11-15-14 – Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook Roundup!

Time to run amok!

Didn’t take long for Ralph to find a way to get up there!

Corbie is 100% over this kitten situation.

“Hallo innernets, I find someone’s tail laying around so I bite it and bite it, and I feels pain which makes me mad so I bite it some more and it hurts more and I don’t get it and the lady says it must be ’cause I am so sensitive to the pain of others and I think she must be right and I should be a radio psychologist on account of I am so sensitive and thoughtful and give good advice.”

Not so much a fan of the vacuum.


“Hallo innernets, sometimes I puts my paws in the air like I just don’t care, but I do care. I care a lot. Especially about snackin’ time.”

She ain’t skeered of no Dennis.

Uncle Dennis makes Von a little bit nervous.

Waiting for the perfect moment to grab his sister’s tail.

“You guys,” I said. “Could you possibly be any cuter?” “It come naturally to us, lady,” Catelyn said. Trader Joe just snoozed on.

I’m pretty sure that what Tommy’s thinking starts with an “eff” and ends with a “you.” (He’s been chewing on his foot, so is in the cone ’til his increased meds take effect.)

Good morning, sunshine.

Outraged ’cause he thinks I stole his earses.

Sleepy babies. Trader Joe sure does like to hug his sisters. Those are Ralph ‘s feet up in Winn Dixie’s armpit.

Sweet, silly monkey.

Listen. I don’t know why these kittens think they can pull this sort of ridiculously adorable pile-of-cute stuff on me, but they better stop. If I kiss them any more, my lips are going to fall right off my face.

By all rights, this picture should be blurry because he was purring like crazy.

Good morning, sunshine.

“Madame, I don’t believe I care for your tone.”

FYI, Ralph is a comfy bed.

It’s a 6-kitten nap kinda day.

Von was under the blanket and it was driving Winn Dixie craaaaaaazy. Silly girls.

Nappin time!

YouTube link.
There was lots and lots of purring going on (the smacking noises you also hear are because they “nurse” on that blanket a little before they fall asleep. It’s really sweet.)

Just. So. SWEET.


And a few extras that didn’t make it onto Instagram or Facebook, but need to come off my phone so I can file ’em!

The look she’s giving him is killing me DEAD. She is 100% OVER his shenanigans.

Ralph, making sure that everyone is clean.

Naptime (Catelyn was laying on me, so didn’t make it into the picture.)

One last snacktime before I headed to Petsmart with Ralph, PW and Catelyn.


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11-15-14 – Weekly Roundup — 7 Comments

  1. I’m going to miss this gorgeous, goofy litter and all their shenanigans. Hoping PW’s humans find him soon.

  2. Love love love all the adorable kitty pictures. You must have a ball with all these sweeties. Your days are filled with lots of kitty loving, I’m still thinking about fostering. But daughter just moved back home after being gone for 30 years and her cat came with her .Love love love having the cat in the house, he’s a real laid back sweet loving baby. I don’t think he could handle a few extra cats, he’s strictly an indoor cat. Who ever had her cat before her, had all claws removed, front an back. So he’s completely defenseless.

    So for now I’ll just continue to enjoy your wonderful happy kitty site.
    PS….love having the cat home, not so sure on the human…ha.ha Will take time to get used to her being back home. But I always told my kids, the door would always be open no matter how old they got, Mom would always love them.

  3. This was a really great post! The picture of Ralph biting his own tail and being surprised at the discomfort of sharp kitteh teefs digging into it is cracking me up! And I love how he’s balancing on the chair supports to get away from the vacuum. He’s a bitey little acrobat, that one!

  4. A day late with this comment…but no less heartfelt. I always soooo appreciate the weekend posts. And this one was full of so much fun and floof and cuteness and shenanigans and all manner of good things too many to list!

    But, I just realized, with all the Grocers now adopted…there’s probably only one more weekly roundup to tide us over next weekend. And then we’ll be back to the regular two-day dry spell… Never thought there’d ever be a downside to weekends, but when L&H isn’t posting on Saturdays, that’s definitely a downside!

  5. Poor Tommy, the cone of shame. However it’s so striking on him! What a dashing gentleman.

    How do you not squeeze the stuffing out of those kittens is beyond me.