9-28-22 Wednesday

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Seriously, Saul’s face just kills me dead.

Lalo needs a kiss (please check out those nicely crossed front paws.)

Holding Saul like a baby. (He likes it, don’t let that expression fool you.)

Sweet, sweet Kim.

Mike’s inquisitive little face. “Was you talkin’ to me?”

Nacho’s all “Or maybe you was talkin’ to me?”

Frannie’s out cold.

Gus really loves climbing into the crib and napping – I’ve found him in there several times so far. I guess he’s just reminding me that he’s da BAYbee.


Dewey, from 2016. I wouldn’t want you to forget what a good-looking boy he is!


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

“Excuse me, is the milk bar open yet?”⁠
“Not yet, kid. Check back later.”

Remember when Lalo used to fit perfectly in my hand? Not so much these days!

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Mike is the kitten in charge of letting me know that they’re starvin’.

Mike, Saul and Nacho hanging out on the Fancy Sofa.

YouTube link
Play time in the kitten room: more fun with the feather teaser!

Gus’s eyes still photograph as SO blue (they’re turning green, but very slowly.)

Good night innernets. (Francesca, Lalo and Gus)


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