9-2-16 Friday

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Hemlock is certainly getting to be a big boy! How much does he weigh now?

I weighed all three of them yesterday – Hemlock is now at 3 pounds, 12 ounces. Privet weighs 4 pounds, 5 ounces. And Juniper is at 4 pounds 2 ounces. They are certainly growing up!


My cat Oreo digs at things. I swear she can sense the ghosts in the walls because that is what she digs at the most. Speaking of her, I have a question–lately she has become overly wanting of affection and sleeping a lot. I know cats sleep a lot but it seems a bit more than usual. With the affection thing, she used to sleep on my lap when she was a baby and then she stopped and hasn’t for a few years but all of a sudden she wants to be with me always. Other than a medical issue (which I am scheduling a checkup to be sure of things) what else would make them “clingy”? We’ve been back from vacation for about a month now even though we were gone a long time. Could she be trying to make sure I don’t leave again?

As long as her check up is okay, I think it just means she missed you and doesn’t want you to go away again!


Ok, I think I know who did Hemlock’s single eye liner. Alice has the opposite eye lined! And here I thought she didn’t have any use for kittens and she goes and gives him makeup tips! Hee hee Of course, if it’s merely a trick of the light and/or camera angle on Alice, I withdraw the comment.

You are absolutely correct, Alice has the opposite eye lined. She must have lined Hemlock’s eye and then wandered off. That girl has a very short attention span! 😉


All these stories of successful introductions make me hopeful, I’d love to know what Robyn and anyone else can say about this.

I have a 17 year old cat and two 9 year old cats, both female. My daughter really badly wanted a kitten, to ultimately take with her when she goes to college in 3 years so that she wouldn’t separate the two sisters who will be 12 by then, so we got a little four month old male at the beginning of the week. In order to quarantine him, we put him in her bedroom, rather than in my office where he would bond with me instead of her.

The problem with this is that one of the 9 year olds has been “her cat” for years and has spent a lot of time in her room, so we perforce got off on a BAD foot and there is serious growling outside the door. The kitten’s vet appointment is tomorrow and then we can start opening up. I put in a feliway diffuser (helps? who knows?) and ordered some Bach Rescue Remedy. Our idea is to put a big crate in her room and put the kitten in the crate and then let the others in to look around, and then go from there, maybe let him be in the crate overnight and let Lily be in there as she normally would. Any other thoughts appreciated. We hope to have all the litter boxes in the basement, and feed them all together in the kitchen, but I recognize that might not be possible. –Caroline

GD suggested in yesterday’s comments that you move the new guy into an empty room or bathroom so that the 9 year old cat can have her space back, and I agree. I think it would be easier to make a certain space “his”, and then introduce him from that space.

Anyone else have suggestions/ ideas? I’d love to hear ’em!


Hemlock likes to follow me around, and when I stop moving, he flops at my feet and waits for me to sit down or start moving again.

“What doin’, weird lady?”

You gives kitteh a skeptical.

Oh, that Juniper. She is just the SWEETEST little nut.

Goofy, too.

Eyes on the feather teaser.


These kittens all have THE prettiest eyes, don’t they?


“HIIIIII UNCA ARCHIE!” Please note Juniper in the mirror watching worriedly and clearly thinking “You should NOT be that close to him!”

Hemlock thought very long and hard about climbing into that bed with Archie, and then decided against it. Smart move, I think (though I would have loved to see Archie’s reaction.)


Sheriff Mama (Kara), hanging out in the back yard.

And fighting with the vine on the fence! She certainly has her goofy moments.


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  1. That splayed back foot on Sheriff Mama!

    I have to tell y’all how I spent a very pleasant half hour yesterday. At a local mall (Vista Ridge, Lewisville, Texas) there is a placed called Charming Cat Corner. Curious, I went in. It is populated by about 30 cats and kittens that live there and are available for adoption.

    For $7 for a half hour, or $10 for a full hour, you can go in and play with and visit the cats. They have a few rooms fitted out as parlors, with furniture and toys. You aren’t supposed to pick up the cats, but as I found out, if you just sit down, they’ll come to you.

    It was a thoroughly delightful half hour and an excellent use of seven bucks, which goes to benefit the cat rescue (Kitty Save).

  2. agreed on the kitten introductions….move him to his own space and start the introductions from there. no reason to tick off permanent residents by making them lose “their” spots right off the bat. go slow and use something high value (treats, etc) to start them off

  3. Oh finally the “Derpy Der” post from 2011 showed back up!! Please add that to the Favorites. I laugh and laugh at “I have my Starbucks and newspaper…”! 😉

  4. I am in the process of introducing 2 kittens into my home. I gave them my bedroom, and am sleeping in the guest room. My older cats don’t care what room we sleep in, as long as they can sleep with me.
    The one cat was very interested in the kittens-played paws under the door and the kittens loved it. I let him in and I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s one of them. He loves to visit and play with them, while my older cats has touched noses and walked away.
    It’s a small price to pay to make sure all of the cats are comfortable.
    I too thought about putting the kittens in a large crate and let my cats roam free, but they need a place to feel safe, and a crate wouldn’t offer that- it’s too open and allows your cats to intimidate the kitties.
    Eventually I will let them out into the house for short periods of time to let them adjust to the bigger space and being around the bigger cats.

  5. When I introduced Ollie to Em – a cat with a proven track record of hating kittens – I put him in my rabbit cage in the middle of the living room floor. Em knew never to bother anything in a cage (like the rabbit that lived in that cage prior to having his own spot) and she hissed a few times, and I asked her nicely not to do that, and she looked at me, and looked at the kitten and hissed again, and I explained that he needed a home and asked her to take care of him. She looked at him, looked at my husband, looked at me, turned around and walked away and luckily she resigned herself to the fact that he lived there now. Shortly thereafter we started fostering 🙂

    Cats care about resources. So yes, removing access to her bed was not a good idea. Fix that. Give her treats on the bed. Then give her treats when she is near the new kitten. Give her and the others love and lots of good things whenever they are not upset about the kitten. Lots of things that they love so they don’t feel like they need to compete for anything..