9-5-22 Monday

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The good news that happened over the weekend: Lizzie was adopted yesterday! (Her “adopted” picture is down in the social media section.) She was adopted with another Forgotten Felines of Huntsville kitten, a cutie named Snickers.

This leaves Brianna and Jenny still at Petsmart, and all of us crossing our fingers that their families come along very soon!


Mike in my lap, in the sun.

Saul giving me the crazy eyes from the hammock.

Saul and Francesca in my lap.

Francesca hanging out in the tunnel.

Nacho’s waiting his turn for the tunnel. (Or waiting to pounce on Francesca, though he thought better of that.)

Mike cleaning his foot (awww) while Lalo and Gus tussle behind him.

Then Mike had better places to be, but Lalo and Gus tussled on.

Kim’s serious face cracks me up. “Excuse you, lady, this milk bar is in business right now.”

Nacho has a ::thlurrrp::


Alice Mo and the come-hither eyes.

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Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) this weekend.

Breakfast is served! (Yes, I’m still offering the bottle. I can’t help it, they love it so much! But their bottle time is coming to an end. I’ve spotted at least three kittens eating a little canned food, so there’s not really any point in offering them the bottle any more, especially since mostly what they do is chew on the nipple. It’s been a lot of fun, though!)

Former fosters from the Sprouts litter Kudzu (left) and Mondo are livin’ the life (and cracking me UP.)

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A little Mike, a little Gus, a little tussle. A LOT of cute.

A Mike and his mama. Their faces are cracking me UP.

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Mama Kim Wexler shows off her huntin’ skills – she “caught” a mouse and is calling for the kittens to come eat it. (And her excellent hunting skills have clearly rubbed off on Francesca.)

Good night innernets. (Lalo, Saul and Nacho)

A perfect lap full. ❤️ Left to right: Nacho, Saul, Mike (on his back), Gus (yellow collar), Francesca (pink collar) and Lalo (front.)

Mike’s gonna save that piece of litter for later. You never know when you might need a nibble to tide you over!

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Fight! Fight! Starring Mike and Saul.⁠ Mike might be little, but he’s scrappy!

The foster room DESPERATELY needed a scrubdown this morning, so I waited until the kittens were sound asleep in that bed. I picked it up with them in it, set it in the carrier, and by the time I was done sweeping, mopping and replacing the rugs with clean ones, they were just starting to wake up and complain. It worked out perfectly!

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Sitting in the kitten room, watching the kittens do what they do.

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BOOPing Francesca. Boop boop BOOP!

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Mama Kim Wexler loves to “kill” that mouse! (And yes, it’ll go home with her when she’s adopted.)

Good night innernets. (Kim Wexler, Mama at law.)

Can I interest you in some triple-kitten pie (my favorite!) to start your day? (Lalo, Gus and Mike)

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BOOPing Gus!

Lalo’s coming through. ❤️

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Mama has some relaxing Pie Time. Maybe she’s a little TOO relaxed.

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A little of this, a little of that. Mike is briefly startled. Then Lalo is briefly startled (I don’t think his reaction was caused by me tapping on the floor, but who knows?) And then a mama’s work is never done.

Hooray, hooray, Lizzie was adopted today! She was adopted along with another Forgotten Felines kitten, Snickers (a brown tabby and white girl.) Happy life, sweet girl. ❤️

(This leaves Brianna and Jenny still at Petsmart.)

Good night innernets. (Mike and Gus)


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