was polydactl (extra toes), but he had the normal number of toes, they were just separated differently, with three together, and two together.

Before surgery. If you look closely, you can see that it looks like chunks were taken out of his upper eyelids. His eyes didn’t close completely, and his eyes were cloudy.

Here’s a better look at them. I was putting eye drops in all their eyes several times a day to ease the discomfort, but Terry’s eyes looked pretty rough.

After surgery. The eyelips hadn’t healed yet and the fur hadn’t grown back, but his eyes already looked so much better, totally clear and bright.

By the way, here’s Terry and Elwood (for the new readers, Elwood was Jake’s brother, who passed away two years ago due to FIP.) Jake and Elwood and the True Blood 6 were all about the same age, and they were buddies.

Terry at Petsmart. I wish I’d gotten better close-up pictures of his eyes afterward, because the difference was pretty amazing.

Terry – like his brother Hoyt – always had a LOT to say. I put together a video of them talking that always cracks me up.

YouTube link.

Are you wondering why I chose Terry to focus on this week? Any guesses?

That’s right. ::sigh:: Terry was returned this week. I don’t know the reason exactly, but I think the people who’d adopted him are moving and for some reason couldn’t take him with them.

This is what he looks like now:

I swear I would have recognized him, even if Susan hadn’t told me who he was.

Susan reports that Terry is still a talker. He’s in the cat room for now, and he’s doing fine, but I sure would love to find him a forever home. He gets drops in his eyes daily, but they’re inexpensive over-the-counter drops, and he’s really good about having his drops put in. He gets along really well with other cats – there’s been no drama – and he is apparently a super sweet and friendly boy. I’ll be seeing him this weekend and will be taking pictures of him to share. If anyone know of someone in the market for a wonderful, sweet, talkative boy, point them in this direction!


On Thursdays, we are outraged.

Ralph was biting Catelyn – who was kicking her feet and squealing like the drama queen she is – and Von was all “Stop that! I bite you!”

And then she did.

Ralph was curled up in my lap, and I was pulling his lips back from this fangs and going “Grrr! Grrr!” and he was annoyed.

He was all Open Mouth of Outrage and “You stop that, lady!”

He gave me a Look to make sure I understood his outrage (but I think he was secretly amused.)

There’s nothing Open-Mouthed or Outraged about this picture, but Trader Joe deserves to be seen. DESERVES, I say!

“I YAM A FEARSOME BEAST!” says the outraged Ralph.

PW, outraged by Ralph’s behavior.

Von and Winn Dixie were fighting, and Ralph had to come along and get involved, and Von was NOT having it.


And her outrage outraged Ralph. It was an Outrage epidemic!

PW not only causes Von to have an Open Mouth of Outrage, it gives her the Crazy Eyes as well.

Listen, Catelyn, if you don’t want him to bite your ears, you need them not to be so tasty.

Then Catelyn turned around and made PW have the Outrage. Like I said: an epidemic!

Tonight PW, Ralph and Catelyn are off to Petsmart. Adoptions on Tuesday were really good (three adoptions!), so I’m hoping that continues. I will update the sidebar as adoptions happen, and then update y’all in the next post after. Trader Joe, Von and Winn Dixie will be here for a few more days before they go off to their new homes.

You guys realize that I still have a ton of pictures of all of these kittens, right? So you’ll still be seeing them for a few more days yet to come.


Captain Mal and Arya are Gail’s foster kittens, located in the New York/ NJ area. They need homes! Go here to read more about them and see pictures. And please spread the word!


I know I always post pictures of Stinkerbelle atop the kitchen cabinets or atop the bookcase in the front room, but here’s proof for y’all that not only does she come down from time to time, she even allows a wee bit of human contact (which she only tolerates for a certain period of time, the length of which is ever-changing and known only to herself, and when that limit has reached, she smacks Fred’s hand – claws out – and flounces back up to her cabinets.)


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  1. Oh the pain in my heart for Terry. I will never understand why people do this. The True Bloods were the litter that I met first as this is when I discovered this wonderful blog. Hoyt was actually my fav of the litter. What special kittens they were. Will send up prayers that Terry’s real family shows up soon. Squeezes to him.

    More pain in my heart as the little ones go off to PetSmart. Oh my, what a wonderful, adorable, gorgeous set of kittens! Each so beautiful and each with a fabulous personality. To pick just one out of this litter would be almost impossible!!! (yes, I would have to take three of them at a minimum)

    Love Stinkerbelle. šŸ™‚

    • The True Bloods were my first litter, too! I can’t remember who directed me to Love & Hisses but I was reading another foster blog that mentioned them & their eyelids so I came here to see them and I never left. This has become my #1 favourite foster blog. Not just for the kitties but because I’ve grown to love our crazy Miz Robyn and her amazing but also crazy Fred! Crazy cat people are the best.

      I will really be sad to see this batch of Outraged kitties go. They were really fun to watch. But I’m always sad to see the fosters go (even though I’m super happy when they find homes) and then always happy to see the next batch arrive. Just like how I’m sad there’s such a huge need for foster homes but at the same time happy that there are people out there like Robyn who take on that responsibility with such love.

      And then there’s Stinkerbelle. Beautiful but unpredictable Stinkerbelle. LOL She looks like she enjoys the pettins so I don’t understand why suddenly it becomes TOO MUCH! Kitties like her make me laugh. But again, people who put up with kitties like her are special. A lot of people wouldn’t put up with that.

      Sorry for rambling but I guess with this batch’s departure I’m feelin’ a bit *sniff* sappy. FEEL THE LOVE!

      • I think she is one of the kitties that gets “over stimulated”. I think the pets feel really great, but then after a bit, it feels “not nice”…like if someone was stroking you (and if feels nice)…but after a while, you want them to stop cuz now it just feels annoying.

        • I think you’re right, she gets overstimulated – but if she gave the slightest warning sign, Fred would know to back off. Unfortunately, she gives no warning signs at all. Good thing for her, Fred lurves his blue-eyed girl. šŸ™‚

  2. Terry is such a handsome, huggable boy — and has such a backstory — that I’m not worried for him. And I’m trying to have a good thought for his ex-family (that one’s a leetle beet of a challenge…). So glad to see Stinkerbelle giving and accepting love; I think Fred should leave her wanting more but am guessing he’s tried that tack. Good luck to those oh-so-outraged kittens today on their journey to super homes, and thanks for sharing them with us, Robyn!

  3. I think a lot of us first found this blog because of the True Bloods and a shout out Laurie at the IBKC gave you. Oh Terry and his wonky paw! Your family is coming sweetie!

    Safe journey PW, Ralph and Catelyn!!! I know you won’t be there long!

    Hi Stinkerbelle! You are so pretty!

    Hi S

    • You’re right! THAT’s the blog I came from (IBKC) to see the True Bloods. It’s one I still visit daily, too. Laurie takes amazing pictures and does wonderful work saving kitties too but, not gonna lie, I find Robyn’s blog waaaaay more fun! lol

      • Yep, she is right. I was an IBKC reader, too. It WAS my favorite blog, now it is my second. THIS has been my favorite ever since!!

      • Me too, TBH. Love Laurie’s work and she takes gorgeous photos (and she has a brand new litter that is SLAYING ME OMG) but Robyn’s way more fun and way more relatable. šŸ™‚

    • Yes, Laurie posted about the True Bloods because we were trying to raise money for their surgery. We got more than enough for their surgery, and I got a lot of new readers as a really neat side effect. šŸ™‚ Laurie is the BEST, and I covet Wylla on a regular basis. šŸ™‚

  4. I found Love and Hisses due to the True Bloods, too, and have always had a special place in my heart for them. Poor Terry! It’s probably a good thing I’m not near to you, or he would probably have to come home with me.

  5. Poor Terry…. ahh the moving excuse…. sigh

    Good luck to the kitts moving to Petsmart – we gots our paws crossed for quick adoptions (seriously – how could people avoid that much cute?)

  6. Yeah, I don’t get why you wouldn’t take what to me is a family member but we don’t know.

    Especially with the recession, people’s options narrowed. They may have to move in with a relative’s who won’t allow cats or they may have lost their housing.

    I’m glad at least that they brought him back to the shelter where people know how special Terry is and have his back.

    He looks like a happy fat cat in the best sense of the word though. Hopefully his new family is right around the corner.

  7. My heart is completely broken to see that sweet boy back at the shelter. I seriously have tears in my eyes. The TB6 grabbed my heart like no other litter and little Terry and Hoyt were my favorites. I hope that special boy gets a special home very soon. If I didn’t have two huge Boxer dogs that have never been around cats, I’d be mighty tempted to make a drive to Huntsville…

  8. I was SO hoping the story of Terry was going to end with simply a great update, new pix, good news… He looks like such a sweet boy… Fingers & Toes crossed for the 3 floofies heading today to PetSmart!!

  9. If I lived closer I would scoop Terry up in an instant. The True Bloods have always been my favorites, and I will always wish that I could have adopted one.

  10. The True Blood kittens were also my first litter over here, and Terry was my favorite! The raggediest, wonky-pawed, sweet little snuggler… yup, favorite. I also love that name anyway. <3 Poor kitty, being returned. Did they also return the kitten who was adopted with him? Treat, if I remember correctly? Pass along some love to Mr. All Grown Up and Still As Cool Terry, will you?

    Hullo, outraged foster kittens of floof. XD And hi Stinkerbell.

  11. Terry was my favorite too. I remember you called him a “mess” good naturedlly because of his eyes and hernia. It was a funny post. And the wonky paw. But my favorite Terry post was when he was at the vet commanding attention and babying from the staff. I hope he was treated well in his previous home and hope his next home is fast in coming and wonderful.

    • I completely forgot about his trip to the vet, and how he cried and cried until they relented and took him out of the cage for cuddles! I was all “Terry! You said *I* was your favorite!” and he was so so so smug. Oh, that boy. I can’t wait to get my hands on him this weekend!