11-15-09 – True Blood news, babysitting, the Wonkas & the Cookies.

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I got a lovely email from someone last night letting me know that she had just adopted Bill! She and her husband went to Petsmart thinking that they might want to adopt Terry, but you know how it is – you never know who you’re going to fall in love with. Bill took one look at them and decided they were HIS and Terry could just back off, and now Bill’s got himself a forever home!

He’s got a big sister who’s not sure about this new-kitten stuff just yet, but Bill got along well with our cats while he was here (and our cats can be hard to get along with!), so I have faith that he and his new sister will work it out.

And the best part – his new mom is going to send pictures of him when she gets a chance. Yay!!!

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I babysat the little ones yesterday. They were no trouble at all, ate like champs, and mostly slept the rest of the time. I did give them a bath because one of them pooped in the carrier and I didn’t want to send them home smelling like poop.

They are adorable little guys, and I’ll tell you – if we had the room to foster them, I’d snatch ’em up in an instant.

(I call them “little guys”, but the black and white one is a boy and the all-black one is a girl.)

“HELLO I HAZ A COMPLAINT.” One in every bunch, isn’t there?

Elwood could not quite wrap his brain around exactly what those things WERE.

We’ll be seeing them again Thursday, and I bet they’ll be noticeably bigger!

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I love it when they tussle at this age.

TimTam (Blue) is just capturing my heart, lately. She is SUCH a sweet girl!

The eyes are definitely changing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Madame, I don’t believe I appreciate your tone.”

Violet in the bed.

It’s a Gussie-Gus!

I love the way the rays are shining through the window and down on Veruca like she’s a little angel.


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11-15-09 – True Blood news, babysitting, the Wonkas & the Cookies. — 15 Comments

  1. Yay, so glad that Bill got adopted! Hope Terry finds a forever home soon too…is he the last one left? Can’t remember…

    Those teeny little babies are just too cute…and so insanely tiny…who knew they could make the Cookies look huge!?! By the way, that innocent look that Gus is trying to sell…not buying it! He looks like he’s caught in the middle of doing something naughty πŸ˜‰ Oh, and Veruca IS an angel…my little angel…all mine…mine..mine….

    *too much cuteness has caused Auntie Hyacinths to go insane*

  2. So happy for Bill. I started following you when the TB6 debuted, and I loved the pics of that squinty little fella. I’ve been waiting weeks for this news.
    Now we just need for someone to come along and fall in love with Lafayette and Terry. Are the remaining True Bloods getting a little stir crazy in their cages?

  3. Hyacinths: It’s Lafayette and Terry who are left – which makes me happy, that they have each other for company!

    Meg: I stopped by Petsmart on Friday to pick up some stuff, and Terry, Lafayette, and Bill could not have looked less stressed out. They wrestled with each other for a little while, got pets from a manager, and then settled down for a nap. I was very relieved to see that they looked pretty happy!

  4. So happy for Bill! I watched Cats101 on animal planet last night (what else?) and as they described “Russian Blues” I thought of Jake & Elwood. Do you think they have a bit of the “Russian” in them? Just curious.

    How do you feel about Cat Fancy & Breeders? I have to say that I am NOT that fond of breeding specific “breeds” either in cats or dogs. Many times the inbreeding creates terrible problems for cats. I had a peki-persian, (from aunt who no longer wanted her!?) and that cat was almost deformed in the way her face was smashed in; she could barely eat. I just think the “breeders” should maybe rescue strays for awhile, or something.

    I’ll get down off my soapbox now, but just let me say that I have NEVER bought a “pure-bred” anything, and yet have had the most wonderful unwanted pet cats & dogs EVER.

  5. Oh, yaaay for Bill! Now let’s conjure up a doting family for Terry and Lafayette! They would be so happy together πŸ™‚

    I seriously don’t know how you can survive such an intense dose of cuteness every day, what with your own cats, and having the Cookies and the Wonkas under the same roof! I would be totally useless by now, brain fried by tiny floof, purrs and COMPLAINTS… hehe

  6. Great…I’m glad the boys were doing well at Petsmart:)
    And I can’t wait to see Bill’s pic.

  7. Babysitting tiny kittens sounds AWESOME. I love that picture of Gus… he looks as if he just tumbled out of a vacuum cleaner bag. Are you sure there’s actually a kitten in there? He might just be lint.

  8. Good for Bill knowing how to get what he needed. Hopefully it will happen for his brothers soon too. All the pictures rock they have been great lately-were always good. Lately I’ve just loved them a little more-maybe I’m a bit more taken w/these kitties. That green cat bed is the coolest. Gus is so fabulously furry. Tiny kittens are adorable. You have your own cuteness overload with all those babies!

  9. Yay, Bill!! And fingers crossed for a together adoption for Lafayette and Terry.

    The babies are soooo adorable! Want to snorgle squirmy little bellies! But I got to admit… I heart Venuca. That face is just too much!

  10. Yay for Bill! I wish we were closer and in a better position right now – I might head down and grab the last 2 (but we just aren’t ready for a newbie quite yet). I so love all the little guys – Wonkas, Cookies, the newbies – and do they have names yet? I know that would fall to someone else but I am just curious. They are so small!

  11. Cara: They very well might have some Russian Blue in them, but someone mentioned another kind of “blue” cat that they seem to resemble more. I can’t remember what the name of the breed is, though… It’ll come to me! It’s a breed with short and stubby legs (which J&E have).

    I’m not crazy about the idea of breeding cats just for certain characteristics, but that may be because I have a hard time believing that any specialized breed could be any better than my “mutts”! And I know there are reputable breeders out there who take good care of their cats, but the shelter I volunteer for ended up with a Bengal from someone who was going to deal with the cat’s diarrhea by putting him down (!!!) and when the cat was taken to the vet, she said it had the worst case of Giardia that she’d ever seen in 20 years of practice. Grrrr.

    Amy: When I asked on Thursday, she hadn’t named them. I don’t know that she’s going to – at this point, I’m pretty sure she’s hoping to find another home for them – but I’ve been calling them Ringo (because he has a ring around his tail!) and Yoko in my mind. πŸ™‚