11-16-09 – The Wonkas & the Cookies.

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Someone commented yesterday that Gus looks like he might be made solely of lint. When I read that, I laughed out loud because I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true!

Bitey little Violet.

I know it looks like I’m torturing him here, but I was really rubbing under his chin, and he was purring so hard his ear floof was vibrating.

Every morning and evening, when the Wonkas get their snack, Gus is always the first to decide he’s full, and then he comes and finds me (which isn’t hard, I’m always in the chair in the foster room, waiting), and he jumps up on my lap and gets me all to himself for a few minutes. When it’s a choice between eating or getting some love, Gus is a lovah, not an eatah.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The past few days, I’ve been a little worried about Blue (TimTam). She’s a good three ounces lighter than the sibling who’s closest in weight (1 pound, 2 1/2 ounces as of yesterday), she only gained half an ounce over three days, and I swear she just seemed too skinny to me. She’s very active, she plays with her brothers and sisters a lot, she loves to be held and petted, she doesn’t seem to be in distress.

So yesterday she climbed in my lap and meowed up at me, and I had an idea. I picked her up, took her over to the food, and put her in front of it.

She proceeded to eat with gusto.

Last night, same thing. She climbed into my lap, meowed up at me, so I put her in front of the food.

She ate with gusto.

So, it’s not that she doesn’t WANT to eat. It’s that her head is filled with marshmallow fluff and she doesn’t always remember that the plate of food, that she passes 300 times a day, is FOOD and is meant to be eaten. My new plan is to set her in front of the food every time I go into the room. We’ll see if she packs on a few ounces – and hey, maybe one of these days she’ll figure out how to walk over to the plate of food on her own!

“I am NOT a Fluffhead!”

Hydrox and Pink (Milano) love to snuggle. Many times, the other cats will get out of the bed and run over to me, and these two will keep on snuggling. (The look on Pink’s face is cracking me UP.)

The whole bunch. From left to right, in the front that’s Blue (TimTam), Orange (Lorna Doone), and Keebler with the big round eyes. In the back, you know Hydrox and Pink (Milano). Pink actually has a white spot on her head; she looks like someone spilled bleach on her head.

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Stinkerbelle keeps a close eye on her beloved Tommy.


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11-16-09 – The Wonkas & the Cookies. — 10 Comments

  1. Don’t feel so bad about Blue. I have an adult kitty who often needs to be plucked up and set in front of her bowl to remind her to eat too. Even when I get up to fill their bowls with dry food, she follows me to the kitchen, but gets so wrapped up with being excited, purring, and rubbing the legs of the chairs, that she forgets why she followed me to the kitchen in the first place, and I have to put her in front of the bowl, before the other cat can chow down both his food AND hers.

    This is why I have one BIG cat (20lbs) and one small cat (8 lbs)…. he lives to eat, she eats to live…. and still sometimes she forgets to do that!

  2. I think I am in love with Pink and Violet!!!

    By the way, not to be a nay-sayer…but my experience with Tidy Cat was NOT good. It more or less turns to muck. Fresh Step has proven to be a much better litter (I have 2 cats). If you can get a good deal on the Fresh Step, I would put my money in that direction. I had a self scooping box and could not use the Tidy Cat but the Fresh Step was excellent. I have stuck with it for years even though I no longer have the self-scooper.

  3. Oh, by the way….like Laura F, I have a 14 lb kitty (Maine Coone) and a 7.5 lb kitty. The little one loves to eat the big kitty’s “weight watcher” food. He likes it more than his (even though they are the same brand and flavor). I think it is just cuz it is hers! I have to sit him in front of his bowl all the time and give him the eye, so he will eat HIS food!!!

  4. I lol’d at the TimTam story! I’m so glad the solution was as simple as that, and having nothing to do with something serious. What a giggle. 🙂

  5. a) I’m still in love with Hydrox.
    b) Perhaps Tim Tam is a social eater. She doesn’t like to
    dine alone.
    c) In spite of her denial, she is indeed a fluff head.
    d) The shot of them all together is priceless.
    e) Gus made of lint. Hilarious.
    f) Stinkerbelle is lovely.

  6. I LOVE Gus! And poor silly TimTam… I have a skinning friend who is always saying she just forgets to eat. I have to say – I just don’t get it!

  7. It makes since that Blue does that. She has associated you and Fred with feeding time. She may be off the bottle, but it sounds like she is not aware that she doesn’t need you to eat anymore (especially if she is requesting food from you). What a little cutie, she better catch up soon.

    Gus is made of lint, and I love the last picture of him because he looks so blissed out.

    I especially love the pictures of the cookies today.

  8. Wow they are all so cute – and Gus is of course a ball of lint because he is gray. Seriously, I always say it – the gray babies always look like they have permanent bedhead. They grow into it eventually but when they are that size they just can’t help it. I don’t understand it but it is always that way from what I have seen.

    And oh those Cookies – those blue eyes just get me. I can’t even say I like one betther then the other because they are all getting so gorgeous (Hydrox included of course, even though his eyes look green-gray now).

    And Stinkerbell is a cutie to – I love her color/pattern combo.

  9. Oh, Tim-Tam, sweetie! You ARE such a little fluff head! Well, we’ll have to forgive you, you’re a blond (sorta!) after all!

    And Gus IS made of lint!! 😉