Confession: When I’m holding one of the kittens and they fart on me, I have a tendency to sing “Farty farty had a party and no one came but farty farty.” And those little brats fart a LOT.

“How YOU doin’?”

I think Mister Boogers thinks he’s Sugarbutt’s Momma. He’s always grooming him like crazy.

“Okay, someone distract her and I’ll break the window and set us all free!”

I don’t know which kills me more – the happy look on his face, or the little pink toes.


If only we could find a happy cat, instead of this terribly sad one…

“Charles in charge of our DAYS and our NIGHTS!
Charles in charge of our WRONGS and our RIGHTS!
And I sing, I want, I waaaaaaaant Charles in Chaaaaaaaaaaarge of meeeeeeeeee!”

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