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So, yesterday…

Those sweet girls went to their forever home, together. Their mom and dad drove down here from Indianapolis to get them! I have no worries about those girls, they are going to be pampered little princesses, of course. I love that they get to spend their lives together!

The house is SO quiet with no kittens running around!


These are the last of the pictures (and videos) I took while the Grocers were with us. I’m planning on a wrap up post about them tomorrow with pictures from when they first came here – they were such BABIES!

Von, considering her next move.

Apparently her next move was to run over and see what Trader Joe was doing!

Floofy girl.

You KNOW there was a feather teaser up there!

You know there was about to be some smackin’ going on.

We got this tube (the walls of which are filled with some sort of crackly material) and for a while it was in the computer room, because Tommy loved it. He was spending hours and hours a day hanging out in it, and then all of sudden, he wouldn’t go near it. So I moved it upstairs, and the kittens thought it was AWESOME. Ralph, especially, loved to sit in it and grab at the other kittens when they went by.

“I haz a skeptical, lady.”

Just LOVE her curly fur.

Ralph gets his Kravitz on.

Catelyn, 100% over PW’s shenanigans.

“This cat tree could use some trimming, lady.”

I love this picture so much.

PW, the flirty flirt.

Seriously, the ear floof.

Da Ralphie.

Doesn’t she look guilty?

I took this storage box and cut a hole in the side, and put all the cat toys in the downstairs in the box. Sugarbutt tends to like to pee on catnip toys if there are a bunch of them together, which means I can’t pile toys in an open-topped box. This way, the cats can check out the toys and pull them out of the box if they want to – it works pretty well. Ralph decided to go into the box to check out the toys, which actually surprised me more than you’d expect. I only wish he’d decided to take a nap in there, because THAT would have been a great picture!


I have THREE videos for you today!

In the first, Ralph got up on the dresser, and found a bag of BabyCat food sitting there. So he was all “THERE MUST BE A WAY INTO THIS BAG!”

YouTube link.

In the second, there are several clips of the kittens playing.

YouTube link.

And in the third, before he went off to Petsmart, Ralph made sure that Trader Joe and Winn Dixie were spiffied up. Is there anything cuter than a kitten bathing another? I think NOT.

YouTube link.


Loony Jake, all curled up and keeping warm. Just looking at this picture makes me want to go find him and squeeze him.


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11-18-14 — 24 Comments

  1. I think it’s just awesome how fast this whole group got adopted!! None in petsmart! Yay!
    So… when are then next ones taking up residence?? Must have kitten pictures!!
    Jake! Sweet looney darling, who got your nose?? Is that a scratch??

    • Nah, it’s just the way the light is hitting him in that picture.

      New kitten tomorrow (you’ll get to see him in Thursday’s post). And more to follow, hopefully!

  2. As cute as the bathing video is, my favorite part of the second clip is the kitties sitting, looking up at what I presume is a feather teaser. I love that so much. Very happy that all the grocers are with their forever families!

  3. Ralph in the catnip toy box reminds me of those toddlers who somehow end up in those prize-grabbing-claw machines, and then there they are in the window: one of the prizes!

  4. we have one of those tunnels – and LOVE it. though mom is gonna cut off the ties – some days those seem more popular than the tunnel itself. MOL mom does say our is a little magic though – some days it will be sitting there, and a big orange cat will go in one end and a medium black cat will come out the other end (Mo likes to sleep in it when we don’t have marauding kittens in the house).

    • Our tunnel likes to randomly move from one room to another. Last week, it ended up at the bottom of the stairs somehow!

  5. Oh I’m gonna miss those kittens! I’m so happy they all went to loving homes so quickly. May their lives be long and loved and blessed.

  6. Holy cr@p! Everyone’s adopted that fast? Is this a new record?

    So glad that those kittens were snapped up. Now we need to focus our good thoughts towards Terry and the other former fosters in the shelter. Isn’t there still a Mater or two there?

    • Mr. Stripey is still at the shelter; Sungold passed away unexpectedly a few weeks ago. Hopefully, Mr. Stripey will go to Petsmart and get some exposure.

      And yes, this very well might be a record for adoptions! I wish they always went so quickly!

  7. It is awesome how quickly this bunch was adopted !!!! and we’ve already had updates form their new families !!! Keep them coming !!!

    I guess today is scrubbing day for the foster room, right Robyn ???? I know you have some kittens hidden in your pockets !!!!!

    Luanne you are so right about the picture of Ralph in the catnip box !!

    • I actually got the room scrubbed down yesterday, after I got home from the Winn Dixie/Von adoption. Tomorrow morning I’ll put the room back together and go get a new resident for it. 🙂

  8. Yes, so happy they all got adopted, and isn’t that a record short time??
    And, going to miss their shenanigans, so, hoping the foster room will not be empty long…

  9. That last video makes me so jealous of your life. Sitting on a bed, surrounded by adorable kittens…. What a life!

  10. We have that same tube also. It is moderately popular but Mom must intervene and move it around to make noise and create interest.
    I plan on visiting Von and Winn Dixie sometime this weekend or next week. It is freezing cold here with snow on the ground. I imagine their little brains are having trouble figuring out what the heck is going on. I can hardly wait to meet our newest Indy citizens by way of Alabama.

  11. I have that exact tube and it is not popular with my crew! I am happy to pop it in the mail (maybe to US readers only!) if anybody wants one.

    • Maybe one of your local shelters could use it, Kirsten. (Or perhaps they don’t have the space…) Am missing those cheery, busy, purring Grocers but so happy they’ve all found adoring staff!

  12. aww isn’t it sad that animals’ siblings don’t get to see each other after they’re all grown up :'(

    that last video of Ralph made me feel he was trying to give them a farewell bath…

    if only animals can talk :p