9-1-19 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

Katriane gets a look at Permanent Resident Archie The Grump and is all “Ooh, he’s dreamy!” (Our permanent resident cats go out into our back yard during the day; we have a cat fence so they can’t escape the back yard. We bring them in at dusk. Fosters are never allowed outside.)

That box is the most popular spot in the room. (Beauregard & Gabrielle)

The most common question I get when I post pictures of kittens nursing at this age (they’ll be 7 weeks on Wednesday) is “When will they be weaned?” We’ve fostered about 20 litters of kittens who came with their mothers (some born here, some not) and Katriane is literally the ONLY mother we’ve had who decided she was done and stopped letting them nurse. Every other mama we’ve fostered has let their kittens nurse until they were separated. I mean, they don’t let them nurse as much or as long as the kittens would like – they do have their limits – but there is definite nursing going on. (Don’t feel sorry for Margeaux – she has no problem standing up and walking away when she wants, and she has lots of places she can go to get away from the kittens if she wants to. She just apparently doesn’t want to!) Oh, and all the kittens can and do eat canned food and kibble now – and they use the litter boxes perfectly. They’re growing up so fast!

Good night innernets. (Josephine)

Do these stunning boys look familiar? They should! Here are Francois (aka Da BAYbee) on the left and his meezer brother Jacques. They were adopted 3 weeks ago, but needed to be returned Friday evening. (I know the tendency is for us to be judgmental here, but trust me when I say it wasn’t an easy decision for the adopter to return them, and it’s for the best. They are happy, well-adjusted kittens and were very much loved and cared for while they were away from us.) ⁠

Jacques thinks Luc is too sassy for his size.

Good night innernets. (Henri)

“Excuse you lady, we is having a snuggle.” (Josephine & Jacques)

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Big kittens, little kittens.

It took 4 days for this to happen, and to be honest I’m surprised it took that long. (Margeaux didn’t put up with it for long, though.)

Oh come ON. Seriously? How freakin’ adorable is this?! (Francois, Henri & Beauregard)

Good night innernets.

“GOOD MORNING, INNERNETS!” It’s a rough life for Katriane.

Jacques’s school portrait.

“We is having a private gray tabby meeting, lady. You go ‘way.” (Luc & Fleur)

Smiiiile, Francois!

I washed this rug and put it on the rack to dry, and then Francois discovered it.

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Francois is Da BAYbee.

Good night innernets. (Gabrielle)

Luc is something awesome indeed.

Francois and Henri have a snuggle.

“Keep moving, kid. Mama’s getting some pampering.”

“What do YOU want?” (Gabrielle & Jacques)

This boy and the faces he makes just crack me UP.

Good night innernets. (Jacques, Josephine, Beauregard & Fleur)

I don’t know what’s going on over there, but it looks like Jacques has an eye on it and is ready to do some damage with those claws.

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Jacques loooves that trackball toy.

Would you care for a cuppa Henri? It’s sassy with a fuzzy finish.

I think we’ve got a lights-on, no-one-home situation going on here. (Beauregard)

Can I interest you in a slice of triple-kitten pie? It’s got some attitude. (Gabrielle, Josephine & Fleur)

Good night innernets. (Josephine)

Hanging out in a plastic container, showing off her fabulous belly. As you do.

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That floofy black hunk of magnificent mancat is our Permanent Resident Khal Drogo, and that is HIS track toy (he is seriously head over heels in love with it, spends all day napping on or near it), and seeing those little usurpers playing with it has him ready to go Dothraki on their little behinds.

Hurray, hurray, Francois and Jacques were adopted today! (Edited to add 8/31/20: they had an Instagram page, but it has since been deleted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Saturday afternoons are made for napping. Katriane fell asleep watching birds.

Gabrielle’s got a case of the giggles.

Good night innernets. (Josephine & Luc)


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  1. “and seeing those little usurpers playing with it has him ready to go Dothraki on their little behinds.” And they must know it, too, since they didn’t move much after rolling the ball around. Khal is so dreamy!