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I showed up at Petsmart last night to drop Ralph, Catelyn and PW off, and in less than an hour this had happened:

(I had forgotten what a silly, sweet round little baby face Ralph had when I first got them. He turned into such a sleek and slinky boy that seeing his baby face makes me want to squoosh him again!)

They were both adopted, but not together. There was a bit of drama on Ralph’s part (I think he was a little freaked out by all the strange cats, even though they were in cages), but I’m sure once he got home, he was fine.

This leaves poor sweet PW in a cage by himself. He was the most freaked-out of the three, and was actually spitting at one point (which is probably what started Ralph down the drama road), but hopefully he’ll calm down and relax.

Adoption hours take place again tonight, so maybe it’ll be his turn to find a home!


Did you see who made it onto Cute Overload last night?

I only sent those pictures in because Paula K. mentioned that they’d be perfect for Cute Overload’s Nose-vember, so thanks for the suggestion, Paula!


Would love to get some feedback from the L&H readership. I’m trying my hand at t-shirt designs. What I’ve been enjoying is designing t-shirts targeted at cat lovers, specifically, and animal lovers more generally. Would love to get your thoughts on this one as this is the first that’s actually an original (well, I took a well-known quote and added to it) and is targeted at Tortie-lovers: http://teespring.com/tortietude

I think it’s absolutely adorable!


Aww, I love that you are calling her Miss Vonnie now. Von always did sound like a boy’s name to me.


I, too, love the name “Miss Vonnie”. It’s not too girly and it just seems to suit her even at this young age, so I’m sure it will even be appropriate when she’s much older (but she will always be Vonniebooboo in my head for some reason, lol).

I’ve been calling her “Miss Vonnie” since shortly after she was named, but never thought to call her that here in the blog. I think it suits her.


I’m assuming that either Ralph or Trader Joe were the culprits behind the chewing of PW’s apparently-tasty whiskers.

I’m positive that Ralph is the whisker chewer. He and PW like to curl up together at night, and Trader Joe is missing a lot of his whiskers, too. In fact, the ONLY kitten who isn’t missing any whiskers at all is Ralph. Which, to be honest, isn’t very smart of him. You’d think he’d chew off one or two of his own whiskers, just to throw me off the track!


Robyn, I can’t believe that you’re introducing narcotic substances to underage felines. You’re contributing to the delinquency of a minor! Thankfully some of those kids are smart enough to realize that “the green isn’t cool!”

Hey, it’s legal! I ain’t breakin’ any laws! And they like it soooo much!


I know that there are quite a few sites/places which do the printing on canvas. Do you have one that you have had good luck with and recommend?

I really really like Collage. I got a Living Social deal through them, used it for the canvas of the Myrtle Beach sunrise that’s hanging over my bed, and was very pleased.

The other place I used (for the canvases of Miz Poo and Tubby) has now gone out of business, unfortunately, because I was pleased with their work, too.

My advice is to get a deal through Living Social or Groupon or the like. My experience has been that they’re worth it!


That chattering! OMG, that has got to be the cutest thing I ever heard! Does she meow at all, or just chatter? This group is too cute!

She does meow, she does it when something displeases her – every now and then she’ll sit at the bottom of the stairs and howl, because she doesn’t think she should be confined to the upstairs during the day with the PEASANTS. Here’s some video proof for you – though to be honest, she’s usually MUCH louder than that.

YouTube link.

And speaking of chattering…

YouTube link.


According to this, Miz Robyn and Fred must be two of the least stressed people around!

You know it! 🙂


The Grocers explore the downstairs.

PW on the back of the couch, Catelyn getting right up in Jake’s face. (Jake just ignored her.)

Ralph, trying to pick out his next book to read. Also, trying to decide the best way to send all those remotes to the floor in one swoop.

Trader Joe checks out the view onto the front porch (it’s possible Maxi was out there; that’s where she likes to hang out.)

Catelyn finds the back of Fred’s chair super comfy.

Ralph likes to be up high, apparently.

If you look closely, you’ll see that Trader Joe is hanging on to that catnip nanner with both paws. He’s not going to let Winn Dixie have it, no sir!

Ralph, checking out the toy hanging off my closet door.

“What DIS?” Catelyn, supervised by Tricki.

We got out Da Bird, and Dennis got involved.

Catelyn got hold of the catnip nanner, and found it goooooood.

“What you want, little girl? I’m trying to sleep in my pile of beds. There’s only room for ONE princess around here.”

Winn Dixie keeps an eye on Uncle Tommy.

And Uncle Tommy keeps an eye on Ralph.

“I ain’t skeered of you!” Trader Joe lies to Miz Poo.


Kara atop the pantry, keeping an eye on all those rotten kittens.


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  1. I am not surprised Ralph and Catelyn got adopted in a heartbeat. God help me, but I wanted Catelyn sooooo badly! If her parents don’t treat her right or ever return her…they had better be afraid! LOL. Actually, that goes for all of their adoptive parents! So THERE!!!!

    Today will be PW’s special day to find his special people!!! He is such a pretty boy. Orange tabbies are just gorgeous!

    So many fabulous pictures…I could comment on them all. Love Catelyns howling and chattering….part of her charm. Alice cracks me up!

    Man, it is hard to see this litter go….just say’n….

  2. I’m so happy for Ralph and Catelyn! But I sure will miss seeing their adorable faces. (and toes and whiskers)

  3. WOW!!! Great to have adoptions so quick – all about the timing. 🙂

    Love the tortie t-shirt. 🙂

    OMG – went back and read the 2005 post……and almost snorted coffee out my nose. too funny!!!

    • Just saw your comment, and went there to read the 2005 post too… Thankfully, I wasn’t drinking coffee, or I would have almost snorted it out too!!! Hilarious Robyn!

  4. This litter needed to go fast or I’m sure there would have been a rush of irate L&H readers down there to find out JUST WHAT IS THE PROBLEM IS WITH YOU PEOPLE OF ALABAMA leaving cute kittens unadopted!?

    Hang in there PW – your family is coming! Your floofy oranginess can not go unnoticed for long!

  5. Of course those adorable babies got adopted so quickly – And I just know that PW will find his family very, very soon! I will miss this charming litter and hope for many, many updates!

  6. So glad for Ralph and Catelyn — and I’m with GD! Catelyn had my heart… 🙂 SC Amy is right, although I wouldn’t have cared WHY ‘Bamans left Ms. Catelyn behind if I could have her! 🙂

  7. I really, really want to see if Catelyn’s whiskers form a full circle, they’re so curvy!

    Had to laugh at that old pic of Spanky with one eye open. Not even willing to open both eyes.

    Who is that on the pile of beds, is that Alice? Having trouble sleeping on a rock hard pea?

  8. Oh, and whoever was asking about the canvas photos, Groupon has a deal going right now. $26 for a 16″x20″ canvas!

  9. Congrats on the Cute Overload shots and I’m happy to have suggested it. Hopefully the exposure for Challenger’s House will be beneficial!

  10. I hope Catelyn’s family realize she has a strong need for catnip and give her an endless supply !!!!

    So happy for the adoptions !!!!

    I love the picture of Kara !!!! Caption is perfect !!! She does have issues with kittens (and some humans too ) and all their shenanigans !!!!

  11. I am going to miss the outrage of this gorgeous, floofy litter, but I’m very happy that ALMOST all of them have their forever homes. Come on, PW, let your great personality shine!