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On Saturday afternoon, a little while before I was to leave the house to start Trader Joe on his journey home, I got this news:

And then, an hour later, off went Trader Joe!

Trader Joe is now living in Wisconsin with his mama Lilly. She and her friend drove alllll the way down here to get him, and they got back home to Wisconsin yesterday evening. She’s promised updates, and I feel pretty certain that that boy is going to have a wonderful, pampered life. His new name is Sherman (ADORABLE), and she shared a video on Facebook last night of him playing. He looks SO stressed out (not!), and I’m so glad that they made it home safe and sound. That is some serious driving!


I have an update on Bill! He was one of the True Blood 6, brother to Terry (who was returned last week.)

This is what he looked like as a little guy:

Ann says: November 14 is the 5th anniversary of our adopting BillCat and just want to send an email to update everyone on him…

He is still our crazy little boy who I swear was an acrobat in the circus in a former life! He came through the scary knee surgery [for luxating patella] in December 2012 just fine and even dealt with the confinement months in pretty good spirits and is back to his spunky self! IzzyCat still doesn’t really care for him but we are making it work… He loves to sleep in caves or under the warm lights over the dining table and chase his fishy toys around. And is fond of snuggles and belly rubs too! So happy he came into our lives!

Don’t you just love seeing that sweet face? Thanks for the update, Ann – you know we can’t get enough of ’em!


Sleepy Monday.

(These pictures were all taken before PW, Ralph and Catelyn went off to Petsmart, and Trader Joe went off to Wisconsin, obviously.)

If there’s one thing these kittens like, it’s a good afternoon nap.

Snugglin’ bros.

Things I love about this picture: PW stretched out in the middle of it all, Winn Dixie nursing on the blanket while Trader Joe uses her as a pillow, and Catelyn over there on the lower right, apparently having an ISSUE with something, judging by the pouty face.

Oh, that Ralph.

Snuggly babies.

Please note that Catelyn is right there in the middle. Girlfriend certainly did end up making herself at home, didn’t she?

Seesters (who are going home today!)

Trader Joe, just a leeettle too pleased with himself.

Did I mention that these kittens really enjoyed their naptime?

Ralph, having some Deep Thoughts.

Please note that Catelyn starts on one side of Trader Joe and ends on another, and they were both just dead to the world.

Silly kittens.

Miss Vonnie and her brudders.

Trader Joe, such a monkey. And that pouty face on Von is cracking me up.


“Lady, this cup appears to be empty. Where mah coffee?”


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11-17-14 — 28 Comments

  1. So much wonderful news today and seeing Bill is awesome!!!
    Yes, that picture if full of great stuff and PW stretched out is probably the best part!!! TJ and Catelyn would have made a gorgeous “set”….and I know everyone should be spayed and neutered, but they would have had some amazing looking kittens! Forgive me, I never would allow it myself…but we can dream! Ha!

    Love the piles of kittens!
    Give that boy some coffee, stat!!

  2. Just for the record, the Wisconsinite who adopted TJ is not me! Don’t I wish it were… ah well. Congratulations on the forever homes, kittens, kittens, everywhere!

  3. I gotta be honest, when you mentioned on FB that Trader Joe’s name was going to be changed, I was not a happy camper. I mean, why would anyone change that? It was so cute & shortening it to TJ was just as cute.

    BUUUUUT, now that I know his name is “Sherman”… omg, I just about died. That suits him perfectly. It’s freakin’ adorable. I love that it’s just nerdy enough for him as a crazy kitten but when he calms down it will also be a manly name for an older cat.

    Good job, Sherman’s new mom! Good job!

  4. I’m already thinking of Trader Joe as Lord Sherman of Wisconsin. Great to see Bill and of course Joe Bob!

  5. Awww, I knew PW wouldn’t be lonely in a cage for long! Hope he’s got some lovely brothers and sisters to share his new domain with. So I guess that’s all of them once Von and Winn Dixie go home. I’ll miss this adorable, floofy crew. 🙁 But they all got homes! Fingers crossed that all those homes are wonderful and loving ones.

  6. Terry was returned last week? Wow, after all this time? I think that was the litter you had when I started following you, the Eyelips crew. Poor Terry, I hope he is in good spirits.

  7. Happy Days!!! New homes for all!! What more could we ask?
    I will miss them, too, but have faith there will be another story with new kittens before we know it!!! None could be cuter than this litter, though 🙂

  8. So happy to hear that PW has gone home! I love the pictures of the nap piles, and feel a little sad that they will all be napping alone – but just a little sad, because they’re all in their forever homes!

  9. They drove down from Wisconsin? That’s a dedicated mama, you know not to keep them from their young. So glad for PW or Sherman, his new nom de dorme.

    Bill is a happy kitty, isn’t he? So glad to see him relaxed and kind of smug, living the life of riley

  10. I just want to join all those kitties in the cuddle piles !!!!! Looks like a very cozy place to be 🙂

    Cheers to Sherman’s new Mom for driving so far to get her new baby !!!!

    I really want to adopt one your fosters but according to Google it would take me at least 42 hours with no traffic to get to your place !!!! I don’t think Google was adding in sleeping, eating, gassing up the car and other important necessities !!! YIKES !!!!

  11. Congratulations, Trader Joe and PW! We are so going to miss your kitten-y faces and are so happy you found your forever homes! Yippee for Bill! He look so happy and content

  12. Yay for all of the adoptions and forever homes near and far!!!

    Robyn – think you could put a sidebar picture and link for any former fosters staying at Challenger House? When you attract new readers, maybe someone might be taken with their back story and want to adopt them (or seasoned readers may be able to now adopt!). If I’m keeping track correctly, we have Mr. Stripey and Terry there now…

  13. So happy to hear about the adoptions!

    And it appears that you can’t have Joe Bob without a cup o’ joe to go along with him!

  14. My Sherman in Wisconsin says “welcome!” to the new Sherman in Wisconsin. (Mine was dumped at my house three years ago. And he got his name ’cause he’s built like a tank.)

  15. Glad to hear Bill came through that specific surgery. My vet says Norbert has a loose patella and he might have to have that surgery in the future. 🙁
    So sad all the babies are gone! But of course, glad they’ve all gone home.

    • Aww Norbie. Hopefully if it has to happen it’ll be a non-event.

      Speaking of updates, is he still a gorgeous man-cat with Ferrari curves?

      • You know I will, GD! My condo is very dark and he seems to be at his most adorable at nighttime, so it’s hard to get good pics sometimes.

        • Turn all the lights on in the house! You know Norbert was loved by all and has a huge fan club!!! 🙂