Did I mention that we have too many cats? I don’t know when the last time was that I slept straight through the night. The main reason I get woken up 63,000 times a night would be due to the antics of one Sugar J. Buttocks. He loves to lay on me – LOVES IT – and is prone to climb up on my arm (I lay on my right side for most of the night, with my right hand tucked up under my pillow, and he likes to lay on the part of my arm that’s right there, making a little bed for him) and then get so overwhelmed with love for me that he purrs and kneads and farts simultaneously, and let me tell you – it’s not terribly conducive to sleeping. Sometimes he kneads on my face, and I can handle that for a few minutes, but after a while, even though I trim his claws, it starts to REALLY HURT. So I put my hand up so that he’s kneading on that, and Sugarbutt, overcome with the need to touch me in some way, will start licking my neck. This morning at around 5:00, after being awakened every ten minutes from 2:30 on, I decided I’d finally had enough, and I grabbed the can of compressed air (that conveniently sits by the bed), and I sprayed it at Sugarbutt, who had jumped down and gone off to eat or use the litter box, and was coming back for another attack on me.

I ended up spraying the air in his direction no less than ten times before he gave up.

Good thing for him he’s so cute, I suppose.

Four of the six.

Sugarbutt, sunbathing.

“Who, me? I didn’t do anything! Nope, not me…”

Spanky, in his usual spot. He usually sleeps in that bed, in that window all day long.

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