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Polly likes to make sure that all the ears around her are squeaky clean.

Thistle is such a sweet little thing.

When she’s not busy cleaning ears, Polly likes to take up as much room as possible.

VERY pleased with herself, our Polly.

Petey figured out how to get on top of the kitchen cabinets. Stinkerbelle actually doesn’t seem to mind Petey. One day, she was on one side of Petey and walking toward him, and I ran to get the camera – and when I came back into the kitchen, she was on the other side of him. There had been no hissing or growling. Petey’s a smart boy – he probably just cowered away from her, and she decided he was no threat.

Joe Pickle, on the dining room table.

The Weeds girls, snuggled up.

Joe Pickle, eyeballing Stinkerbelle.

And eyeballing me.

He’s made himself at home, as you can see.

It seems to generally be around the age of 4 months (the Pickles turned 4 months on November 2nd) that they start figuring out how the cat door leading to the back yard works and also how the “steps” to the walkway and the top of the cabinets work. Luckily, only the bravest (Joe Pickle and Magoo, in this instance) actually venture out into the back yard, and only the smartest (Joe Pickle and Petey) figure out the kitchen “steps.” I guess I’m saying that Joe is the bravest and the smartest Pickle!

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Today’s video is a silly one from a few months ago. Miz Poo and Maxi both needed a visit to the vet, who is literally 5 minutes up the road. The instant we put Maxi in the carrier, she started howling and didn’t stop once on the way to the vet. Miz Poo chimed in occasionally with a “Why, God, whyyyyy?” It made me LOL. The picture’s not great (I shot it with my phone), but the sound is what it’s all about.

YouTube link

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I bought this Rubbermaid storage container with the intention of cutting out a “doorway”, putting straw in it, and putting it on the front porch so that the rare nights when Newt decides to stay outside, he’s got a warm and comfy place to hole up. Sugarbutt saw it and decided he kinda liked it. So I bought another one…

The bed on the top actually gets more use than the inside does, but I’m declaring it a definite hit.


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11-14-12 — 29 Comments

  1. Bless, poor old Maxi. She sounds exactly like my Doofus, who yowls like she’s going through the worst abuses known to cat and man when she’s put in her carrier for the vets. We also have to upend the box when we get there, because she has a habit of making her body mould to the box walls in a refusal to come out!

    • My Molly does the same thing when we take her to the vet. She just yowls so loudly and I find myself looking around nervously at every stop light hoping people don’t notice! Secretly Molly actually loves all the attention she gets at the vet (think she might have a crush on him because he picked her up on her first visit as a kitten and planted a huge kiss on her noggin). But yea the yowling absolutely kills me!

      • I’ve got you both beat! I don’t have a car, so I take the cat(s) on the bus with me. It’s a short ride, but one filled with my apologies to the other riders for the yowling from the carrier! My little hyperkitty tends to shut down (complete with putting her head in a corner and freezing), but my big old cat tells me exactly how miserable he is.

  2. Inspector Laney has seen the tags and declares herself satisfied with them.

    My workplace blocks videos, I won’t be able to see this one until later tonight.

    And now you have to adopt Petey because Stinkerbelle likes him. And Magoo because he almost died in your arms. The rest of them, you can ship to me. I doesn’t matter if my eyes puff up to tennis ball size. Who needs eyes? πŸ˜€

  3. If Joe and Magoo are the bravest and Joe and Petey are the smartest, just what are we saying about Percy and Polly? Hmmmm? πŸ˜‰

    Mother Jefferson traveled to the vet this morning to be spayed. Who knew she was an opera singer before she had kids? Maybe her forever family will help her get back into the business.

  4. My first cat Steve used to spray/pee back when he used the litterbox. Even covered litterboxes would get disgusting and it would seep out the back. So I bought the same Rubbermaid style containers you have, cut the same hole in them (a little higher up, litterbox entry level high) and used them as litterboxes. Solved (most) of my litter problems with him.

    • I do the same thing with my cats and fosters. High-sided litter box without the seams that caught the spray. My kitten fosters enjoy jumping in and out over the walls too. It’s a win for everyone πŸ˜‰

      • Kelly, I need to take a picture of our bucket litter boxes. The kittens love to balance on and walk around on the edges, so there are dusty kitten footprints around the tops. πŸ™‚

    • Smart thinking! We use big buckets as litter boxes for the same reason. Spanky, despite his old age, can pee higher than any cat I’ve ever seen.

  5. My little Tater Tot says “Help!? I’m skinny!” My 12 year old cat Tater had surgery recently and is down to 9 lbs from a previous 11 1/2. She needs to gain some more weight but everytime I look for new food at the store, it is all weightless management stuff. What can I feed her to chub her back up? She already free feeds dry food and gets wet food twice a day.

    Would kitten food chub her up? Feeding her lard? Hhehehehe okay no on the lard.

    • When Spanky got too skinny, we started giving him 2 – 3 extra snacks each day – we alternate between canned kitten food, and Gerber chicken baby food. He’s put the weight back on, though the down side is that every time we walk in the general direction of the bathroom (where we put him to give him his snacks, so the other cats won’t push him out of the way), he looks all hopeful that it might be snack time. πŸ™‚

      • Maybe that’s what I need to do for Murphy. He used to be a robust, muscular cat, but now that he’s getting older (he’ll be 12 in March), he has a bony, fragile feel to him that breaks my heart. He has a tummy, and definitely an appetite, but he seems to have lost a great deal of his muscle tone. His hips and shoulders are bony and sharp, and the bones of his neck even more so.

    • lard actually wouldn’t be so bad.. it is actually animal based, unlike a lot of pet foods.

      Cats often have a hard time extracting nutrients (and thus productive calories) from foods that have a lot of plant based ingredients. Opt for more animal protein based foods. Look for foods made from animals that are naturally higher in fat like duck. The fats are even easier for kitties to digest and thus get more nutrients / calories out of.

      Fat doesn’t make you (or your cat) fat, but the right fats do help nourish the body in ways beyond simple calories..

  6. My Sam would howl just like that when we went anywhere in the car. We never put him in a carrier, he’d end up hurting himself, so I’d drive and my mom would hold him. One time, he was so scared, he ended up peeing on mom on the way to the vet!

    • Awww, I hate it when they get that upset! Spanky used to drool a LOT when he went to the vet. He takes it more in stride these days, but he still doesn’t like it!

      • Maggie’s first visit to the vet, she didn’t cry or carry on in the car. She looked very scared once I let her out of the carrier, but then she got up on my shoulder and that was apparently her “safe place.” The vet apologized to her for having to remove her from my shoulder. πŸ™‚

  7. You know, looking at your shelves, and the ammount and size of the kitties who use them, I’m thinking Greg is overthinking the ones we’re planning… How wide are those? Anyone ever too heavy and break them or fall down?

    We use those same tubs for litter boxes! Got the idea from you I think, though I know you use different ones. They work great! Of course, no matter how high we make the side, we cant keep Star from digging the litter out the hole… Talented girl, she is!

  8. Miz Poo & Maxi are being tortured – let them our immediately! My Bello sounds faaar worse than that – OMG! I swear (and this makes me a bad cat mum, I know) i just want to stop the car and put him in the boot! It’s a good 1/2 ride to the vet and he makes sure i am aware of how unimpressed he is THE WHOLE WAY. Kids!

  9. I can not believe no one commented on what a wonderful poet you are.. πŸ™‚

    Joe Pickle, eyeballing Stinkerbelle.
    And eyeballing me.
    He’s made himself at home, as you can see.

  10. are kitties afraid of the carrier,the car or the vet?? and how do they know you’re bring them to the vet and not to vacation? haha