So, back at the end of September, we had foster kittens – five sisters – and we only had them for a few days. They passed through to Petsmart pretty quickly. Dulcinea got adopted fast, but the other four stayed at the pet store, and every week I’d go in on Mondays to clean, and I’d say “WHAT are you girls still doing here? Are people nuts? You’re so pretty and sweet and friendly!” I’d give them some extra love, put them back in their cage, and tell them to get adopted before next Monday.

They didn’t, though.

Last Monday when I was there, I came up with an idea, and when I got home I suggested to the shelter manager that I take the KATG2 bunch to the pet store, put them in the big cage where the four sisters were residing, then bring the sisters home for a few weeks of R&R. She was okay with that, so on Friday I did just that.

The sisters are having a good time hanging out in the kitten room, racing around after each other, and doing lots of napping. Skittles is spending most of her time under the dresser – she’s interested in playing, but not so much in being petted – but I think that given a little time, she’ll come around.

Punki (front) and Elle chill out.

Felicia is such a sweet little goofball.

Skittles hides under the dresser.

“I vant to be alone.”

Punki, ready to pounce.

Felicia and the Crazy Eyes.

Pretty Elle poses.

Play time for Punki.


Brudderly love.

Tommy’s working on his “Booger hate” look.

Bath time for brudders.


2006: No entry.
2005: I think Mister Boogers thinks he’s Sugarbutt’s Momma. He’s always grooming him like crazy.

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