8-31-16 Wednesday

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Juniper looks a little puzzled. “What doin’, weird lady?”

Doesn’t Hemlock look like the MOST innocent little thing? Don’t be fooled, he’s a terror (who likes to snuggle).

Watching the feather teaser.


Have I pointed out her pretty eyes yet? Only a million times, right?

Got it!

Keepin’ clean is a full-time job for these kittens.

Privet seems to be unimpressed with Hemlock. “THIS idiot.”

Considering whether to grab that feather.


Video! It doesn’t take much to convince Juniper to don her crazypants (note that Privet is curious but keeps her distance. Smart girl!)

YouTube link


Newt seems a little unsure of this “outside” stuff. He’s probably considering going back inside for a good long nap.


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8-31-16 Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. Little Hemlock has more makeup on one eye! He’s like a Tim Burton character! Hemlock the Frankenkitten of Halloweentown!