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Loony Jake visits the Peppers.

2011-08-31 (5)
That tail…

2011-08-31 (6)

2011-08-31 (7)
…drives them…

2011-08-31 (8)

2011-08-31 (10)


2011-08-31 (12)
Jake sits there and gently waggles his tail back and forth, and the Peppers cannot take their eyes off it.

2011-08-31 (13)

2011-08-31 (14)

2011-08-31 (15)
“No, guys, seriously! Just watch it! It keeps MOVING!”

2011-08-31 (16)
They’re pretty fascinated by him.

2011-08-31 (17)

2011-08-31 (18)
Especially the girls.

2011-08-31 (19)
Everett tries to sneak up on the tail.

2011-08-31 (20)

2011-08-31 (21)
Now Lucy’s got it.

2011-08-31 (22)
Molly goes in for the sniff.

2011-08-31 (24)
Everett’s got the tail now…

2011-08-31 (23)
..and Jake’s had about enough of the whippersnappers messing with his tail. “Sorry, Mister! I’m sorry!”

2011-08-31 (25)
Which causes Sally to take offense.

2011-08-31 (26)
Everett doesn’t easily learn his lesson.

2011-08-31 (27)
And Sally decides the safest place from which to watch Jake is under the dresser.

2011-08-31 (28)
Jake heads over to check out the food, but is distracted by a reflection on the wall.

Really, it’s a far cry from their initial reaction to him. Those pictures above were actually taken a week ago, before I moved them up to the foster room. Now when I let Jake in, they just follow him around and watch him. I think they have a collective crush on Jake – and really, who can blame them?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Loony Jake is loony.

2011-08-31 (1)

2011-08-31 (2)

2011-08-31 (3)

2011-08-31 (4)
Jake loves the superbox.


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8-31-11 — 15 Comments

  1. Awwww! So cute! I wonder if Jake will take them under his “paw” and become their adoptive catdaddy.

  2. I want to find who makes those boxes and send you a dozen. Get the printed with something like paws and fishes. Has Loony Jake always had such a loony expression? Does he look that loony in real life? His little mug cracks me up!

    • You could make one from a regular shoebox and lid by cutting off one edge of the lid and taping it to one side. Glue or use contact paper to make the patterns on the side that you want.

      I had three of these shoeboxes in an area waiting for a use when she first wrote about them. They are pretty popular – even the ones that don’t sleep in them rub on the edges of the top.

  3. Jake is so cute.. his loony face reminds me of the hyenas from Lion King. How sweet!

  4. Signed up for the wine stuff for Minn-kota… takes mere moments. Do it… do it NOW! And thanks for Jake. I needed a shot of him before facing the students today!

  5. I love it when older unrelated cats especially males show a kind interest in kitlings.

    Thanx for spreading the word about PAAWS.

  6. Jake’s so adorable! You KNOW he was twitching that thing around (at least partly) to drive them crazy.

  7. Jake is such a sweet boy with them! I especially love the pic where they’re all gathered together just watching him. LOL

    He’s so pretty, too. I bet he is SO SOFT.

    (Is it wrong of me to be looking forward to “Crooked Acres Thursday”?)

  8. Oh Looney Jake, my love, my love! Don’t you know there is a danger to sitting in boxes? That gray cat in the video looks a little like you, my love, but there is only one Looney Jake!!

  9. Oh Loony Jake!! LOL!!! Sweet adorable Loony Jake! You are beautiful!

    Hello lovely Peppers Gang!! You all look as enamoured with Jake as we are here! Yay! take care

  10. Oh, Doodle Bean you’re so fickle! Who was your dear sweet lover boy yesterday, hm?? You can’t have them ALL, you know!
    And you know what, I reckon Jake is part cat and part something with a round face and rounder ears! See, I’m in the know with my animal comparisons! Not…oohh, look shiny!