9-2-19 Monday

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This time last year we were fostering the Mainers, a slapped-together litter of 9 kittens who gave me my first experience with ringworm. Among those kittens were these two…


And Millinocket (Millie).

And this is what they look like today!

Millie is now Molly, and isn’t she gorgeous?

Dexter is still Dexter, and look at that sweet little face! (He was helping Sharon read, because that boy is a giver.)

Molly was helping her Dad clean his office. (She’s an excellent office assistant, head of the shredding department. There’s no paper she won’t shred!)

Dexter on the arm of the chair, big brother Angus on the back.

Isn’t that a GREAT room? Sharon says there are shelves all the way around and a fireplace; durable furniture, and the bookcases have glass doors, which protects the books from Molly the shredder. Smart thinking!

(Thanks, Sharon!)


In case you missed it on Saturday or in yesterday’s weekly roundup post, Jacques and Francois were adopted Saturday, joining big sister Sapphire and big brothers Slate and Simon. AND you can see them all on Instagram! (Edited to add, 9/1/2020: The Instagram page has since been removed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

When Jacques and Francois came back to us, I knew they’d get snapped up pretty quickly. It was a lot of fun having them here with us, seeing them with the little kittens and playing with Katriane. I took a ton of pictures of them – they’re so darn photogenic! – and so today’s post is pictures of the two of them with each other and with the kittens.

Such a pretty boy.

Yeah, yeah, I suppose you’re kiiinda good-looking too, Jacques.

“Lady, you so weird.”


Francois, looking amused.

A Jacques-topped donut is the way to go.

Hello, sunshine.

Khal was SO ready for those whippersnappers to go so he could have his track toy all to himself.

He is such a nut.

Josephine’s all “No, lady. You not ask him if he’s the baby. I just got him to sleep!”

“Not kidding here, lady.”

“You just HAD to wake him up, didn’t you?” (Gabrielle on the left, Josephine on the right)

Jacques and Henri, hanging out.

Josephine gets a snuggle.

Beauregard hanging out with his awesome BrotherCousinUncleFriend.


Nap time for Archie.


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9-2-19 Monday — 12 Comments

  1. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing the pictures of Molly and Dexter! Such floofy, beautiful babies! A year ago, as we were all following the Mainers, those two were the ones I dreamed of adopting (an idea vetoed by my cat Precious who’s not as accommodating as Angus! ) It’s wonderful to see they went together to such a loving family and beautiful home! Cats and books – perfect together!

  2. That’s great news! You’re right, they were adopted quickly and now they’re in their new home.

    Having them stay with you must have been a great influence on the littler babies.

  3. I checked out Instagram and it looks like Francois’s reputation has preceded him. He’s so adorable; I’ll be shameless and admit I wish I could’ve taken him home but, like most, my 5 absolutely would not tolerate a baybee. And my version of Khal would definitely not be as controlled. He’s a man of the street and has his own reputation to uphold. 😉

  4. Wonderful update on the two Mainers. Wow, are they both every beautiful as adult cats!! I’ve got a soft spot for torties and both little and big Millie/Molly are just gorgeous. It’s so wonderful the two teenage boys now have a new great home together and we can view them on Instagram. Francois really needs his own page as the “cat who smiles”–he’s just such a hoot in all his pictures! Will they keep their names there?

  5. They’re GORGEOUS! Happy kitties in a happy home. Nothing better than that.

    Francois is a total character. I love that cat, but I’m at kitty limit and have an oldster who deserves not to have to deal with more change at this stage in his life (he’s 19).

  6. Millie/Molly was one of my favs; loved seeing her so HAPPY. And gorgeous, just like I thought she would become! Thanks to Sharon, loved seeing the photos!

    And yay on the quick double adoption!

  7. So love seeing the happy endings.

    Robyn, can we do a round up/update on the recent returnees and kitty boot camp folks? Really concerned about the returned cats because I worry if they’ll be re adopted or if they’ve been traumatized

    • I’ll do a post with pictures Thursday or Friday, but I can tell you that the Challenger’s House returnees currently in residence there (Darry, as well as Wellington and Charlotte) are doing okay, not traumatized. Darry is a bit timid, but will come out for love after a few minutes (which is pretty much how he was as our foster). Kristi has turned into a lapcat at Michelle’s house, and Katia is doing fine as long as she has another cat to bond with (not necessarily Kristi.)

      • Thank you for that update Robyn! I think this is the most returned fosters you’ve had at one time. 🙁 We need to put the power of the L&H community towards getting them adopted again!

  8. Molly and Dexter are both gorgeous! It’s so great to see them! (Also, I too have that cat/book pillow — a gift from another cat and book lover!)