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“Who, me? ::BOOP::ing Percy? I’d never!”

I bought that dishpan to replace Corbie’s box (which is made of cardboard) because it was getting pretty beat-up and I figured something that could be washed would work better. But the dishpan is smaller than Corbie’s box and the sides are higher, and Corbie won’t even think about touching it. The kittens, however, think it is THE BOMB. (Corbie now has a replacement cardboard box. I’ve learned my lesson.)

Joe Pickle and Magoo enjoy a good game of “Stringy, stringy, who’s got the stringy?”

Dandelion gets in on it.

Look at who’s a bad boy.

Yes, that’s Joe Pickle (at the bottom of the steps). He reminds me SO MUCH of Rhyme (from The Bookworms), not only in looks, but also personality.

He knows he’s not supposed to be out there, too – if I fling the door open and say “Get in here!”, in he runs right in.

On Saturday, Fred spotted Joe outside the fence. As soon as Joe saw Fred, he climbed back over the fence into the back yard and then ran into the house. This means that Joe is now sporting a Collar of Shame to prevent him from escaping the back yard. (Thank god we have extra collars that work with the electric fence.)

Petey Pickle is all “What? I’m just hanging out here!”

Polly, at the top of the cat tree that the awesome Katherine gave to us! Her cats weren’t using it, so she offered it to us. I knew it was an awesome, sturdy tree, so I said “YES!” before she could get the words out, practically. (Okay, maybe not so much – she offered it an email, but you know what I mean.) Anyway, the cats think it’s awesome – and the cat tree that was in the guest bedroom (where that cat tree is now), we moved up to the foster room. And I still have a cat tree in my room, which is good because Miz Poo likes to hang out on it.

Um. We have a lot of cat trees, I guess. But they all get lots of use!

Also, I know it looks like Polly is squatting there like she’s being a bad girl and peeing on the cat tree, but she wasn’t – she’s a GOOD girl, and she was just holding her tail up because she was happy.

Thistle, Percy, and Dandelion. I spread that blanket out on top of the bookcase because they like to hang out up there and any cat beds I put up there eventually get knocked onto the floor. The blanket, however, stays in place and it’s quite popular.

Okay, now for the news. It’s time. Yes, that time. On Friday, I’ll be taking Percy, Petey, Joe, and Magoo to Petsmart. I’ll be leaving them there, and bringing Dingwall Scotty, Sungold, and Mr. Stripey home with me. Those three ‘Maters have been at Petsmart for a long time, and they really need a break.

Polly is staying here with us until one of the boy Pickles is adopted, whereupon I’ll take her to Petsmart to join her remaining brothers.

I swear that taking Magoo to Petsmart is absolutely going to kill me. It doesn’t help that Fred is all for keeping him (though he’s reasonable and is going along with whatever I decide, thankfully). We absolutely cannot add another permanent resident to the house. I know, I know, y’all are like “What’s one more?!”, but trust me. No. We tried justifying it every way we could think of (“We should make it a rule that any kitten who almost dies in our arms is a keeper!” being the most interesting), but we’re at our – MY – limit. If we were to keep him, there’s just no way we could keep fostering too, so there you go.

I’m going to hate giving him up. This is going to be NO. FUN. AT. ALL.

But, hey. We’ll get to see Dingwall Scotty and Mr. Stripey and Sungold again, so that’ll be fun, right?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A video for you! (I’ll be posting one every day for the rest of the week to clear them off my “to be posted” folder.) This is what happens when I turn the Bolt Laser toy on. The kittens (and Jake!) know the sound and come running.

YouTube link

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tommy thinks he’d like to have Magoo as a little minion.


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11-13-12 — 36 Comments

  1. Oh poor you! how sad the partings, but wish joy to the little ones and think of the new homes that are out there!

  2. I’m sure it will be tough to give up the Peppers, but it’s only fair to the Permanent Residents… and to the ‘Maters who have been a long time in a cage.

    Does Challenger House have any ideas why the ‘Maters haven’t been adopted? They don’t do tricks? They refuse to wear adorable little hats? Nobody’s getting adopted?

    I’m sure they’ll enjoy the room to roam — once they adjust of course! In the meantime, I wish the Peppers the best and thank you once again for fostering furballs and keeping such a great blog!

    • I don’t think there’s any real reason why they haven’t been adopted – adoptions are really slow right now, and sometimes it just takes time. I’m hoping that after a break here, they’ll go back and be snapped up. That’s how it seems to often happen, they’ll sit and sit and sit, and then get a break, go back, and get adopted within days.

  3. Oh, Dingwall Scotty, Sungold, and Mr. Stripey are coming back! I am so sorry that I’ll have to give up Magoo and the rest… I’m so excited to see how they’ve grown… I have a soft spot for little orange tabbies (I have two of them myself)…. I cannot believe none have been adopted yet… Thank you, Robyn, for all you do!

  4. You know, I like the caveat about keeping kittens that almost die on you because that was the first thought about Magoo that came to me when I read it was time to go to Petsmart! You could also say once a foster has gone through 3+ nicknames he/she has to stay.

    But you know we support you in whatever you decide!

  5. Aww, I’m secretly (well maybe not so secretly since I’m writing this but..)glad Polly is staying a bit longer. I’m sure though that it won’t be long as the others are sure to be scooped up quickly. However, with the holidays coming will adoptions slow down? Anyway, cute video and hugs to all!

    • It’s hard to tell – sometimes adoptions slow down with the holidays and sometimes they pick up. All we can do is hope! 🙂

      I’m keeping Polly here instead of one of the boy Pickles because she is SO good with the Weeds girls. She snuggles with them and makes sure their ears are clean. She is just the sweetest thing – and I’ll like having the extra time with her, but also hope that the time comes quickly for her to go join her brothers.

      • We’re hoping for a holiday pick up to adoptions, too. As much as I dislike the general idea of getting animals as gifts, when it’s a family decision and they’re just waiting for a special occasion… I’m all for it. Our rescue only has two teeny ones left at the moment (Lionel and Willie Rae). The rest are adolescents and adults (although we might have a few who are old enough by the time Christmas rolls around). I tend to think that little and cute will go quickly at holiday time, but I’m more concerned about the lag after the holidays (when everyone has already gotten “everything they wanted” and don’t have money to spend on “frivolous” things like adoption fees)

  6. The maters are huge and I’m glad they’ll be getting a break! I’ll see the Pickles when I get there Saturday unless they all get adopted IMMEDIATELY. Which would be great!

    • That would probably be too much to hope for – but hope I shall! 🙂 They’re such friendly kittens (according to Fred, “The friendliest, best bunch of kittens we’ve ever had”)(he says that a lot, and he completely means it every single time!) that hopefully they’ll charm their way into their forever homes quickly!

    • Ha – I thought of that, too, but I know myself too well! I was offered a litter of 5 10 week-old kittens last week, and couldn’t take them because we really don’t have the room – but that didn’t stop me from feeling horribly guilty for several days afterward. I could never turn down a second litter if we only had one in the house. 🙂

  7. Boxes: cat traps, supreme toys…what is it about those? We have fun putting a new box out on the floor, center stage, and counting the seconds till there’s a cat in it–never long. Like the saying that if you put an open newspaper out in the center of an empty stadium, a cat will show up and sit on it!
    AWWW, heart goes out on sending Magoo away, glad the ‘Maters get a revisit/break tho for compensation. Keeping fingers, toes crossed for GREAT homes for all these great kittehs.

  8. I admire you (and all other foster-ers) for having the courage to give up the babies to their forever homes. It must be so very hard to do. Thank you for giving all those little ones a good start.

  9. Every good house panther needs a minion. 🙂 Of course, we ABSOLUTELY understand about the no more permanent resident rule.

    Can’t wait to see the Maters….bet they don’t even look the same anymore.

    Oh – and Bourb has a thing for the stringy as well. He brought it to bed the other night and slept on it.

  10. I has a question. 🙂 (I just came back from your I haz a complaint link) – when I click on the Stompers calendar it doesn’t show me the pictures in it like the other calendars do. Is it just me?

    I like the rule about keeping fosters that nearly died in your hands – but I understand that Magoo’s furever family is out there waiting for him.

    • Do this: click on the link to go to the storefront, and then click on either of the calendars. That’ll take you to a page where it’s just the calendar. Near the top will be the picture of the cover, and if you look down a little way, there’s two small pictures (the cover and one of the months), and above that there’s a text link that says “view calendar pages.” Click on that, and a window will pop up with a link for each month, which you can click on to see the picture for that month.

      If that doesn’t work for you, let me know and I’ll throw together a collage of the pictures and post them tomorrow, so you can see ’em!

  11. You’ll never have to explain to me why one more is too many. I get it… after all, I just broke my own heart by giving up the “one more” and I only have two permanents. I don’t know how you do it. ((Although between you, me, the lamp post, and everyone here… I’m falling more and more daily for Willie Rae and Lionel. I almost offered my husband to give up fostering completely if I could keep both of them. Lionel is just such a little worrier. And Willie Rae is developing more and more torbie coloring. My late Einstein was a torbie… ))

    • I am really really impressed that you were able to give up Clay – though it’s easier when they get adopted so quickly, isn’t it? I’m so hoping that Magoo goes SUPER fast. He’s being extra sweet these last couple of days to make it that much harder, though. Argh!

      • If I had brought him home after adoption hours, he might not have gone back. But as it was, he was snatched up within the first 20 minutes of the first day he was there. I’m at peace, which means he is in the right place. But I’d still keep one or two or three of the ones who are here right now. Hmmm… which one should I put on my birthday/Christmas list? Henry? Lionel? Willie Rae? 😉

  12. What’s the most favorite/well built of the cat trees and where did you get it? Picture please….. :o)

    • I’ll have to save this for the future – though I’ll say offhand that the one in the guest bedroom (in that picture above) is probably the one that gets the most use, and it’s definitely the sturdiest. However, I need to do a more scientific study to make sure I’m not telling lies! 🙂

  13. Oh, Robyn, how well I feel your pain at Magoo! I’ve got my wildcats here still and they are getting a little easier every day. I can now reach into the cage and pet the stripey one and get him purring! The tortie is a little more chilly towards me but I did get a pat in the other day. And this morning I picked up the stripey one and cuddled him close! The tortie is next to be cuddled when I feel I don’t need a face anymore. And I’m trying so hard to not get attached–I’ve got 14 perms here as it is. It’s going to be so hard to take them to the Humane Society in a few weeks.:(

  14. Robyn – I’m delurking again to wish you well on Friday. I’m sure Magoo will find The. Best. Forever. Home. Ever. in a house where he gets all the love he needs whenever he wants. Thank you for all you do. This blog makes me happy every day. My kitties Annie and Boo will be getting extra snuggles on Friday in honor of you. Good luck. And enjoy having the ‘Maters back.

    PS. I’m glad you’re still able to foster. I don’t know what I’d do w/o the trials and tribulations of Love and Hisses every day.

  15. I’ll be thinking about you on Friday, Robyn. I’m sure it just rips your heart out to let go of each and every kitten that you’ve raised, especially the ones who almost didn’t make it and needed extra love. But you’re right, if you don’t let them go, you can’t bring in more to love and take such awesome care of, as you do. I’m saying a little prayer that Magoo, Percy, Petey and Joe find the best forever homes with people who love them as much as you do. I always think the same good thoughts for each and every kitten when you let them go. I’m sure the ‘Maters will be so happy to come home for a bit to spend time with you and Fred and the pack, and when they go back, I hope they find happy homes too! Thanks for making all of us happy, watching your babies grow up and leave the nest.

  16. That Joe Pickle – he is one naughty boy! And Magoo — I DO think that any kitten who almost dies in your arms should get to become a permanent resident — not to mention that Tommy totally needs a minion! But good for you to be able to give him up to his forever family!

  17. I came to say the same thing that Connie said. If fostering only one litter at a time would let you keep Magoo, it’s worth thinking about. I’m at my personal limit with 5 cats and I don’t foster, so I do understand, though. I admire you greatly for everything you do. 🙂

  18. Do you have any neighbors that you’re close to, Robyn? Maybe you could persuade one to adopt Magoo. I had a feeling that you were getting quite attached to the little guy.

  19. As much as it would be cool for you to keep Magoo (I adore him), I think I would be mad at you! Why, you ask? Because that would mean you DID have room for one more and could have kept Stompers! So I think it’s only fair that both ‘Superstars of 2012’ (that’s what I’ve been calling them in my head, as if they were a crimefighting duo or something) find home outside Crooked Acres!